SUPER LATE MODELS: Taylor Barton of Las Vegas won tonight's 40-lap Super Late Model feature at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  Barton, winless since June 16, started the night in fine style by winning the $200 Budweiser Fast Dash.

Defending Bullring Super Late Model champion Scott Gafforini started the 40-lap finale from the pole position and opened up a sizeable lead over his competition during the first 10 laps.  Barton began closing in on Gafforini by lap 14 and made the pass for the lead - and the win - on lap 16.

Once in the lead, the action now was unfolding behind Barton.  Jimmy Parker Jr.'s car suffered mechanical failure on lap 24, robbing him of second place.  In the final turn, on the final lap, with the checkered flag in sight, Tom Lovelady and Scott Gafforini tangled and spun, effectively removing them from third and fourth place, respectively.  Justin Johnson finished second behind race winner Barton.  Jeff Connors was third. 

Steve Anderson (finished third) and Dave Quartero (finished fifth) were disqualified after their cars failed to pass post-race inspection.

LATE MODELS: Morris Sealy of Las Vegas drove his Hobbytown USA entry straight to victory lane after completing the 25-lap Late Model feature. Chris Bray finished second and Joe Deguevera finished third.  Late Model qualifying heats were won by Bray and John Spilotro.

CHARGERS: Phil Goodwin of Henderson won the 25-lap Charger feature, followed by neighbors Darren Rollins and Mario Opipari.  Mike Heck of Utah finished fourth and Brian Matzke was fifth at the checkered flag. Charger heats were won by Opipari and Goodwin.

IMCA MODIFIEDS: Wayne Morris Jr. won the 25-lap IMCA Modified feature, followed by Tadd Burns and Scott Osborn. IMCA Modified heats were won by Burns and Rick Taylor.

LEGENDS CARS: Jeremiah Wagner won the 20-lap, 28-car Legends Cars feature. Bear Rzesnowiecky finished second in the feature and also won the Budweiser Legends Cars Dash.

THUNDER ROADSTERS: Charlie Wahl won the Thunder Roadster feature as well as the qualifying heat.  Ed Hohman was second and Johan Timmer finished third.

BOMBERS: Larry "The Torch" Dittman won the Bomber feature.  Matt Cunningham won the Bomber qualifying heat.

BANDOLEROS: Jonathan Eakin won the Bandolero Bandits feature.  Brianna Holley won the 12-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature. Bandolero heats were won by Jonathan Eakin (Bandit) and Brianna Holley (Young Guns).

NEXT RACE: The Bullring is dark next weekend due to the Smith's Las Vegas 350 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race at the superspeedway. Racing at the Bullring will resume Saturday, Sept. 29, with Island Night.  The evening will include an on-track autograph session, Super Late Models, IMCA Modifieds, Legends Cars, Bombers (wet-track race) and Bandoleros.  Spectator gates will open at 5 p.m.  General admission is $10 for adults, $8 for senior citizens and $5 for children ages 6-12.  Children five and under are free.  A Family Four Pack may be purchased for $26.  The Bullring concession stand offers family-friendly $1 hot dogs, $1 soda and $1 beer every race night.   For more information, please call the Bullring office at (702) 632-8213 or visit

All results are unofficial until Monday morning.

40-lap Super Late Model feature: 1. Taylor Barton, 2. Justin Johnson, 3. Jeff Connors, 4. Mike Ray, 5. Dennis Rock Jr., 6. Bob Barker, 7. Fabian Bray, 8. Nick Parmelee, 9. David Anderson, 10. Scott Gafforini, 11. Tom Lovelady, 12. Jim Petrie, 13. Dustin Ash, 14. Jimmy Parker Jr., 15. Steve Anderson (DQ), 16. Dave Quartero (DQ).

25-lap Late Model feature: 1. Morris Sealy, 2. Chris Bray, 3. Joe Deguevera, 4. Craig Rayburn, 5. Doug Hamm, 6. John Taylor, 7. Robert Ewing, 8. Matt Frady, 9. John Spilotro, 10. Nick Antrillo, 11. Chris Birdsong, 12. Eric Martin.

25-lap Charger feature: 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. Darren Rollins, 3. Mario Opipari, 4. Mike Heck, 5. Brian Matzke, 6. Vince Raucci, 7. Justin Kiser, 8. Steve Dessormeau, 9. Joe Finger, 10. Travis Boyle, 11. Joe Crouch, 12. Jeff Bargerhuff, 13. Rick Morales, 14. Jerry Gentry, 15. Becky Torgberson.

25-lap IMCA Modified feature: 1. Wayne Morris Jr., 2. Tadd Burns, 3. Scott Osborn, 4. Dennis Lovelady, 5. Randall Boren, 6. Ben Morris, 7. Richard Streker, 8. Steve Simon, 9. Pat Petrie, 10. Garrett Yamada, 11. Tom Barber, 12. Rick Taylor, 13. Jerry Walton, 14. Craig Stewart, 15. Charlie Wahl, 16. Darrin Oglesbee.

20-lap Legends Cars feature: 1. Jeremiah Wagner, 2. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 3. Karl Forman, 4. Jonathan Morrissey, 5. Beay Huthinson, 6. Jonathan Mawhinney, 7. Derek Frohlich, 8. Tom Lovelady, 9. J.K. Snow, 10. Brandon Giannini, 11. Nick Parmelee, 12. B.J. Bollman, 13. Dusty Davis, 14. Justin Hurdle, 15. Scott Swinford, 16. Brandon Snow, 17. Ken neff, 18. Jacob Bishop, 19. Candace Clark, 20. Larry Toddy, 21. Steve Hantz, 22. Rick Rogas, 23. Mark Young, 24. Jovan Halen, 25. Mike Pulliam, 26. Brecken Snow, 27. Frank McCourt, 28. Damon Blakeman.

20-lap Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Charlie Wahl, 2. Ed Hohman, 3. Johan Timmer, 4. Matt Lutz, 5. Justin Miller, 6. Roger Hocking, 7. Ron McIntyre, 8. Ron Duprau.

15-lap Bomber feature: 1. Larry "The Torch" Dittman, 2. Chad Mattos, 3. Matt Cunningham.

12-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature: 1. Brianna Holley, 2. Austin Craig, 3. Robert D'Ambra, 4. Kyle Spade, 5. Patrick O'Hanley, 6. Jacksen Smith, 7. Cheyanne Schindler, 8. Gabriela Glass, 9. Mariah Talbert, 10. Brecken Snow.

12-lap Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Jonathan Eakin, 2. Nicholas Thigpen, 3. Christian Warren, 4. Rachel Brown, 5. Nicholas Huggins, 6. Jacob Tilton, 7. Kolleen Dresser, 8. Chad Harris, 9. Kayli Barker, 10. Johnny Spilotro, 11. Sullivan Winesett, 12. Vince Raucci, 13. Hayley Lager, 14. Andre Prescott.