A standing-room-only audience watched Dustin Ash of Las Vegas score his fourth Super Late Model victory of the 2007 season at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway tonight. Ash started the 75-lap holiday feature in third place and watched an almost unbelievable series of events unfold before him.

Tom Lovelady started from the pole position and crossed the finish line side-by-side with Justin Johnson to record what would have been the first lap, only to see the caution flag fly for a five-car accident in Turn 4.

Johnson took the lead on the complete restart and led until the next caution flag flew on lap 9 for an accident involving Josh Gross and Chris Bray.

The next caution period proved to be Johnson's undoing as the race was halted on lap 25 for a fire aboard Fabian Bray's car. After the minor fire was extinguished, the red flag was replaced with the yellow and the racers were allowed to restart. Johnson shut his car off during the red-flag period and the engine would not start. His car was pushed to the pits and Kyle Busch, who started fourth in the 26-car feature, inherited the lead.

On lap 35, Busch's engine expired and he too was pushed to the pits. Taylor Barton, flying the colors of the new Transformers motion picture, assumed the lead.

Like Johnson and Busch, Barton too seemed cursed. On lap 54, Greg Hanneman's engine expired and dumped oil on the track in Turn 1. The first car behind the lapped car of Hanneman was race leader Barton, and he spun in the oil and crashed. Dustin Ash inherited the lead and held it to claim the victory.

Jeff Connors recorded his best finish of the season - second place - and Tom Lovelady crossed the finish
line third. Jimmy Parker Jr. and Steve Anderson completed the top five. California racing veteran Ron Esau was sixth.

Busch won the Budweiser Super Late Model Fast Dash and Mike Haslam claimed the Super Late Model Last-Chance Race.

Mike Faccinto won the USAC Ford Focus Midget Series feature. Midget heat races were won by Dan Adler and Ian Mille.

Charlie Wahl won the IMCA Modified feature. Budweiser IMCA Modified heat races were won by Charlie Wahl and Rick Taylor.

Bear Rzesnowiecky won the 30-car, 20-lap Legends Cars feature and also the Budweiser Legends Cars Fast Dash.

The Bullring's Independence Day holiday spectacular included an 11-minute fireworks display by High Desert Pyrotechnics of Las Vegas, freestyle quad exhibitions, the complete destruction of and auto by a jet-powered dragster and a drifting exhibition by 2006 Las Vegas D1 Drifting Grand Prix winner Toshiki Yoshioka. Amanda Kunzi, Miss Las Vegas 2007, sang the National Anthem.

The Bullring is dark until Wednesday, Aug. 8.

75-lap Super Late Model feature: 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Jeff Connors, 3. Tom Lovelady, 4. Jimmy Parker Jr., 5. Steve Anderson, 6. Ron Esau, 7. Dave Quartero, 8. Bob Barker, 9. Ray Hooper Jr., 10. Jim Petrie, 11. Eric Sweetman, 12. Travis Swalwell, 13. Scott Gafforini, 14. Taylor Barton, 15. Greg Hanneman, 16. Matt Jaskol, 17. Richard Bridges, 18. Mike Haslam, 19. Kyle Busch, 20. Justin Johnson, 21. Alex Haase, 22. Fabian Bray, 23. Chris Bray, 24. Josh Gross, 25. Chris Clyne, 26. Rich Attisani.

30-lap USAC Ford Focus Midget Series feature: 1. Mike Faccinto, 2. Tom Dyer, 3. Nick Faas, 4. Robby Jossett, 5. Beau DeBard, 6. Dan Adler, 7. Mark Atkinson, 8. Billy Cross, 9. Tim Savage, 10. James Powell, 11. Chuck Grant, 12. J.R. Williams, 13. Jeff Kelley, 14. Ian Mille, 15. Bob Brewer, 16. Justin Hommel, 17. Tim Skoglund.

20-lap Legends Cars feature: 1. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 2. Nick Parmelee, 3. Jonathan Mawhinney, 4. Karl Forman, 5. Josh White, 6. Chris Shorten, 7. Jeremiah Wagner, 8. Ken Neff, 9. Dusty Davis, 10. Candice Clark, 11. Brandon Giannini, 12. Bobby Ruppert, 13. Connor Kassik, 14. Scott Swinford,15. B.J. Bollman, 16. Damon Blakeman, 17. Shawn Snow, 18. Jonathan Morrissey, 19. Mike Pulliam, 20. Alex Sidwell, 21. Jim Galza, 22. Blake Leuth, 23. Justin Hurdle, 24. Fletcher Hammond, 25. J.K. Snow, 26. Larry Toddy, 27. Jacob Bishop, 28. Brandon Snow, 29. Romano Cionni, 30. Frank McCourt.

25-lap IMCA Modified feature: 1. Charlie Wahl, 2. Scott Osborn, 3. Rick Taylor, 4. Dow Woerner, 5. Pat Petrie, 6. Randall Brown, 7. Wayne Morris Jr., 8. Sebastian Couture, 9. Dennis Lovelady, 10. Richard Streker, 11. Tadd Burns, 12. Steve Simon, 13. Ben Morris.