Super Late Model driver Scott Gafforini collected his second win this season in the 50-lap main event at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Gafforini took the lead away from Travis Swalwell on lap two and held the lead for the remainder of the race taking the checkered flag.  Lovelady and Mike Cofer were second and third.   Travis Swalwell finished fourth.

              Chris Bray was the top qualifier in the City Mortgage Service Late Model division. Bray and Doug Hamm exchanged the lead position for the majority of the race.   Bray made the final pass on lap 30 and held the lead position for the remainder of the race.  Doug Hamm finished second followed by Dustin Ash and Doug Matter.

            "This feels really good," said Bray.  "I think I was driving better at the beginning of the year with a broken hand.  We tried a bunch of different things tonight."

            Justin Good won the first 3-888-LAW Chargers feature.  Phil Goodwin finished second followed by Bill Mullen and Steve Dessormeau.

            Mike Heck won the second 3-888-LAW Chargers feature.  Bill Mullen finished second followed by Justin Good and Phil Goodwin.

            Mass Ross found victory lane in the Thunder Roadsters division for the sixth time this season after dominating the race followed by Roger Hocking and Jovon Halen.  Bobby Ruppert was fourth. 

Jacob Bishop won his first Bandoleros division feature followed by Jeremiah Wagner, John Davis and Austin Craig.


Official results will be released Monday


Super Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (50 laps): 1. Scott Gafforini, 2. Tom Lovelady, 3. Mike Cofer, 4. Travis Swalwell, 5. Chuck Trickle, 6. Nick Parmelee, 7. Steve Anderson, 8. Justin Johnson, 9. Taylor Barton, 10. Billy Mitchell, 11. David Quartaro, 12. David Anderson, 13. Fabian Bray, 14. Bob Barker, 15. Dennis Rock, Jr., 16. Dow Woerner, 17. Richard Bridges, 18. Guy Griebel, 19. Rich Attasani, 20. Cindy Clark, 21. Tony Clark, 22. Thane Alderman.


Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (40 laps): 1. Chris Bray, 2. Doug Hamm, 3. Dustin Ash, 4. Doug Matter, 5. Morris Sealy, 6. Glenn Burke, 7. Dan Howell, 8. Don Sargent , 9. Al Budd, 10. Fred Kiser, Jr., 11. Robert Roth, 12. Ron Barrett, 13. Carl Brown, 14. Steve Hanneman.


Chargers Feature 1 UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Justin Good, 2. Phil Goodwin, 3. Bill Mullen, 4. Steve Dessormeau, 5. Joe DeGuevara, 6. Mike Heck, 7. Mario Opipari, 8. Mike McKearn, 9. Jim McCool, 10. Dale Ward, 11. Nate Giesen, 12. Ben Morris, 13. David Gola, 14. Jerry Gentry, 15. Robert Behunin, 16. Jim Petrie, 17. Rick Morales.


Chargers Feature 2 UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Mike Heck, 2. Bill Mullen, 3. Justin Good, 4. Phil Goodwin, 5. Nate Giesen, 6. Jim Petrie, 7. Dale Ward, 8. Mario Opipari, 9. Joe DeGuevara, 10. Mike McKearn, 11. David Gola, 12. Ben Morris, 13. Jerry Gentry, 14. Robert Behunin, 15. Jim McCool, 16. Steve Dessormeau.


Thunder Roadsters Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (20 laps): 1. Matt Ross, 2. Roger Hocking, 3. Jovon Halen, 4. Bobby Ruppert, 5. Matt Lutz, 6. Ed Hohman.


Bandoleros Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (15 laps): 1. Jacob Bishop, 2. Jeremiah Wagner, 3. John Davis, 4. Austin Craig, 5. Mitchell Taylor, 6.  Conner Kassik, 7. Bracken Snow, 8. Amanda Gubler, 9. Cheyenne Schindler, 10. Trent Kassik, 11. Lucas Reilly, 12. Nicholas Huggins.