Thane Alderman clinched the NASCAR Late Model track championship, while Rod Slack posted his second NASCAR Late Model win this season at Dodge Night at The Orleans NASCAR Weekly Racing Series presented by Dodge Saturday night at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

After taking the green flag in the 40-lap main event, Alderman clinched the NASCAR Late Model track championship.

¿I really wanted to win tonight, but third isn¿t bad,¿ said Alderman. ¿It was a good year.¿

Slack of Fort Worth, Texas was able to hold off teammate Mike Cofer and Alderman in the 40-lap NASCAR Late Model main event to collect his second consecutive win in three trips to the Bullring.

¿Two wins is something special,¿ said Slack. ¿Back-to-back wins always gets your blood rushing.¿

In NASCAR Outlaw Stock action, Glenn Burke collected his 10th win this season in the 25-lap main event and was crowned the track champion. Chris Bray finished second followed by Pat Petrie and Tom Youmans.

After a 13th-place finish in the 25-lap Legends Cars feature, David Anderson was crowned the Legends Cars track champion. Spencer Clark won the main event followed by father TJ Clark and rookie Michael Fredericks.

¿It came down pretty close to the end,¿ said Anderson. ¿It took me finishing every race this season to pull this off.¿

Andrew Murphy of Lancaster, Calif. won the Bandolero Cars track championship.

¿This is the one I wanted all year,¿ said Murphy.

In the 10-lap Bandolero Cars main event Texas resident Dean Abbey took charge to capture the checkered flag. Austin Murphy finished second followed by Josh Gross and Kevin Terrell.

Rick Rogas won the Thunder Roadster main event, while Stoney Gray finished second and clinched the track championship. Paul Green finished third and David Green fourth.

¿I just wanted to win tonight,¿ said Gray.

2002 Bullring track champions

NASCAR Late Model track champion: Thane Alderman

NASCAR Outlaw Stock track champion: Glenn Burke

Legends Cars track champion: David Anderson

Bandolero Cars track champion: Andrew Murphy

Thunder Roadsters track champion: Stoney Gray

2002 Rookie-of-the-Year honors

NASCAR Late Model rookie: Greg Haase

NASCAR Outlaw Stocks rookie: Len DeJoria

Legends Cars rookie: Michael Fredericks

September 14 Official Results

NASCAR Late Models Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (40 laps): 1. Rod Slack, 2. Mike Cofer, 3. Thane Alderman, 4. Rich Attisani, 5. Scott Gafforini, 6. Darren Michels, 7. Dick Cobb, 8. Chuck Trickle, 9. Steve Anderson, 10. Greg Haase, 11. George Antill, 12. David Quartaro, 13. Cindy Clark, 14. Dow Woerner, 15. Jerry Spilsbury, 16. David Anderson, 17. Patrick Vogel, 18. Jason Allen, 19. Rick Rochell, 20. Sonny Boeckman, 21. Bob Barker, 22. Nick Antrillo, 23. Michael Haslam, 24. Glen Dolan, 25. Eric Martin, 26. Sam Crow, 27. Charlie Pike

NASCAR Outlaw Stocks Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (25 laps): 1. Glenn Burke, 2. Chris Bray, 3. Pat Petrie, 4. Tom Youmans, 5. Dick Attisani, 6. Donna Gunther, 7. Mark Schottmuller, 8. Dan Howell, 9. Greg Albright, 10. Kirk Miller, 11. Mark McDermott, 12. Walt Weekly, 13. Jim Petrie, 14. Len DeJoria, 15. Gary Fuller

NASCAR Chargers Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (25 laps): 1. Travis Swalwell, 2. Don Sargent, 3. Fred Kiser Jr., 4. Doug Davenport, 5. Rick Lamb, 6. Tom Youmans, 7. Morris Sealy, 8. Tim McKenna, 9. Joe Finger, 10. Jim Petrie, 11. Terry Elnore, 12. Mark McAllister, 13. Jerry Showers, 14. Guy Griebel, 15. Doug Matter, 16. Dan Schools, 17. Tom Barry, 18. Matt Lute, 19. Steve Dessormeau

Legends Cars Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (25 laps): 1. Spencer Clark, 2. TJ Clark, 3. Michael Fredericks, 4. Taylor Barton, 5. Alex Haase, 6. Rick Rogas, 7. Chris Clyne, 8. Jeff Kelly, 9. Aric Wiszt, 10. Justin Johnson, 11. Dustin Ash, 12. Jerry Jones, 13. David Anderson, 14. John Schwinn, 15. Jimmy Parker Jr., 16. Joey Mogar, 17. Dennis Lovelady, 18. Ken Neff, 19. Justin Cicchini, 20. John Taylor, 21. Jason Best, 22. Willie Frede, 23. Ed Hohman, 24. James Galza, 25. BJ Bollman, 26. David Ross, 27. Becky Schwinn, 28. Rob Russell

Thunder Roadsters Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (10 laps): 1. Rick Rogas, 2. Stoney Gray, 3. Paul Green, 4. David Green, 5. Dale Dlugos, 6. Dennis Lovelady, 7. John Thompson, 8. Roger Hocking

Bandolero Cars Main Event Results UNOFFICIAL (10 laps): 1. Dean Abbey, 2. Austin Murphy, 3. Josh Gross, 4. Kyle Huender, 5. Steven Abbey, 6. Tom Lovelady, 7. Kevin Terrell, 8. Andrew Murphy, 9. Eric Chelberg