Dustin Ash drove his No. 4 WestCor Construction Super Late Model to victory lane for the first time this season after the 50-lap Super Late Model feature at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday during the NASCAR Dodge Weekly Series. As predicted by Criss Angel, Scott Gafforini took the checkered at the conclusion of the Super Late Model Dash for Cash followed by Billy Mitchell and Taylor Barton. Alex Haase started on the pole after a four-car invert and held the lead position until Taylor Barton made a pass on lap seven. Ash made a pass on lap 34 taking the lead from Barton and led the field for the remainder of the race. Justin Johnson was second followed by Travis Swalwell. Barton and Haase were fourth and fifth. "This race car was awesome thanks to Dick Cobb," said Ash. "We've been working on this car so much. This race win is for my best friend Spencer Clark." Aaron McMorran captured his first IMCA Modifieds feature of the season. Tim Richter finished second. Joey Mogar and Michael Morrissey finished third and fourth. Dow Woerner was fifth. Legends Master driver Rick Rogas won the 25-lap feature. B.J. Bollman finished second followed by Robby Guevara and Fletcher Hammond. Larry Toddy was fifth. Josh Gross took the checkered flag at the conclusion of the Legends Pro feature. Johnny Morrissey finished second. Jonathan Mawhinney and Bear Rzsnewiecky finished third and fourth. Wes Fry captured his second Legends Semi-Pro win. Jeremiah Wagner finished second. Phillip Morrissey and Chad Hegge finished third and fourth. Eric Chelberg was fifth. Chargers driver Brian Matzke won his first feature of the season. Phil Goodwin and Mike Heck finished second and third. Ben Morris was fourth followed by Bill Mullen. Jovon Halen won his third Thunder Roadster feature of the season. Brian Kizer and Bobby Ruppert finished second and third. Rounding off the top-five were Roger Hocking and Ed Hohman. Blake Leuth captured his second Bandolero Bandit feature of the season. Jeremy Birch finished second. Austin Trebilcock and Austin Craig finished third and fourth. Andre Prescott was fifth. Justin Hurdle took the checkered flag at the conclusion of the Bandolero Young Guns feature. Mitchell Taylor finished second. Greyson Weaver and Damon Blakeman finished third and fourth. Johnny Budd was fifth. Official results will be released Monday Super Late Models Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (50 laps): 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Justin Johnson, 3. Travis Swalwell, 4. Taylor Barton, 5. Alex Haase, 6. Thane Alderman, 7. Scott Gafforini, 8. Mike Haslam, 9. Tony Clark, 10. Rich Attasani, 11. Dennis Rock, Jr., 12. Matt Jaskol, 13. Jimmy Parker, Jr., 14. Tom Buzze, 15. John Taylor, 16. Billy Mitchell, 17. Tom Lovelady, 18. Richard Bridges, 19. Craig Stewart, 20. Mike Heck, 21. Ben Morris; 22. Mario Opipari; 23. Phil Goodwin. IMCA Modifieds Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (40 laps): 1. Aaron McMorran, 2. Tim Richter, 3. Joey Mogar, 4. Michael Morrissey, 5. Dow Woerner, 6. Scott Osborn, 7. Todd Burns, 8. Pet Petrie, 9. Craig Stewart, 10. Rick Taylor, 11. Kenny Thompson, 12. Ken Kulikowski, 13. Wayne Morris, Jr., 14. Sebastian Couture, 15. Richard Streker, 16. Tom Barber. Legends Masters Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Rick Rogas, 2. B.J. Bollman, 3. Robby Guevara, 4. Fletcher Hammond, 5. Larry Toddy, 6. Jim Galza, 7. Kurt Minnick; 8. Mike Pulliam; 9. Mike Reilly. Legends Pro Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Josh Gross, 2. Johnny Morrissey, 3. Jonathan Mawhinney, 4. Bear Rznesnowiecky. Legends Semi-Pro Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (25 laps): 1. Wes Fry, 2. Jeremiah Wagner, 3. Phillip Morrissey, 4. Chad Hegge, 5. Eric Chelberg, 6. Romano Cionni, 7. J.K.Snow; 8. Sean Bishop, 9. Brandon Snow, 10. Cassie Gannis, 11. Scott Swinford, 12. Conner Kassik, 13. Broc Murphy, 14. Branden Giannini, 15. Chris Shorten, 16. Jeff Craig, 17. Austin Murphy, 18. Beau Hutchinson, 19. Chris Birdsong. Chargers Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (30 laps): 1. Brian Matzke, 2. Phil Goodwin, 3. Mike Heck, 4. Ben Morris, 5. Bill Mullen, 6. Dale Ward, 7. Mario Opipari, 8. Steve Simon, 9. Jerry Gentry, 10. John Della-Penna, 11. Jim Petrie, 12. Garrett Evans, 13. Nate Giesen, 14. Becky Torbergson. Thunder Roadsters Main Event UNOFFICIAL Results (15 laps): 1. Jovon Halen, 2. Brian Kizer, 3. Bobby Ruppert , 4. Roger Hocking, 5. Ed Hohman; 6. Matt Lutz; 7. Johan Timmer. Bandolero Bandits UNOFFICIAL Results (15 laps): 1. Blake Leuth, 2. Jeremy Birch, 3. Austin Trebilcock, 4. Austin Craig, 5. Andre Prescott, 6. Houston Franco, 7. Patrick Camburn, 8. Jonathan Eakin, 9. Jacob Tilton, 10. Nicholas Huggins, 11. Kayli Barker, 12. Lucas Reilly. Bandolero Young Guns UNOFFICIAL Results (15 laps): 1. Justin Hurdle, 2. Mitchell Taylor, 3. Graysen Weaver, 4. Damon Blakeman, 5. Johnny Budd, 6. Robert D'Ambra, 7. Cheyanne Schindler, 8. Ryan Bragdon, 9. John Davis, 10. Samantha Kurkowski, 11. Jacksen Smith, 12. Briana-Marie Holly, 13. Brecken Snow.