Chris Clyne of Las Vegas dominated the Super Late Model Championship at the Fall Classic at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night, but after Clyne's car failed post-race inspection, Nathan Wulff was declared the winner of the event. Clyne was the fastest qualifier and started the 140-lap feature on the pole. Clyne pulled away from the field. Scott Gafforini was in third place but suffered misfortune when his power steering went out on lap 48 and to pull off. He reentered the race on lap 60. Taylor Barton experienced the same luck and had to pull of on lap 57. He was running second at the time. Mike Cofer was involved in a small pile-up and was sent to the rear of the field. Clyne maintained the lead through the mandatory midway break and to the checkered flag. Wulff originally was scored as second. Ron Overman and Bob Wickey took third and fourth following the disqualification. Justin Johnson of Las Vegas won the Late Model Championship. Chris Carmody of Valencia, Calif. was the fastest qualifier on Friday and started the 100-lap Late Model feature on the pole. Carmody and Dustin Ash took command of the 26-car field. Carmody was challenged early by Ash. Ash made his move for the lead position on lap 40 and maintained it until Justin Johnson took the lead on lap 80. The three-car train of Johnson, Ash and Carmody pulled away from the rest of the field. Johnson built a substantial lead and drove the No. 17 Best Auto Transmissions Late Model to victory lane. Dustin Ash finished second followed by Chris Carmody and Todd Burns. "This has been a long time coming," said Johnson. "I haven't been in this victory lane since I was 13 or 14-years-old. I want to thank all of my sponsors including Chuck Trickle for giving me a great ride. I appreciate every bit of it." Michael Hale of West Valley City, Utah started on the pole of the 50-lap IMCA Modified A-Feature. Hale quickly took command and led the entire race taking the checkered flag. Finishing second was Don Williams followed by Dean Kuhn and Mark Ith. "We've had a really rough season," said Hale. "We wrecked our good car but we figured we would come out and try this one. I would like to thank everyone that has been helping Gary Wyatt of Las Vegas started on the pole of the 20-lap Bombers Feature after winning the second Preliminary Feature Friday night. Wyatt led the first 13 laps and was then passed by Joe Crouch. Crouch of St. George, Utah led the remainder of the race taking the checkered flag. Marvin Redder finished second followed by Wyatt and Larry Dittman. "This thing was like a rocket ship tonight," said Crouch. "All of my sponsors make it possible for me to come out and race and I want to thank them for that." RESULTS Super Late Models Late Model Championship Results: 1. Nathan Wulff, 2. Ron Overman, 3. Bob Wickey, 4. Dave Quartaro, 5. Jeff Shafer, 6. Charlie Wahl, 7. Thane Alderman, 8. Mike Cofer, 9. Wade Bland, 10. Bill Hoagland, 11. Stephen Peace, 12. Richard Bridges, 13. Nick Parmelee, 14. Jimmy Parker, Jr., 15. Scott Gafforini, 16. Rod Johnson, 17. Billy Mitchell, 18. Rich Attasani, 19. Travis Swalwell, 20. Danny Gay, 21. Bob Barker, 22. Mike Haslam, 23. Taylor Barton, 24. David Ross, 25. Robby Sawyer, 26, Chris Clyne (Disqualified from 1st). Super Late Model B-Feature Results (20 laps, top eight transfer to the A-Feature): 1. Rich Attasani, 2. Bob Barker, 3. Richard Bridges, 4. Wade Bland, 5. David Quartaro, 6. Bill Hoagland, 7. Charlie Wahl, 8. Danny Gay, 9. Dennis Rock, Jr., 10. Tony Clark, 11. Gary Rodriguez, 12. Rick Chavez, 13. Eric Sweetman, 14. Zan Sharpe, 15. Gary Jenkins, 16. Nick Joanides, 17. Fabian Bray, 18. Mark Shackleford, 19. Matt Levin, 20. John Manke, 21. Cindy Clark, 22. Bobby Collister. IMCA Modifieds IMCA Modified Championship Results: 1. Michael Hale, 2. Don Williams, 3. Dean Kuhn , 4. Mark Ith, 5. Lynn Hardy, 6. Greg Tucker, 7. Guy Young, 8. Joey Mogar, 9. Tim Morse, 10. Steve Jones, 11. Jim Peacock, 12. Sebastian Couture, 13. Wheeler Boys, 14. Tom Hyner, 15. Russell Ward, 16. Gary Madsen, 17. Butch Reid, 18. T.J. Woodhall, 19. Trevor Boys, 20. Michael Morrissey, 21. Chris Gerchman, 22. Dan Lee, 23. Jay Linstroth, 24. Douglas Carpenter, 25. Justin Woerner, 26. Ken Kulikowski, 27. Nick Parker, 28. Kelly Peacock, 29. Dennis Lovelady. IMCA Modified B-Feature Results (top eight to transfer to the A-Feature): 1. Tim Morse, 2. Dow Woerner, 3. Jim Peacock, 4. Sebastian Couture, 5. Gary Madsen, 6. Tom Hyner, 7. Russell Ward, 8. Butch Reid, 9. Trevor Boys, 10. Shawn Johnson, 11. T.J. Woodhall, 12. Dan Lee, 13. Bryan Wordleman, 14. Rob Davis, 15. Pat Petrie, 16. Richard Strecker, 17. Shelby Strobe, 18. Matt Baker, 19. Mike Ceelia, 20. Tony Ackerland, 21. Terry Lawrence, 22. Dan Buckley, 23. Roger Bonneville, 24. Russ Cazier, 25. Brett Thompson. (Seventh-place finisher Aaron McMorran was disqualified due to post-race inspection) Late Models Late Model Championship Results: 1. Justin Johnson, 2. Dustin Ash, 3. Chris Carmody, 4. Todd Burns, 5. Brian Jones, 6. Fred Kiser, Jr., 7. Brain Koski, 8. Tim Huddleston, 9. Eric Martin, 10. Steve Smith, 11. Craig Yeaton, 12. Candace Muzny, 13. John Spillatro , 14. Robbie Haslam, 15. Jerry Buesig, Jr., 16. Doug Matter, 17. Cody Pruitt, 18. Morris Sealy, 19. Doug Hamm, 20. Chris Bray, 21. Wayne Jacks, 22. Glenn Burke, 23. Eddie Patterson, 24. Dan Digiammarino, 25. Brian Kelly, 26. Eric Richardson. Bombers Bombers Championship Results (20 laps): 1. Joe Crouch, 2. Marvin Redder, 3. Gary Wyatt, 4. Larry Dittman, 5. Travis Boyle, 6. David Ford, 7. Fred Harding, 8. Lawrence Snedek, 9. Russell Ward, 10. Tom Gallagher.