Talk about winning in style.

Dustin Ash, 19, became the youngest Super Late Model track champion at Las Vegas Motor Speedway Saturday night, and he did it with his ninth win of the season. Ash was forced to start in the rear for the 40-lap feature after an issue in pre-race inspection. But the young driver rallied and passed Taylor Barton on the final lap for the victory.

“My car was getting pretty tight towards the end and as soon as I saw that caution flag go, I knew I could get it” Ash said. “We have worked hard from week to week, I am glad I was able to get my ninth win and the championship in this car”.

Barton had a five car-length lead over Ash with four laps to go in the 40-lap feature, when a late caution flag was thrown with one lap to go. Ash took advantage of the caution, taking the lead in the final lap and holding off Barton and Tom Lovelady for the win.  Barton's car was disqualified after it failed to pass post-race technical inspection.

Ash wasn’t the only champion crowned Saturday at the Bullring. Mario Opipari took the victory and track championship in a caution filled Chargers feature. Mike Heck finished second and Phil Goodwin was third.

The Legends Pro-Master feature was an exciting race to the end. Lovelady, Bear Rzesnowiecky, Jonathan Mahwhinney and Nick Parmalee switched leads numerous times throughout the race. A late caution flag thrown with one lap to go tightened the field, but Lovelady was able to hold on for the win. Rzesnowiecky came in second, but captured the Legends-Pro track championship, Mahwhinney was third and Parmalee finished fourth. The Legends-Masters championship went to Bobby Ruppert who finished 13th. Zach Zimmerly won the 25-lap Legends Cars Semi-Pro feature for the second week in a row. Jeremiah Wagner, who finished second, took home the track championship in the division.

Jerry Walton won the 25-lap IMCA Modified feature. Scott Osborn finished sixth in the race, but secured the IMCA championship.

Andre Prescott won the 12-lap Bandolero Bandits feature. Jonathan Eakons came in a close second and was crowned the track champion. Brianna Holley comfortably won her fourth Bandolero Young Guns feature as well as the track championship. Charlie Wahl took home his sixth Thunder Roadsters feature win as well as the track championship.

Official results:

2007 Track Champions: Dustin Ash (Super Late Model), Doug Hamm (late Models), Scott Osborn (IMCA Modifieds), Mario Opipari (Chargers), Charlie Wahl (Thunder Roadsters), Bobby Ruppert (Legends Cars Masters), Bear Rzesnowiecky (Legends Cars Pro), Jeremiah Wagner (Legends Cars Semi-Pro), Brianna Holley (Bandolero Young Guns) and Jonathan Eakin (Bandolero Bandits).

40-lap Super Late Model feature: 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Tom Lovelady, 3. Scott Gafforini, 4. Matt Jaskol , 5. Jeff Connors, 6. Justin Johnson, 7.Josh Gross , 8. Bob Parker, 9. Andy Allen, 10. Nick Parmelee, 11. Jim Petrie, 12. Steve Anderson, 13. Dennis Rock Jr., 14. Jimmy Parker Jr., 15.Billy Mitchell, 16. Tom Buzze, 17. Taylor Barton (DQ).

25-lap IMCA Modified feature: 1. Jerry Walton, 2.Rick Taylor, 3. Charlie Wahl, 4. Dow Woerner, 6. Scott Osborn, 7. Richard Streker 8. Dennis Lovelady, 9.Ben Morris, 10. Steve Simon, 11. Colby Baugh

25-lap Charger feature: 1. Mario Opipari, 2. Mike Heck, 3. Phil Goodwin, 4. Darren Rollins, 5. Joe Finger, 6. Steve Dessormeau, 7. Timothy Maserang, 8. Justin Kiser, 9. Vinni Raucci, 10. Mike Wright, 11. Jerry Gentry, 12. Drew Dixon, 13. Beck Torbergson, 14. Rick Morales, 15. Travis Boyle, 16. Brian Matzke, 17. Matt Cunningham, 18. Jeff Bargerhuff

25-lap Late Model feature: 1. Doug Hamm, 2. Chris Bray, 3. JohnTaylor, 4. Kevin Callahan, 5. Chris Clyne, 6. Chris Birdsong, 7. Morris Sealy, 8. Eric Martin, 9. Robert ewing, 10. Clay Watterbarger, 11Eric Ferguson, 12. John Spilotro, 13. Nick Antrillo, 14. Joe Deguevara, 15. Matt Frady, 16. Mike McKearn.

20-lap Legends Cars Pro/Masters feature: 1. Tom Lovelady, 2. Bear Rzesnoweicky, 3. Jonathan Mahwhinney, 4. Nick Parmalee, 5. Daren Amidon, 6. Baien Heskett, 7. Scott Moore, 8. Frankie Marks, 9. Chad Schug, 10. Dennis Lovelady, 11. Mike Pulliam, 12. Gary Scheuerell, 13. Boboby Ruppert, 14. Frank McCourt, 15. Jovan Halem, 16. Chris Buescher, 17. Rick Chelberg, 18. Bob Blakemon, 19. Ken Neff, 20. Bob Landreth.

20-lap Legends Cars Semi-Pro feature: 1. Zach Zimmerly, 2. Jeremiah Wagner, 3.Kyle Oman, 4. Karl Forman, 5. Ryan O’Connor, 6. Steve Cantrell, 7. Beau Hutchinson, 8. Dusty Davis, 9.Julia Dawson, 10.Justin Hurdle, 11. Sean Glennon, 12.Jack Madrid, 13. Brandon Giannini 14. Brandon Snow, 15. J.K. Snow, 16. Jacob Bishop, 17. Brecken Snow, 18. Jay Beasley, 19. Shawn Snow, 20. Blake Leuth, 21. Bryce Walker, 22. Brad Sams, 23. Candice Clark, 24. Mitch Taylor, 25. Donna Gunther, 26.Scott Swinford.

15-lap Bomber feature: 1. Matt Cunningham, 2. Larry Dittman, 3. Chris Bosley.

15-lap Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Charlie Wahl, 2. Roger Hocking, 3. Jared Carpenter, 4. Ed Hohman, 5. Willy Clyne, 6. Ron McIntyre, 7. Tommy Stradder, 8. Denis Carlton, 9. Larry Riggan.

12-lap Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Andre Prescott, 2. Jonathan Eakin, 3.Christian Warren, 4. Dylan Kwasniewski, 5. Chad Harris, 6. Nicholas Huggins, 7. Hayley Lager, 8. Johnny Spilotro, 9. Kolleen Dresser, 10. Josh Quartero, 11. Kayli Barker, 12. Emma Brown, 13. Nicholas Thigpen, 14. Vinni Raucci.

12-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature: 1. Brianna Holley, 2. Robert D'Ambra, 3. Cheyanne Schindler, 4. Patrick O’Hanley, 5. Brecken Snow, 6. Jacksen Smith, 7. Mariah Talbert, 8. Ashlee Ambriz, 9. Austin Craig, 10. Kyle Spade, 11. Jeremiah Wagner.