Dustin Ash, 2004 Bullring Semi-Pro Legends Cars champion, and Dave Green, 2004 Bullring Thunder Roadsters champion, both were crowned national champions at the 13th annual Legends Cars and fourth annual Thunder Roadsters Asphalt Nationals at the Bullring.

The three-day event attracted 233 drivers from across the nation and Canada.

Ash was crowned the National Semi-Pro Legends Cars champion after a top-notch performance all-round in the three-day show. The 16-year-old took top honors (out of 70 drivers overall) by posting the fastest qualifying time, winning the Race of Champions and winning the Championship A-Main event at the prestige event. Ash started second, on the outside of C.E. Falk from Virginia Beach, Va. in the 40-lap A-Main event. Ash took advantage of Falk going to the high side in turn two on lap 10 to take command with Mark Whitley of Charlotte, N.C. in tow. The local driver pulled to a great lead and was untouchable, while the race was for the second position between Whitley and Dillon Oliver from Bowling Green, Ky. In the end Ash took the checkered flag followed by Whitley, Chris Cable of Griffin, Ga., Oliver and Scott Knox of Cornelius, N.C.

¿This is great. This is the one race that I¿ve always wanted to win,¿ said an ecstatic Ash in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿This is a great place to have it (nationals) home track I had the advantage, but these guys are tough coming from back east. These guys were fast the first couple laps. I got this WestCor (Construction) car out front and didn¿t look in my mirror. I give these guys so much credit for coming down here, they are fast. This is a big one and I wanted it.¿

Green was crowned the National Thunder Roadsters champion after holding off Las Vegan Mike Montes by two hundredths of a second for the win in the A-Main event. Green started on the outside of pole setter Montes and quickly took command of the 23-car field. The 34-year-old held a substantial lead through a good portion of the 40-lap event. By lap 35 Montes was racing side-by-side with Green for the lead. Montes almost took the lead from Green until a caution was thrown. In the five-lap shootout, Montes and Green battled wheel-to-wheel. At the checkered flag, Green won by a small margin and Montes finished second followed by Matt Lassiter of Grifton, N.C.

¿That was a long race and I wanted it bad,¿ said Green in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿Mike (Montes) ran me clean and I thought he had me. Do you know how many times Mike and I have finished like that? I came out on top this time.¿

Clay Hair of Mt. Pleasant, N.C. was crowned the National Master Legends Cars champion for the second-consecutive year. The 46-year-old started second next to local driver T.J. Clark in the 40-lap A-Main event and led the 33-car field until lap when Roberto Aguirre of Albuquerque, N.M. took command on lap 30. Hair and Aguirre battled back and forth for the lead until Hair took command for the final time by taking the inside line of Jan Ingram of Aseboro, N.C. Hair took the checkered flag to win the National championship while Aguirre finished second followed by Dennis Lovelady of Las Vegas, Nev. and Ingram. Hair also won the Race of Champions Friday. There were 76 Master drivers overall.

¿I have raced all over the United States and this is one of the toughest bunch of guys I¿ve ran with in my life. I¿m glad to see a couple of other North Carolinians in this bunch. I don¿t like racing with them, but I¿m glad they are here,¿ said Hair.  "I have a great crew at the shop; I just drive the car. My girlfriend helped me drive the rig down here. We drove 2400 miles straight through.¿

Beau Slocumb of Juliette, Ga. was crowned the Pro Legends Cars National champion after winning the hard-fought battle in the 40-lap A-Main event. Slocumb, the fastest qualifier, was able to maintain the lead of the 37-car field until lap 24 when Doug Stevens of Lovejoy, Ga. took command. Both drivers battled back and forth for the lead along with Keeton Hanks of Auburn, Ky. and Thomas VanWingerden of Huntersville, N.C. In the end, Slocumb took the checkered flag followed by Stevens, Hanks and VanWingerden. There were 62 Pro drivers overall.

¿I want to thank Doug Stevens and Thomas VanWingerden for driving me clean,¿ said Slocumb in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿They got to running real long and the car got to pushing real bad and they all got by me. If would have never won it without that yellow, the car was great after that.¿ In the 20-lap Bandolero Cars main event John Davis of Las Vegas took top honors followed Chris Buescher of Plano, Texas, Jeremiah Wagner of Las Vegas and Dallas Colodny of Carson City, Nev.

All results are unofficial. Official results will be released Monday.

Semi-Pro Legends Cars A-Main Event Results (40 laps): 1. Dustin Ash (Las Vegas, NV), 2. Mark Whitley (Charlotte, NC), 3. Chris Cable (Griffin, GA), 4. Dillon Oliver (Bowling Green, KY), 5. Scott Knox (Cornelius, NC), 6. C.E. Falk (Virginia Beach, VA), 7. Evan Margeson (Tacoma, WA), 8. Duncan Molesworth (Robinsville, NJ), 9. Patrick Molesworth (Robinsville, NJ), 10. Hoyt Richter (Denton, TX), 11. Ryan Ellis (Asburn, VA), 12. James Buescher (Plano, TX), 13. John Gottsacker (Dallas, TX), 14. Derek Frohlich (Lake Havasu City, AZ), 15. Jordan Anderson (Columbia, SC), 16. Stacee Sparks (Aurora, CO), 17. Randall Thompson (Alberta, Canada), 18. Tom Matheson (Pasco, WA), 19. Dirk Henry (Sauk Centre, MN), 20. Jeffrey Landrum (Anchorage, AK), 21. David Fisher (Lower Lake, CA), 22. Justin Cicchini (Las Vegas, NV), 23. Matt Hicks (Santee, CA), 24. Matt Barrett (Tacoma, WA), 25. Brennan Poole (Woodlands, TX), 26. Chris Rogers (Kannapolis, NC), 27. Scooter Hillis (Lebanon, TN), 28. Josh Gross (Las Vegas, NV), 29. Chris Eggleston (Erie, CO), 30. Tim Snyder (Moorseville, NC), 31. Ryan Partridge (Rancho Cucamonga, CA).

Master Legends Cars A-Main Event Results (40 laps): 1. Clay Hair (Mt. Pleasant, NC), 2. Roberto Aguirre (Albuquerque, NM), 3. Dennis Lovelady (Las Vegas, NV), 4. Jan Ingram (Aseboro, NC), 5. Cotton Spry (Salisbury, NC), 6. Tommy Jordan (Hartsville, SC), 7. Terry Plummer (Las Vegas, NV), 8. Tom VanWingerden (Huntersville, NC), 9. D.S. Buckingham (Alberta, Canada), 10. Mark Bailey (San Lorenzo, CA), 11. Scott Anderson (Austin, TX), 12. Bobby Weymouth (Topsham, ME), 13. John Clute (Lakewood, CO), 14. Jeff Kelley (Eden, UT), 15. Mark Sullivan (Bethel, MN), 16. Joy Young (Linwood, NC), 17. Mike Thomas (Palmer, AK), 18. Tim Hollinshead (Alberta, Canada), 19. Jesse Carter (Donnelson, TX), 20. James Kalawaia (Garden Grove, CA), 21. Bob Kronenberg (Olympia, WA), 22. Tom Landreth (Fontana, CA), 23. Rick Andrews (Santa Clara, CA), 24. Don Barnard (Hurst, TX), 25. Dwight Pilgram (McDonough, GA), 26. Kevin Yeatts (Powhatan, VA), 27. Brian Weimer (Cumming, GA), 28. T.J. Clark (Las Vegas, NV), 29. John Duckett Jr. (Cottonwood, CA), 30. Larry Friddle (Greenville, SC), 31. Robert Merino (Plano, TX), 32. John Schwinn (Fruit Heights,UT), 33. Robert Gayton (Tophsam, ME).

Pro Legends Cars A-Main Event Results (40 laps): 1. Beau Slocumb (Juliette, GA), 2. Doug Stevens (Lovejoy, GA), 3. Keeton Hanks (Auburn, KY), 4. Thomas VanWingerden (Huntersville, NC), 5. Tom Lovelady (Las Vegas, NV), 6. Taylor Barton (Las Vegas, NV), 7. Michael VanWingerden (Huntersville, NC), 8. Josh Waring (Concord, NC), 9. Ben Stancil (Ayden, NC), 10. Tom Brockhouse (Shorewood, MN), 11. Jeremy Wood (Tracy, CA), 12. Jason Miller (Berryville, VA), 13. Jeremy Kalina (Griffin, GA), 14. Danny Medina (Colorado Springs, CO), 15. Brent Seeley (Dallas, TX), 16. Jake Grosswiler (Kalispell, MT), 17. David Kindopp (Alberta, Canada), 18. Austin Grabowski (Upland, CA), 19. Michael Dabney Jr. (Terrell, TX), 20. Louis Hawkins (N. August, GA), 21. Al Palma (Anchorage, AK), 22. Scott Merino (Plano, TX), 23. Ryan Crites (Newport News, VA), 24. Anthony Medina (Colorado Springs, CO), 25. Duane Swanson (Seattle, WA), 26. Jimmy Parker Jr. (Las Vegas, NV), 27. Andrew Smith (unknown), 28. Cameron Patrick (Richmond, VA), 29. Frankie Winchel (Sebastopol, MN), 30. Mark Merino (Plano, TX), 31. Tom Landreth (Fontana, CA), 32. Alex Haase (Las Vegas, NV), 33. Greg Turner (Gate City, VA), 34. Derek Shuemaker (Conroe, TX), 35. Garrett Haxby (Suquamish, WA), 36. Micah Sampson (Kalispell, MT), 37. Nick Piston (Cornelius, NC)

Thunder Roadsters A-Main Event Results (40 laps): 1. Dave Green (Henderson, NV), 2. Mike Montes (Las Vegas, NV), 3. Matt Lassiter (Grifton, NC), 4. Kyle Beattie (unknown), 5. Craig Haack (Lewisburg, TN), 6. Jovon Halen (Las Vegas, NV), 7. Tom VanWingerden (Huntersville, NC), 8. Michael VanWingerden (Huntersville, NC), 9. Matt Ross (Las Vegas, NV), 10. Bobby Ruppert (Las Vegas, NV), 11. Randy Miles (Addison, TX), 12. Roger Hocking (Las Vegas, NV), 13. John Thomson (Las Vegas, NV), 14. Ron Duprau (Las Vegas, NV), 15. Timothy McDonald (Odessa, TX), 16. Ashlee Jackson (Wichita Falls, TX), 17. Mike Carter (Krum, TX), 18. Rick Rochell (Las Vegas, NV), 19. Dale Dlugos (Las Vegas, NV), 20. Duane Swanson (Seattle, WA), 21. Richard Rusin (Las Vegas, NV), 22. Buddy Goudy (Benbrook, TX), 23. Jim Gresham (Stockbridge, GA)

Semi-Pro Legends Cars B-Main Event Results (25 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main): 1. Chris Rogers (Kannapolis, NC), 2. Evan Margeson (Tacoma, WA), 3. Scott Knox (Cornelius, NC), 4. Duncan Molesworth (Robbinsville, NJ), 5. James Buescher (Plano, TX), 6. Tonya Cordrey (Concord, NC), 7. Dean Abbey (Comanche, TX), 8. Johnny Morrissey (Tahoe City, CA), 9. David Winchel (Monterey Park, CA), 10. Keith Wellman (Las Vegas, NV), 11. Todd Johnson (Cornelius, NC), 12. James Trenary (Bunkerhill, WV), 13. Steven Abbey (Comanche, TX), 14. Zachary Kavert (Redding, CA), 15. Jonathan Mawhinney (Las Vegas, NV), 16. John Mark Chiesa (Lakewood, CO), 17. Scott Dalla (Kalispell, MT), 18. Jack Merino (Plano, TX), 19. Keith Breabois (Gainsville, GA), 20. Randall Thompson (Alberta, Canada), 21. Martin McKeefrey (Milpitus, CA), 22. Darin Carlton (Las Vegas, NV), 23. Billy Cox (Herriman, UT), 24. Wesley Falk (Virginia Beach, VA).

Master Legends Cars B-Main Event Results (25 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main): 1. Robert Gayton (Albuquerque, NM), 2. Scott Anderson (Austin, TX), 3. Bob Landreth (Fontana, CA), 4. Jesse Carter (Donnelson, TN), 5. Rick Rogas (Henderson, NV), 6. Billy Osoro (Copperton, UT), 7. Jon Krizman (Lovelady, CO), 8. Douglas Cox (Pueblo West, CO), 9. Ronald Davidson (Rowlett, TX), 10. Steve Legg (Las Vegas, NV), 11. D.S. Buckingham (Alberta, Canada), 12. BJ Bollman (Las Vegas, NV), 13. Phillip Peconi (Littleton, CO), 14. Mark Sullivan (Bethel, MN), 15. Rick Dubay (Coon Rapids, MN), 16. Bruce Allen (Charhassen, NM), 17. Bob Kronenberg (Olympia, WA), 18. Jim Hilliard (Libby, TX), 19. Tommy Jordan (Hartsville, SC), 20. Rick Andrews (Santa Clara, CA), 21. Kurt Minnick (Las Vegas, NV), 22. Rick Howle (Rowlett, TX), 23. Robby Guevara (Las Vegas, NV).

Pro Legends Cars B-Main Event Results (25 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Main): 1. Max Smith (Roanake Rapids, VA), 2. Brent Seeley (Dallas, TX), 3. Michael VanWingerden (Huntersville, NC), 4. Taylor Barton (Las Vegas, NV), 5. Jeremy Wood (Tracy, CA), 6. Frankie Winchel (Sebastopol, MN), 7. Garrett Haxby (Suquamish, WA), 8. Ben Sawyer (Gallatin, TN), 9. Micah Sampson (Kalispell, MT), 10. David Kindopp (Alberta, Canada), 11. Michael Dabney Jr. (Terrell, TX), 12. Ryan Mosher (Cupertino, CA), 13. Chris Jette (Keller, TX), 14. Josh Waring (Concord, NC), 15. Jim Smith (Keller, TX), 16. JD Hendley (unknown), 17. Nick Piston (Cornelius, NC), 18. Jason Reisman (Concord, NC), 19. Craig Haack (Lewisberg, TN), 20. Nick Parmelee (Reno, NV), 21. Derek Shuemaker (Conroe, TX), 22. Jesse Smith (Keller, TX), 23. Gene Conley (Lewisberg, TX), 24. Ben Stancil (Ayden, NC).

Semi-Pro Legends Cars C-Main Event Results (20 laps, top 4 transfer to B-Main): 1. Zachary Kavert (Redding, CA), 2. Tonya Cordrey (Concord, NC), 3. David Winchel (Sebastopol, CA), 4. James Buescher (Plano, TX), 5. John Mark Chiesa (Lakewood, CO), 6. Frederick Clement (Stockton, CA), 7. Tom Matheson (Pasco, WA), 8. Stacee Sparks (Aurora, CO), 9. Kevin Terrell (Las Vegas, NV), 10. Meaggan Healy (Littleton, CO), 11. Jeffrey Landrum (Anchorage, AK), 12. Bryce Hilliard (Libby, TX), 13. Ben Matheson (Pasco, WA), 14. Candice Clark (Las Vegas, NV), 15. Michael Hoffman (Fremont, CA), 16. John Clute Jr. (Lakewood, CO), 17. Dallas Colodny (Carson City, NV), 18. Charlie Corrie (Los Lunas, NM), 19. Jason Duncan (Aurora, CO), 20. Brad Salatino (Goldsboro, NC), 21. Greg Yongue (Centennial, CO), 22. Kevin Wong (Monterrey Park, CA), 23. Matthew Mawhinney (Las Vegas, NV), 24. Mathew Williams (Tucson, AZ).

Master Legends Cars C-Main Event Results (20 laps, top 4 transfer to B-Main): 1. Rick Rogas (Las Vegas, NV), 2. Bob Kronenberg (Olympia, WA), 3. Mark Sullivan (Bethel, MN), 4. Jim Hilliard (Libby, TX), 5. D.S. Buckingham (Alberta, Canada), 6. Janice Humble (Bristol, TN), 7. Stanley Davis (Maple Grove, GA), 8. Becky Schwinn (Fruit Heights, UT), 9. Don Brown (Aledo, TX), 10. Brain Merino (Alberta, Canada), 11. Gary Scheuerell (Murrietta, CA), 12. Al Seeley (Dallas, TX), 13. James Kalawaia (Garden Grove, CA), 14. Ken Schlag (Cornith, TX), 15. Jim Stevens (Wheatridge, CO), 16. William Fread (Palmer, AK), 17. Ken Betts (Albuquerque, NM), 18. Michael Nowels (Lewisville, TX), 19. Tom Skahill (LaVerne, CA), 20. Pete Sands (Temecula, CA), 21. Ed Hohman (Las Vegas, NV), 22. Ronald Poland Sr. (Gainsville, GA).

Pro Legends Cars C-Main Event Results (20 laps, top 4 transfer to B-Main): 1. Nick Parmelee (Reno, NV), 2. Ben Stancil (Ayden, NC), 3. Jim Smith (Keller, TX), 4. Jesse Smith (Wildwood, MO), 5. Michael Wirth (Charlotte, NC), 6. Tim Brockhouse (Shorewood, MN), 7. Jon Lewerer (Coon Rapids, MN), 8. Patrick McNabb (Amarillo, TX), 9. Richard Appleby (Yountvill, CA), 10. Roland Trujillo (Albuquerque, NM), 11. Al Palma (Anchorage, AK), 12. Scott Brandt (Champion, MN), 13. Charlie Duffrey (Albuquerque, NM), 14. Sean Flynn (Kearns, UT), 15. Michelle Kyte Black (Wasilla, AK), 16. Tom Landreth (Fontana, CA), 17. Tim Johnson (Alberta, Canada), 18. Duane Swanson (Seattle, WA), 19. Austin Grabowski (Upland, CA).

Semi-Pro Legends Cars D-Main Event Results (15 laps, top 5 transfer to C-Main): 1. James Buescher (Plano, TX), 2. Charlie Corrie (Los Lunas, NM), 3. Tom Matheson (Pasco, WA), 4. Michael Hoffman (Fremont, CA), 5. Dallas Colodny (Carson City, NV), 6. Brian Wong (Newport Beach, CA), 7. Larry Toddy (Moorseville, NC), 8. Katie Crome (Reno, NV), 9. Bobby Richmond (Washington), 10. Mark Mortensen (Tooele, UT).

Master Legends Cars D-Main Event Results (15 laps, top 4 transfer to C-Main): 1. Rick Rogas (Las Vegas, NV), 2. Tom Skahill (LaVerne, CA), 3. Brian Merino (Albert, Canada), 4. William Fread (Palmer, AK), 5. John Thomas (Alberta, Canada), 6. Kelly Martin (Modesto, CA), 7. Mike Thomas (Plamer, AK), 8. Jack Randall (Reno, NV), 9. Doug Petty (Bethel, MN), 10. Larry Meredith (Redlands, CA), 11. Jack Humphrey (American Canyon, CA), 12. Tom Hollinshead (Alberta, Canada), 13. Ronnel Blevins (Modesto, CA), 14. Jim Ellingson (Fort Worth, TX), 15. Rick Rusk (Aurora, CO).

Bandolero Cars Main Event (20 laps): 1. John Davis (Las Vegas, NV), 2. Chris Buescher (Plano, TX), 3. Jeremiah Wagner (Las Vegas, NV), 4. Dallas Colodny (Carson City, NV) Bandolero Cars Heat Race No. 1: 1. Jeremiah Wagner (Las Vegas, NV), 2. Chris Buescher (Plano, TX), 3. John Davis (Las Vegas, NV), 4. Hunter Colodny (Carson City, NV) Bandolero Cars Heat Race No. 2: 1. Jeremiah Wagner (Las Vegas, NV), 2. Hunter Colodny (Carson City, NV), 3. John Davis (Las Vegas, NV), 4. Chris Buescher (Plano, TX).