Troy Regier wins SRL feature, sets track record

One weekend after the fastest cars to ever run on the superspeedway raced at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the fastest cars to run at the Bullring competed Saturday night.

The SRL Supermodifieds raced in a 40-lap feature event, with Troy Regier setting a new track record after turning a 12.499 lap during the race.  Regier¿s win was the 50th of his career and clinched the 2004 SRL Supermodified championship. He took the lead on lap 24 after passing AJ Russell on the outside as they crossed the finish line. 

¿This is what racing is all about,¿ Regier said.  ¿On a track like this where you have room to pass and can let it all hang out and go as fast as you want. AJ is a good racer and he always races clean.  I wasn¿t sure I could get him on the outside, but luckily my car stuck and I passed him.  The guys did a great job setting up this car and they are the ones that deserve the credit.¿

Regier defeated Russell by one and a half seconds in a race that saw five cautions caused by spin-outs on the track. 

Spencer Clark won the ASA Speed Trucks Challenge Presented by feature event after taking the lead on lap eight.  The Las Vegas native defeated Lee Hatch, who had won the three previous races at the Bullring this season.  The speed trucks return to the Bullring in three weeks.

¿I love the speed trucks,¿ Clark said.  ¿I¿m off to Irwindale in two weeks and back to Vegas.  Hopefully I can make it four for four.¿

Don Williams picked up the 2004 Sudden Impact Auto Body IMCA Modifieds Championship after finishing eighth in the main feature.  Michael Morrissey won the 45-lap event, taking the lead early in the race.  ALL RESULTS ARE UNOFFICIAL. Official results will be posted Monday.

SRL Supermodifieds Results (40 laps): 1. Troy Regier, 2. AJ Russell, 3. Jeff Russell, 4. Bobby Dalton, 5. Tom Adler, 6. Eric Silsby, 7. Harry Stone, 8. Ron Burger, 9. Harold Evans, 10. Rick Castor, 11. Ira Castor, 12. Joe Priselac, 13. Ricky Otts, 14. Jim Tartaglia, 15. Jim Birges, 16. Rick Cameron, 17. Mike Ford, 18. Ken Hamilton, 19. Fred Kohlmeier, 20. Rob Carlotto


Sudden Impact Auto Body IMCA Modifieds Results (45 laps): 1. Michael Morrissey, 2. Stoney Gray, 3. Eric Bauer, 4. Randell Boren, 5. Scott Osborn, 6. Rick Taylor, 7. Steve Burke, 8. Don Williams, 9. CJ Sherkenbach, 10. Chris Gerchman, 11. Larry Gerchman, 12. Dow Woerner, 13. Chad Stevens, 14. Joby Baugh

2004 Champion: Don Williams

Thunder Roadsters Main Event Results (25 laps): 1. Rick Rochell, 2. Dale Dlugos, 3. Richard Rusin, 4. Roger Hocking, 5. Jovon Halen, 6. Dave Green

ASA Speed Truck Challenge presented by Dash (6 laps): 1. Spencer Clark, 2. Darron Young, 3. Lee Keach, 4. Scott Franchimore, 5. George Antill, 6. Alex Haase