Fans enjoyed a great night of racing and watched Destiney Hays win at the Orleans Hotel and Casino USAC Sprint Car and Midget Nationals at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night. Hays of Oriville, Calif. led the 20-car field to the checkered flag in the 40-lap Western Sprint Car feature event. The 21-year-old started second and held a consistent top-four position early in the race. On lap 17 the points leader going into the event Michael Lewis of Noblesville, Ind. broke while challenging race leader Tim Barber of San Francisco, Calif. for the top position and brought out the yellow flag. Hays restarted in the second position behind race leader Barber. At the halfway mark, Barber broke and the lead was relinquished to Hays who held off Robert Beck of Redmond, Wash. for a win in her 13th USAC start. Beck finished second followed by Michael Trimble of San Jose, Calif. and Brian McClish of Santa Rosa, Calif. ¿I just wanted to be as smooth as possible,¿ said an elated Hays in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿We were turning knobs. I was talking to my guy trying to get it right. It sure did pay off. We had a lot of good luck tonight.¿ Rory Price of Seattle, Wash. won the 40-lap Midgets feature event. Michael Lewis shot to the lead position on lap three while Price took command of the second spot on lap seven. Both Lewis and Price battled hard for the lead until Lewis fell off the pace coming out of turn four on lap 24. The lead was then awarded to Price as Lewis left the track. Tony Hunt of Fair Oaks, Calif. challenged Price on several occasions, but in the end Price took the checkered flag followed by Hunt, Jerome Rodela of El Monte, Calif. and Johnny Rodriguez of Elk Grove, Calif. ¿I knew he (Hunt) was probably pressuring me, but I never felt him,¿ said Price in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿I just came here to help some friends out and I was fortunate enough to be put in this car. There is always luck in it.¿ In Ford Focus race action Bobby McGowen of Ramona, Calif. collected the win in the 25-lap feature event. The 18-year-old took command from the pole sitter Bradley Galedridge of Los Altos, Calif. on lap two and maintained a substantial lead until the checkered flag. Galedridge and Chase Barber of Morgan Hills, Calif. battled side-by-side for the second position. Chris Rahe (Placentia, Calif.), the points leader coming into the race, battled for second until he became loose out of turn one and crashed into the turn two wall. In the end Barber finished second followed by the only female in the 11-car field Audra Sasselli of Fresno, Calif. and Matt Triplett of Albuquerque, N.M. ¿I don¿t know if I had the best (car), but I definitely had a very comfortable car. My dad and I work hard on this thing,¿ said McGowen in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿The Bullring is a great track. Every driver that I¿ve talked to out here loves this track.¿ Western Racing Association Midget driver Larry Harrison and Western Racing Association Sprint driver Glen Necessary were victorious in the vintage-style cars 10-lap feature event. Ford Focus Midgets Ford Focus Midgets Qualifying Results: 1. Chris Rahe (15.759), 2. Bobby Owens (15.841), 3. Chase Barber (15.871), 4. Steven Davis (15.886), 5. Matt Triplett (15.951), 6. Bradley Galedridge (15.984), 7. Bobby McGowan (16.033), 8. Audra Sasselli (16.041), 9. Cal Smith (16.368), 10. J.R. Williams (16.424), 11. Jim Miller (17.123) Ford Focus Midgets Heat Race No. 1 Results (8 laps): 1. Audra Sasselli, 2. Bradley Galedridge, 3. Steven Davis, 4. Bobby Owens, 5. JR Williams, 6. Jim Miller Ford Focus Midgets Heat Race No. 2 Results (8 laps): 1. Bobby McGowen, 2. Chase Barber, 3. Chris Rahe, 4. Matt Triplett, 5. Cal Smith Ford Focus Midgets Feature Event Results (25 laps):1. Bobby McGowen, 2. Chase Barber, 3. Audra Sasselli, 4. Matt Triplett, 5. Steven Davis, 6. Bobby Owens, 7. Bradley Galedridge, 8. Cal Smith, 9. JR Williams, 10. Jim Miller, 11. Chris Rahe Midgets Midgets Qualifying Results: 1. Michael Lewis (14.584), 2. Tony Hunt (14.745), 3. Rory Price (14.759), 4. Jerome Rodela (14.837), 5. Johnny Rodriguez (14.972), 6. Stuart Birkinbine (14.975), 7. Mat Mitchell (15.012), 8. Scott Walker (15.041), 9. Shannon McQueen (15.160), 10. Ryan Kaplan (15.227), 11. Wally Pankratz (15.374), 12. Scott Pierovich (15.550), 13. Jim Miller (15.595) Midgets Heat Race No. 1 Results (8 laps): 1. Scott Pierovich, 2. Jerome Rodela, 3. Stuart Birkibine, 4. Tony Hunt, 5. Scott Walker, 6. Ryan Kaplan, 7. Jim Miller Midgets Heat Race No. 2 Results (8 laps): 1. Rory Price, 2. Michael Lewis, 3. Matt Mitchell, 4. Johnny Rodriquez, 5. Wally Pankratz, 6. Shannon McQueen Midgets Feature Event Results (40 laps):1. Rory Price, 2. Tony Hunt, 3. Jerome Rodela, 4. Johnny Rodriquez, 5. Ryan Kaplan, 6. Scott Walker, 7. Matt Mitchell, 8. Stuart Birkinbine, 9. Michael Lewis, 10. Jim Miller, 11. Scott Pierovich, 12. Shannon McQueen, 13. Wally Pankratz Sprint Cars Sprint Cars Qualifying Results: 1. Tony Hunt (13.985), 2. Michael Lewis (14.063), 3. Brian McClish (14.145), 4. Jim Wysong (14.215), 5. Destiney Hays (14.236), 6. Greg Anderson (14.270), 7. Tim Barber (14.295), 8. Jim Waters (14.299), 9. Mike Murgoitio (14.396), 10. Chad Ede (14.402), 11. Michael Trimble (14.403), 12. Shauna Hogg (14.407), 13. Robert Beck (14.420), 14. Troy Regier (14.443), 15. Brad Bumgarner (14.493), 16. Anthony Simone (14.575), 17. Amy Barnes (14.805), 18. Darren Hagen (14.974), 19. Alan Kaiser (15.337), 20. Sparky Howard (15.592) Sprint Cars Heat Race No. 1 Results (8 laps):1. Brad Bumgarner, 2. Shauna Hogg, 3. Mike Murgoitio, 4. Brian McClish, 5. Greg Anderson, 6. Darren Hagen, 7. Sparky Howard Sprint Cars Heat Race No. 2 Results (8 laps): 1. Michael Lewis, 2. Michael Trimble, 3. Amy Barnes, 4. Destiney Hayes, 5. Jimmy Waters, 6. Troy Regier, 7. Alan Kaiser Sprint Cars Heat Race No. 3 Results (8 laps): 1. Tim Barber, 2. Robert Beck, 3. Anthony Simone, 4. Chad Ede, 5. Tony Hunt, 6. Jim Wysong Sprint Cars B-Feature Results (12 laps): 1. Tony Hunt, 2. Jim Wysong, 3. Jimmy Waters, 4. Troy Regier, 5. Greg Anderson, 6. Alan Kaiser, 7. Sparky Howard, 8. Darren Hagan Sprint Cars Feature Events Results (40 laps):1. Destiney Hays, 2. Robert Beck, 3. Michael Trimble, 4. Brian McClish, 5. Jimmy Waters, 6. Tony Hunt, 7. Brad Bumgarner, 8. Anthony Simone, 9. Troy Regier, 10. Chad Ede, 11. Darren Hagen, 12. Shauna Hogg, 13. Alan Kaiser, 14. Tim Barber, 15. Jim Wysong, 16. Mike Murgoitio, 17. Michael Lewis, 18. Amy Barnes, 19. Sparky Howard, 20. Greg Anderson WRA Midgets WRA Midgets Heat Race Results (6 laps): 1. Richard Wold, 2. Al Ervine, 3. Bob Mastroleo, 4. Barry Knowlton WRA Midgets Feature Event Results (10 laps): 1. Larry Harrison, 2. Al Ervine, 3. Richard Wold, 4. Bob Mastroleo WRA Sprints WRA Sprints Heat Race Results (6 laps): 1. Richard Mastroleo, 2. Glen Necessary, 3. John Steves, 4. Delmar Arndt, 5. Walt James, 6. Bill Gerard WRA Sprints Feature Event Results (10 laps): 1. Glen Necessary, 2. Walt James, 3. John Steves, 4. Richard Mastroleo, 5. Delmar Arndt, 6. Bill Gerard