Thane Alderman of Las Vegas won the VP Racing Fuels Super Late Model Championship at the Orleans Hotel and Casino Fall Classic at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night.


Alderman won the event last year and carried that momentum to this year¿s event. The 2002 Bullring Super Late Model champion was the fastest qualifier and started the 140-lap feature on the pole. Alderman was challenged early by Mike Cofer of Henderson but was able to hold the two-time Super Bowl champion off. Billy Mitchell of Las Vegas took the inside line of Alderman in turn three on lap 36 for the lead. Mitchell¿s lead was short lived after he was sent to the rear of the field after brake checking on the restart after a caution period on lap 41. Alderman was awarded the lead and maintained it through the mandatory midway break and to the checkered flag. Cofer finished second followed by the 2003 Bullring Super Late Model champion Chuck Trickle and the 2004 Super Late Model Rookie-of-the-Year Travis Swalwell.


¿The last half of the season we really have been on our game. It was a lot of hardwork. I need to thank Robby of Auto Tech for giving me this ride,¿ said Alderman in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿The car was perfect the second half of the race. We put a little stager in it (at the break). It was a little tight in the center, but Cofer drove me clean. Many times he could have got me, but he drove me clean the first half and then we made the change and it was good enough to get into Summit Equipment Victory Lane.¿


The 2004 Bullring Late Model champion Doug Hamm won the Justice Brothers 100 Late Model Championship presented by Impact Sports and Entertainment. Hamm was the fastest qualifier and started the 100-lap race in the front row. Tim Huddleston of Agoura, Calif. and Hamm took turns taking command of the 15-car field. The three-car train of Hamm, Huddleston and Andrew Myers maintained a significant lead until lap 77 when Myers broke. Hamm then was unchallenged for the win. Huddleston finished second followed by Mike Mulhall of Monrovia, Calif. and Eric Richardson of Bakersfield, Calif. 


 ¿I¿m worn out. I¿m glad we won tonight,¿ said Hamm in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿My dad AJ does the chassis and it was hooked up. This win is for the whole crew and my devoted fans.¿


Michael Morrissey Jr. of Tahoe City, Calif. was the fastest qualifier for the IMCA Modified Pavement Nationals and started on the pole for the 50-lap feature. Morrissey was trailed by Andrew Phipps of Simi Valley, Calif., but able to maintain his lead for the entirety of the race to take the checkered flag. Phipps finished second followed by Don Williams of Las Vegas and Nick Parker of Kearns, Utah.


¿We had fastest time, won our heat, won the main. The car was gorgeous,¿ said Morrissey Jr. in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿It was a great weekend.¿


The ASA Speed Trucks ran two 75-lap segments to breakup the 150-lap feature event. Lee Hatch of Covina, Calif. took the checkered flag in the first 75-lap ASA Speed Truck Challenge presented by JD Gardner and Spencer Clark both of Las Vegas continually challenged Hatch for the lead, often in side-by-side battles. In the end Hatch won while Clark finished second and Gardner third. The finish of this race determined the starting lineup for the second half.


Seventeen-year-old Spencer Clark of Las Vegas won the second 75-lap ASA Speed Truck Challenge presented by and was crowned the winner of the entire 150-lap Speed Truck event. Clark started on outside pole and quickly took command of the 21-car field. Gardner was Clark¿s only strong challenger, but broke on lap 62. Clark continued to lead the field to the checkered flag. Gardner finished second followed by Hatch and Danny Williams of Las Vegas.


¿It (patience) is just something you have to do to get to the front. It¿s how you win races,¿ said Clark in Summit Racing Equipment Victory Lane. ¿I have to thank my dad and Mike Sevy for backing us.¿


Nevada Secretary of State Dean Heller finished 19th and 20th respectively in the ASA Speed Truck Challenge presented by




Super Late Models


VP Racing Fuels Super Late Model Championship Results (140 laps, two 70 lap segments): 1. Thane Alderman, 2. Mike Cofer, 3. Chuck Trickle, 4. Travis Swalwell, 5. Mike Haslam, 6. Mike Ray, 7. Rod Johnson, 8. Ron Overman, 9. Scott Gafforini, 10. Darren Rupinski, 11. Dennis Rock Jr. 12. Jerry Spilsbury, 13. Stephen Peace, 14. Dexter Bean, 15. Jim Wulfenstein, 16. Billy Mitchell, 17. Russell White, 18. Charles Price, 19. Danny Gay, 20. Bob Wickey, 21. Justin Johnson, 22. Nathan Wulff, 23. Chris Clyne, 24. Taylor Barton, 25. Jimmy Parker Jr., 26. Jeff Shaffer


Super Late Model B-Feature No. 1 Results (20 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Feature): 1. Dexter Bean, 2. Dennis Rock Jr., 3. Charles Price, 4. Rod Johnson, 5. Eric Bauer, 6. Kyle Kline, 7. Guy Griebel, 8. Dow Woerner, 9. Wheeler Boys, 10. Bill Hoagland, 11. Mike Daniel, 12. Ray Hooper Jr., 13. Scott Moses


Super Late Model B-Feature No. 2 Results (20 laps, top 4 transfer to A-Feature): 1.Jimmy Parker Jr., 2. Taylor Barton, 4. Jim Wulfenstein, 5. Russell White, 6. Rick Cobb, 7. Dennis Wurtz II, 8. Fabian Bray, 9. Rick Chavez, 10. Nick Parker, 11. Gary Jenkins, 12. Eric Martin, 13. Bobby Collister, 14. Chad Stutzman, DQ: Sonny Boeckman



IMCA Modifieds


IMCA Modified Pavement Nationals Results (50 laps): 1. Michael Morrissey Jr., 2. Andrew Phipps, 3. Don Williams, 4. Nick Parker, 5. Michael Hale, 6. Guy Young, 7. Travis Thirkettle, 8. Mark Ith Jr., 9. Charlie Kramm, 10. Bryan Wordelman, 11. Terry Lawrence, 12. Roger Boneville, 13. Jason McClure, 14. Kelly Peacock, 15. Greg Dickey, 16. Aaron McMorran, 17. Edgar Schanuth, 18. Wheeler Boys, 19. Pat Pearson, 20. Rob Davis, 21. David McClure, 22. Sonny Wahl, 23. Tony Ackerland, 24. Wes Taylor, 25. Randall Boren, 26. Darvin Ackerland, DQ Derek Thorn


IMCA Modified B-Feature No. 1 Results (15 laps, top 5 transfer to A-Feature): 1. Roger Bonneville, 2. Wheeler Boys, 3. Pat Pearson, 4. David McClure, 5. Aaron McMorran, 6. Sonny Wahl, 7. John Fortner, 8. Rus Ward, 9. Dan Buckley, 10. CJ Sherkenbach, 11. Matt Scheffe


IMCA Modified B-Feature No. 2 Results (15 laps, top 5 transfer to A-Feature): 1. Michael Hale, 2. Edgar Schanuth, 3. Greg Dickey, 4. Wes Taylor, 5. Rob Davis, 6. Tom Hynes, 7. Rick Taylor, 8. Dennis Lovelady, 9. Dan Lee, 10. Jeff Goade, 11. Al Colwell, 12. Rick Greenstreet, 13. George Englehardt, 14. Charlie Wilson


Late Models


Justice Brothers 100 presented by Impact Sports and Entertainment Late Model Championship Results (100 laps): 1. Doug Hamm, 2. Tim Huddleston, 3. Mike Mulhall, 4. Eric Richardson, 5. Brian Jones, 6. George Ruark, 7. Candace Muzny, 8. Brian Koski, 9. Craig Yeaton, 10. Andrew Myers, 11. Johnny White, 12. Chris Bray, 13. Al Budd, 14. Glen Burke, 15.


Speed Trucks


ASA Speed Truck Challenge presented by Feature Event No. 1 Results (75 laps): 1. Lee Hatch, 2. Spencer Clark, 3. JD Gardner, 4. Kevin Federson, 5. Danny Williams, 6. Joey Mogar, 7. George Antill, 8. Lee Keach, 9. Robert Sanders, 10. Justin Fisher, 11. Robby McDonald, 12. Terry Young, 13. Joe Farre, 14. Robert Kroeker, 15. Gary Bryant, 16. Andy Allen, 17. Patrick Britain, 18. Scott Franchimone, 19. Dean Heller, 20. Darren Young, 21. Angelo Gullotti, 22. Alex Haase, 23. Scott Dodd, 24. Alan Sanchez, 25. Kenny Smith


ASA Speed Truck Challenge presented by Feature Event No. 2 Results (75 laps): 1. Spencer Clark, 2. JD Gardner, 3. Lee Hatch, 4. Danny Williams, 5. Darren Young, 6. Lee Keach, 7. Scott Franchimone, 8. Justin Fisher, 9. George Antill, 10. Joey Mogar, 11. Robert Kroeker, 12. Alex Haase, 13. Robby McDonald, 14. Joe Farre, 15. Terry Young, 16. Kevin Fedderson, 17. Andy Allen, 18. Gary Bryant, 19. Patrick Britain, 20. Dean Heller, 21. Robert Sanders




ASA Speed Truck Challenge presented by Dash Results (6 laps): 1. Spencer Clark, 2. Darren Young, 3. Justin Fisher, 4. Lee Keach, 5. Scott Dodd, 6. George Antill