Dustin Ash scored his eighth Super Late Model feature victory of the waning 2007 season tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Ash, the current Bullring points leader, passed Taylor Barton on lap 14 to take command of the 40-lap finale and went on to win. Barton finished second, Justin Johnson was third. Ash also won the $200-to-win Budweiser Super Late Model Dash.

In what might have been the most exciting race of the night, Larry "The Torch" Dittman drove his station wagon Bomber to his sixth victory of the season. Tonight's special was a 30-lap Bomber wet-track race and Fred Harding led the first 29 laps. Dittman, despite being hampered several times by cars spinning in front of him which resulted in a ¾-lap deficit, was able to chase down Harding to pass him on the final lap and score the popular win. Harding finished a slippery second and Matt Cunningham crossed the damp finish line in third place. Cunningham won the Bomber qualifying heat.

Tim Richter won the 25-lap IMCA Modified feature. IMCA Modified qualifying heats were won by Rick Taylor and Sebastian Couture.

Zach Zimmerly won the 25-lap Legends Cars feature. Beau Hutchinson won the 15-lap Legends Cars B-Feature.

Andre Prescott won the 15-lap Bandolero Bandits feature. Patrick O'Hanley won the 15-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature. Bandolero heats were won by Briana Holley (Young Guns) and Jonathan Eakin (Bandits).

NEXT RACE: Saturday, Oct. 6 (final points race of the 2007 season). Classes include: Super Late Models, IMCA Modifieds, Late Models, Legends Cars, Chargers, Bombers, Bandoleros. Super Fan Night and Pajama Party (bring all of your 2007 Bullring and drag strip ticket stubs back to the Bullring for a chance to win two Super Fan tickets to the 2008 LVMS NASCAR Weekend next March). Free admission for all children wearing pajamas and $5 admission for all adults in pajamas. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m.
All results are unofficial until Monday Morning.

40-lap Super Late Model feature: 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Taylor Barton, 3. Justin Johnson, 4. Tom Lovelady, 5. Jimmy Parker Jr., 6. Scott Gafforini, 7. Bob Barker, 8. Jeff Connors, 9. Steve Anderson, 10. Mike Ray, 11. Dave Quartero, 12. Dennis Rock Jr., 13. Fabian Bray, 14. Joe Farre, 15. Nick Parmelee, 16. Billy Mitchell, 17. Josh Gross, 18. Jim Petrie, 19. John Taylor, 20. Chris Bray, 21. Matt Jaskol.

25-lap IMCA Modified feature: 1. Tim Richter, 2. Scott Osborn, 3. Rick Taylor, 4. Sebastian Couture, 5. Ben Morris, 6. Craig Stewart, 7. Charlie Wahl, 8. Pat Petrie, 9. Richard Streker, 10. Tom Barber, 11. Wayne Morris Jr., 12. Dennis Lovelady, 13. Tadd Burns, 14. Garrett Yamada, 15. Joby Baugh, 16. Steve Simon, 17. Randall Boren.

30-lap Bomber feature: 1. Larry Dittman, 2. Fred Harding, 3. Matt Cunningham, 4. Gerald Bryan, 5. Wade Pearson, 6. Russell Ward, 7. Chad Mattos, 8. J.J. Nunn, 9. Anthony Finley.

25-lap Legends Cars feature: 1. Zach Zimmerly, 2. Jeremiah Wagner, 3. Tom Lovelady, 4. Karl Forman, 5. Chris Buescher, 6. Gene Conley, 7. Wes Frey, 8. Fletch Hammond, 9. Jovan Halen, 10. Nick Parmelee, 11. Beau Hutchinson, 12. Jonathan Mawhinney, 13. Dusty Davis, 14. Ken Neff, 15. Scott Swinford, 16. Brandon Giannini, 17. Justin Hurdle, 18. Bobby Ruppert, 19. Brecken Snow, 20. Candice Clark, 21. Frank McCourt, 22. Rick Chelberg, 23. Larry Toddy, 24. J.K. Snow, 25. Jack Madrid, 26. Brandon Snow, 27. Jacob Bishop, 28. Damon Blakeman, 29. B.J. Bollman.

15-lap Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Andre Prescott, 2. Jonathan Eakin, 3. Dylan Kwasniewski, 4. Hayley Lager, 5. Nicholas Thigpen, 6. Kolleen Dresser, 7. Chad Harris, 8. Johnny Spilotro, 9. Kayli Barker, 10. Josh Quartero, 11. Vince Raucci, 12. Jacob Tilton, 13. Rachel Brown, 14. Sullivan Winesett, 15. Christian Warren.

15-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature: 1. Patrick O'Hanley, 2. Jacksen Smith, 3. Cheyanne Schindler, 4. Brianna Holley, 5. Andrew Porter, 6. Kyle Spade, 7. Mariah Talbert, 8. Gabriela Glass, 9. Robert D'Ambra, 10. Brecken Snow, 11. Austin Craig, 12. Aubree Porter.