City Mortgage Services Late Model driver Doug Hamm collected his second win this season in the 40-lap main event at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Hamm started third in the 40-lap feature and took the lead on the first lap.  He built up a substantial lead until Dustin Ash started to close in on the eighth lap.  Ash suffered misfortune on lap 17 with mechanical failure and had to pull off the track.  He returned on lap 25 after making the necessary repairs.  Al Budd finished second followed by Dan Howell and Robert Roth.

            ¿We worked on the car quite a bit during practice,¿ said Hamm.  ¿The setup was off a little bit.  It feels great to get my second win of the season.¿

Redrock Baptist Church Worship Minister James Wojo won his second consecutive Faster Pastor race.  He started sixth, based on the number of food items donated in his name and raced his way to the front, taking the lead from Todd Brown of Highland Hills Baptist Church on lap 14. 

At the checkered flag it was James Wojo, Todd Brown, Bruce Brown (Southwest Baptist Church), Walt Hutfilz (Raceway Ministries), Mark Lebszck (Solid Rock Foursquare Church), Justin Klatt (Solid Rock Foursquare Church).

            ¿Thank you, that was awesome,¿ said Wojo.  ¿It was an amazing thing.  I felt like Moses.  We are going to have our own car next year, we¿ve already got it.¿

            Brian Matzke won his third 3-888-LAW Chargers feature.  Matzke is off to a great start this season dominating all three races.  Darin Rollins finished second followed by Phil Goodwin and Steve Dessormeau.

Dustin Ash of Las Vegas posted his first win of the season in the Delta Gunite Legends Cars division after dominating the race.  Ash began lapping the field on lap five and continued to do so until the checkered was thrown.  Danny Medina finished second followed by Rick Rogas.  Josh Gross was fourth.

            Michael Morrissey won the second IMCA Modifieds feature.  Dennis Lovelady finished second followed by Donald Williams and Aaron McMorran. 

            Joe Crouch collected his first victory in the 7-Eleven Bullring Bombers followed by Gary Wyatt and Wade Pearson.


Official results will be released Monday


Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (40 laps): 1. Doug Hamm, 2. Al Budd 3. Dan Howell, 4. Robert Roth, 5. Doug Matter, 6. Morris Sealy, 7. Glenn Burke, 8. Nick Amarillo, 9. Patrick Weekly, 10. Dustin Ash, 11. Chris Bray, 12. Greg Hanuman, 13. Don Sergeant, 14. Jim Sealy.


Faster Pastor Race Results (20 Laps): 1. James Wojo (Red Rock Baptist Church), 2. Todd Brown (Highland Hills Baptist Church), 3. Bruce Brown (Southwest Baptist Church), 4. Walt Hutfilz (Raceway Ministries), 5. Mark Lebszck (Solid Rock Foursquare Church), 6. Justin Klatt (Solid Rock Foursquare Church)


Chargers Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Brian Matzke, 2. Darin Rollins, 3. Phil Goodwin, 4. Steve Dessormeau, 5. Jim Pete, 6. Justin Good, 7. Nathan Geese, 8. Ron Goldsmith, 9. Bill Mullen, 10. Mario Opipari, 11. John Della-Pena, 12. David Goal, 13. John Dunn, 14. Dale Ward, 15. Robert Bethune, 16. Fred Kiser, 17. Jerry Walton, 18. Mike Heck.


Master/Pro/Semi-Pro Legends Cars Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Danny Medina, 3. Rick Rogas, 4. Josh Gross, 5. Derek Froehlich, 6. Keith Wellman, 7. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 8. Chris Gedicks, 9. Fletcher Hammond, 10. Robby Guevara, 11. Jonathan Mawhinney, 12. Johnny Morrissey, 13. John Clute, 14. Matt Mawhinney, 15. Jeff Craig, 16. Ken Neff, 17. Mike Anderson, 18. Ron Booth, 19. Jim Galza, 20. Kurt Minnick, 21. B.J. Bollman, 22. Dallas Colodny, 23. Ed Hohman, 24. Larry Toddy; 25. Ken Betts, 26. Jeff Hobbs, 27. Audrey Ross, 28. Rich Lombardo, 29. Nicole Booth, 30. Brandy Radke, 31. Darin Carlton, 32. Anthony Medina, 33. Eric Chelberg, 34. Jimmy Parker, Jr. 


IMCA Modifieds Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (30 laps): 1. Michael Morrissey, 2. Dennis Lovelady, 3. Donald Williams, 4. Aaron McMorran, 5. Justin Woerner, 6. Larry Gerchman, 7. Chris Gerchman, 8. CJ Sherkenbach, 9. Michael Riefler, 10. Randall Boren, 11. Davis McCall, 12. Stoney Gray, 13. Chad Stevens, 14. Scott Osborn.


Bullring Bombers Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (50 laps): 1. Joe Crouch, 2. Gary Wyatt, 3. Wade Pearson, 4. JJ Nunn, 5. Vinnie Raucci, 6. Anthony Finley, 7. Mathew Cunningham, 8. Brent Rawling, 9. Chris Gray, 10. James Larson, 11. Scott Grossardt, 12. Trevor Colon, 13. Russell Ward, 14. Christopher Dillon, 15. Chad Burton, 16. Dawn Woods, 17. Dyne Beaver, 18. Rick Lamb