Travis Swalwell took the checkered in the Super Late Model feature at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday during the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series. Spencer Clark was the fast qualifier. Swalwell started on the pole after a 6-car invert and led the race from start to finish. Mike Cofer and Taylor Barton finished second third. David Anderson finished fourth and Scott Gafforini was fifth. "This has been a fun night," said Swalwell. "My car started to tighten up at the end but we had a good lead. I didn't want to look in my mirror." Late Model driver Dustin Ash won the 40-lap City Mortgage Services feature. Ash was the top qualifier in the City Mortgage Late Models division. Ash started sixth after a 6-car invert. Doug Hamm and Ash exchanged the lead position throughout the race with Ash taking the checkered. Hamm and Doug Matter finished second and third. Rounding off the top five were Al Budd and Eric Martin. "Doug always gives me a good run," said Ash. "This is a great class to run in. Win number four, this is awesome." Sudden Impact IMCA Modifieds driver Don Williams won his third feature of the season. Dennis Lovelady finished second. Larry Gerchman and Craig Stewart finished third and fourth. Steve Ray was the top qualifier in the Thunder Roadsters feature. Matt Ross won the 20-lap feature. Steve Ray finished second and Bobby Ruppert finished third. Jeremiah Wagner won his fourth Bandoleros race. Finishing second was John Davis followed by Jacob Bishop and Mitchell Taylor. In the 7-Eleven Bullring Bombers feature, driver Kevin Gantz posted his first win this season in the 40-lap feature event. Larry Dittman finished second followed by Joe Crouch and VinnyRaucci. Official results will be released Monday Super Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (50 laps): 1. Travis Swalwell, 2. Mike Cofer, 3. Taylor Barton, 4. David Anderson, 5. Scott Gafforini, 6. David Quartaro, 7. Guy Griebel, 8. Fabian Bray, 9. Thane Alderman, 10. Kenny Smith, 11. Steve Anderson, 12. Nick Parmelee, 13. Billy Mitchell, 14. Tom Lovelady, 15. Justin Johnson, 16. Tony Clark, 17. Spencer Clark, 18. Richard Bridges, 19. Rich Attasani, 20. Doug Hamm, 21. Dustin Ash. Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (40 laps): 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Doug Hamm, 3. Doug Matter, 4. Al Budd, 5. Eric Martin, 6. Donna Gunther, 7. Don Sargent, 8. Chris Bray, 9. Steve Hanneman, 10. P.C. Weekly, 11. Dan Howell, 12. Jim Sealy, 13. Morris Sealy, 14. Glenn Burke, 15. Ron Barrett, 16. Fred Kiser, Jr., 17. Dave Campavend. IMCA Modifieds Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (20 laps): 1. Don Williams, 2. Dennis Lovelady, 3. Larry Gerchman, 4. Craig Stewart, 5. Chris Gerchman, 6. C.J. Sherkenbach, 7. Aaron McMorran, 8. Steve Burke. Thunder Roadsters Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (20 laps): 1. Matt Ross, 2. Steve Ray, 3. Bobby Ruppert, 4. Jovon Halen, 5. Roger Hocking. Bullring Bombers Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (40 laps): 1. Kevin Gantz, 2. Larry Dittman 3. Joe Crouch, 4. Vinny Raucci, 5. Gary Wyatt, 6. Tom Gallagher, 7. Ken Marr, 8. J.J. Nunn, 9. Warren Harris, Sr., 10. Brent Leonard, 11. Matt Cunningham, 12. Scott Grossardt, 13. Brent Rawlings, 14. Travis Boyle, 15. Russell Ward, 16. James Larson, 17. Chad Burton. Bandoleros Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (15 laps): 1. Jeremiah Wagner, 2. John Davis, 3. Jacob Bishop, 4. Mitchell Taylor, 5. Cheyenne Schindler, 6. Austin Craig, 7. Lucas Reilly, 8. Trevor Hurdle, 9. Nicholas Huggins, 10. Bracken Snow, 11. Austin Murphy.