LAS VEGAS¿ A late start did nothing to deter the excitement on the track and in the stands during the Bristol Bash at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Racing Series Saturday evening. Fans were treated to side-by-side racing and close finishes throughout the night as racing started two hours later to accommodate those wanting to watch the NASCAR Nextel Cup Bristol race. Few caution flags and good, hard racing gave fans something worth staying up for. Eric Bauer took the lead early in the Late Model race and held on for his second win of the season. The race saw two cautions, both of which were caused by spins by Robert Rittgers. Bauer managed to keep his lead after both restarts, challenged heavily by second place finisher Chris Bray. ¿It feels great to be back in victory lane,¿ Bauer said. ¿This car is running great. It¿s handling so well. It just feels great.¿ Glenn Burke placed third with Morris Sealy and Andrew Meyers rounding out the top five. C. J. Sherkenbach won the Sudden Impact Auto Body IMCA Modifieds race, taking the lead after a caution lap extended the first lap of the race. The caution was thrown after Rick Taylor and Randell Boren met up on the start line when the green flag was dropped. Taylor was in the second position at the start of the race, while Boren was in fourth. Sherkenbach, who started the race in the sixth position, took the lead when the green was shown again and held on for his second win of the season. Don Williams finished second, followed by Michael Morrissey, Stoney Gray and Larry Gerchman, respectively. After side-by-side racing for the majority of the Thunder Roadsters race, David Green took the race lead at from Matt Ross lap 23 and picked up his 12th win of the season. Green held off a late charge from Ross in the final two laps after battling each other for the lead for most of the race. Sarah Chelberg picked up her third win of the season in the Bandoleros division. Chelberg, who became the first female winner in Bullring history in 2003, moved up for the fourth position to first in three laps, defeating John Davis. Phil Goodwin won the Chargers race after taking the lead from Brian Matzke on lap 14. Goodwin built a 4.556 second lead to defeat Matke, who finished second. It was Goodwins¿ fourth win of the year. A caution fell at lap 10 after Steve Dessormeau and Mike McKearn met up in turn one, sending Dessormeau into the tire barricade at the exit road off the track. Both were able to exit their cars and leave the track under their own power. Eric Penrod also entered victory lane for the second time in the 7-Eleven Bullring Bombers division, followed by Mike Heck, Anthony Finley, J.J. Nunn and Gary Wyatt. ALL RESULTS ARE UNOFFICIAL. Official results will be sent out Monday. Late Models Main Event Results (30 laps): 1. Eric Bauer, 2. Chris Bray, 3. Glenn Burke, 4. Morris Sealy, 5. Andrew Meyers, 6. Doug Hamm, 7. Doug Matter, 8. Robert Roth, 9. Al Budd, 10. Mark Shottmuller, 11. Nick Antrillo, 12. Jack Rode, 13. Robert Rittgers, 14. Dan Howell Sudden Impact Auto Body IMCA Modifieds Main Event Results (30 laps): 1. C.J. Sherkenbach, 2. Don Williams, 3. Michael Morrissey, 4. Stoney Gray, 5. Larry Gerchman, 6. Chris Gerchman, 7. Aaron McMorran, 8. Rick Taylor, 9. Todd Nunnally, 10. Chris Silva, 11. David Gerchman, 12. Joby Baugh, 13. Randell Boren, 14. Marvin Reeder Chargers Main Event Results (30 laps): 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. Brian Matzke, 3. Fred Kiser, Jr., 4. Tom Youmans, 5. Pat Petrie, 6. Bill Mullen, 7. Jim Petrie, 8. Jerry Jones, 9. Nathan Giesen, 10. David Gola, 11. Tracy Mortimer, 12. Darren Rollins, 13. Mike McKearn, 14. Steve Dessormeau Thunder Roadsters Main Event Results (25 laps): 1. David Green, 2. Matt Ross, 3. Richard Rusin, 4. Dale Dlugos, 5. Bobby Ruppert Bandolero Cars Main Event Results (20 laps): 1. Sarah Chelberg, 2. John Davis, 3. Jeremiah Wagner, 4. Kyle Huender, 5. Nick Greathouse 7-Eleven Bullring Bombers Main Event Results (40 laps): 1. Eric Penrod, 2. Mike Heck, 3. Anthony Finley, 4. J.J. Nunn, 5. Gary Wyatt, 6. Thom Brown, 7. Brent Leonard, 8. Wade Pearson, 9. Howard Smith, 10. Brent Rawling, 11. Troy Rawling, 12. Mike Hanneman, 13. Artie White, 14. James Sealy, 15. Dan Benstead, 16. Tom Gallagher