Matt Jaskol of Las Vegas took the checkered in the 75-lap ASA Speed Truck Challenge feature at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday during the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series.

Speed Truck driver Darren Young of Gilbert, AZ was the fast qualifier. 

Matt Jaskol of Las Vegas started on the pole after a to a 2-car invert. Jaskol led the race from start to finish.  Moses Smith and Justin Fisher finished second third.  Alex Haase finished fourth and Kyle Cattanach was fifth.

"The biggest thing is being in front of the crowd," said Jaskol.  "I want to thank everyone for coming out tonight."

Late Model driver Dustin Ash won the 40-lap City Mortgage Services feature.  Dustin Ash was the top qualifier in the City Mortgage Late Models division.  Ash started sixth after a 6-car invert.  Doug Hamm led the majority of the race losing the lead on lap 34 when Ash made a pass for the lead position.  Ash held the lead position for the remainder of the race taking the checkered flag. Hamm and Doug Matter finished second and third.  Rounding off the top five were Al Budd and Dan Howell     

            "That was a tough one right there," said Ash.  "This is awesome.  Dick Cobb gave me an awesome car tonight.  I owe him so much. "

Sudden Impact IMCA Modifieds driver Don Williams won his first feature of the season.  Michael Morrissey finished second.  Larry Gerchman and Aaron McMorran finished third and fourth.

            In the 3-888-Law Charger feature, driver Phil Goodwin posted his first win this season in the 30-lap feature event.  Bill Mullen finished second followed by Joe Deguevara and Justin Good

Steve Ray was the top qualifier in the Thunder Roadsters feature.  Matt Ross won the 25-lap feature.  Mike Montes finished second and Roger Hocking finished third.

Beau Hutchinson won his third Bandoleros race.  Finishing second was John Davis followed by Justin Hurdle and Mitchell Taylor.


Official results will be released Monday


Speed Trucks Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (75 laps): 1. Matt Jaskol, 2. Moses Smith, 3. Justin Fisher, 4. Alex Haase, 5. Kyle Cattanach, 6. Lee Hatch, 7. Andy Allen, 8. Steve Guccione, 9. Kevin Fedderson, 10. Kenny Smith, 11. Joe Farre, 12. Donny Goodwin, 13. Matt Daly., 14. George Antill, 15. DarrenYoung, 16. Bo Ridley, 17. Keith Cummins, 18. Clay Andrews, 19. Joey Mogar, 20. Scott Dodd, 21. Gabi Dicarlo, 22. Jim Putman, 23. Scott Franchimone, 24. Victor Pfluger, 25. Patrick Britian, 26. Gary Bryant.


Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (40 laps): 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Doug Hamm, 3. Doug Matter, 4. Al Budd, 5. Dan Howell, 6. Chris Bray, 7. Carl Brown., 8. Robert Roth, 9. Don Sargent, 10. Rob Henry, 11. Steve Hanneman, 12. Morris Sealy, 13. Ron Barrett, 14. Wayne Jacks, 15. Walt Weekly, 16. Fred Kiser, Jr., 17. P.C. Weekly.


Chargers Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (30 laps): 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. Bill Mullen, 3. Joe Deguevara, 4. Justin Good, 5. Jim Petrie, 6. Brian Matzke, 7. Nate Giesen, 8. Dale Ward, 9. Mike Heck, 10. Steve Dessormeau, 11. John Della-Penna, 12. Darrin Rollins, 13. Steve Simmons.


Thunder Roadsters Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Matt Ross, 2. Mike Montes, 3. Roger Hocking, 4. Steve Ray, 5. Jovon Halen, 6. Jordan Host, 7. Bobby Ruppert, 8. Rick Rochell, 9. Barry Yost, 10. Brian Kizer.


IMCA Modifieds Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (30 laps): 1. Don Williams, 2. Michael Morrissey, 3. Larry Gerchman, 4. Aaron McMorran, 5. Dow Woerner, 6. Sebastian Couture, 7. Randall Boren, 8. Craig Stewart, 9. Chris Gerchman, 10. Dennis Lovelady, 11. Chris Clyne, 12. C.J. Sherkenbach.


Bandoleros Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (15 laps): 1. Beau Hutchinson, 2. John Davis, 3. Justin Hurdle, 4. Mitchell Taylor, 5. Jeremiah Wagner, 6. Bracken Snow, 7. Lucas Reilly, 8. Austin Craig, 9. Cheyenne Schindler, 10. Nicholas Huggins.


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