Revised and official: April 23, 2008

Taylor Barton, Karl Forman, Tim Richter, Mike Heck, Justin Johnson, Fred Harding, Jacksen Smith and Jonathan Eakin shared the victory spotlight on Education Appreciation Night at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday night.  All Clark County School District employees were admitted free of charge Saturday night.

Taylor Barton took the lead on lap 17 of the 30-lap Super Late Model/Late Model feature and went on to win his third feature of the 2008 season.  Scott Gafforini and Jeff Connors waged a spirited battle in the closing laps of the race with Gafforini taking second place. Gafforini dominated the Budweiser Super Late Model/ Late Model Dash and claimed the $200 first prize. Branden Giannini, who finished fifth, was the first Late Model competitor across the finish line.

The caution-plagued 25-lap Legends Cars feature concluded in a green-white-checkered finish.  Karl Forman (Semi-Pro) was declared the winner as the race reached its designated time limit (25 laps or 25 minutes). Fletcher Hammond was the first Masters division racer across the finish line and Bear Rzesnowiecky was the highest finisher in the Pro class. The Budweiser Legends Cars Dash was won by Bear Rzesnowiecky in a thrilling finish over Forman and Zach Zimmerly.    

The 20-lap Thunder Roadster feature was won by Justin Johnson, his second of 2008. The eight-lap Thunder Roadster heat race was won by Josh Gross.

Frontrunners Mario Opipari and Phil Goodwin were involved in a four-car spin with just two laps remaining in the Charger feature.  All four cars were sent to the rear of the field, handing the lead to Utah's Mike Heck on the restart.  Heck held off New York City's Vince Raucci to score his first win of the 2008 season. Eight-lap Charger heat races were won by Phil Goodwin and Mario Opipari.

Tim Richter dominated the 25-lap Modified feature, leading it from start to finish. The eight-lap Modified heat was won by 2007 Late Model champion Doug Hamm.

Fred Harding built up a considerable lead on the rest of the field in the 20-lap Bomber feature and scored the win. Harding weathered an anxious moment as he encountered the lapped cars of Jennifer Cunningham and Michael Takami, who were racing side by side.  Some quick work on the steering wheel helped Harding avoid disaster and he cleared the pair on the apron. Nick Walters finished second and Dan Nelson was third.

Jacksen Smith won his second Bandolero Young Gun feature of the 2008 season. Defending champion Jonathan Eakin led the three-car blanket finish across the stripe to claim the Bandolero Bandit finale. Bandolero heat races were won by Jonathan Eakin (Bandits) and Rachel Brown (Young Guns).

RACE NOTES: The Bullring welcomed two new racers to the 3/8-mile asphalt oval: Chuck Burgess of Saco, Maine (Charger) and Tony Gugliuzza of Lockport, N.Y. (Thunder Roadster). Billy Mitchell's Coronado High School Super Late Model made its debut tonight and finished sixth.

NEXT RACE: On Saturday, April 26, LVMS presents Bullring Bubba Night Presented By Short Line Express Markets, featuring the Super Late Model/Late Model Combo class, Legends Cars, Modifieds, Chargers, Bandoleros, Thunder Roadsters. Festivities include a burnout contest, redneck truck parade, best mullet contest, best beer-belly contest. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m. The Bullring's concession stand offers a family-friendly dollar menu, featuring $1 hot dogs, $1 soda and $1 beer. 

30-lap Super Late Model/Late Model feature: 1. Taylor Barton, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Jeff Connors, 4. Robert Ewing, 5. Branden Giannini, 6. Billy Mitchell, 7. Dennis Rock Jr., 8. Joe Deguevera, 9. Fabian Bray, 10. Chris Bray, 11. Jim Petrie, 12. Dave Campoverde, 13. Stan Mullis, 14. John Spilotro, 15. John Taylor, 16. Mike Gubler, 17. Jeff Bargerhuff, 18. Wayne Jacks.

25-lap Legends Cars feature (SP = Semi-Pro, P = Pro, M = Masters) : 1. Karl Forman SP, 2. Dylan Kwasniewski SP, 3. Jacob Bishop SP, 4. Fletcher Hammond M, 5. Fran McCourt M, 6. Damon Blakeman SP, 7. Cheyanne Schindler SP, 8. Bear Rzesnowiecky P, 9. Zach Zimmerly SP, 10. Brianna Holley SP, 11. Jeffrey King M, 12. Jim Galza M, 13. Mark Young M, 14. Austin Childs SP, 15. Dusty Davis P, 16. Brandon Snow SP, 17. Josh White SP, 18. Joe Weitekamp SP, 19. Robert D'Ambra SP, 20. John Davis SP, 21. Justin Hurdle SP, 22. Jay Beasley SP, 23. Jack Madrid SP, 24. Brecken Snow SP. 

25-lap Modified feature: 1. Tim Richter, 2. Doug Hamm, 3. Scott Osborn, 4. Dow Woerner, 5. Charlie Wahl, 6. Richard Streker, 7. Pat Petrie, 8. Kenny Thompson, 9. Darrell Zweifel.

25-lap Charger feature: 1. Mike Heck, 2. Vince Raucci, 3. Tim Maserang, 4. Matt Cunningham, 5. Chad Mattos, 6. Travis Boyle, 7. Mario Opipari, 8. Drew Dixon, 9. Jerry Gentry, 10. Phil Goodwin, 11. Chuck Burgess, 12. Rick Morales, 13. Becky Torbergson.

20-lap Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Justin Johnson, 2. Josh Gross, 3. Johan Timmer, 4. Jared Carpenter, 5. Roger Hocking, 6. Ed Hohman, 7. Bob Dresser, 8. Tony Gugliuzza, 9. Ron McIntyre.
20-lap Bomber feature 1. Fred Harding, 2. Nick Walters, 3. Dan Nelson, 4. Billy Bob Grasser, 5. Anthony "The Ant" Finley, 6. Jim Sherard, 7. Wade Pearson, 8. Harold Sherard, 9. Jennifer Cunningham, 10. Michael Takami, 11. J.J. Nunn.

12-lap Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Jonathan Eakin, 2. Jacob Tilton, 3. Christian Warren, 4. Nicholas Thigpen, 5. Ian Anderson, 6. Kayli Barker, 7. Sullivan Winesett, 8. Michael Morris, 9. Christian Glass.

12-lap Bandolero Young Gun feature: 1. Jacksen Smith, 2. Patrick O'Hanley, 3. J.A. Jr., 4. Hayley Lager, 5. Mariah Talbert, 6. Kolleen Dresser, 7. Johnny Spilotro, 8. Brooke O'Hanely, 9. Gabriel Glass, 10. Amanda Gubler, 11. Aslee Ambriz, 12. Rachel Brown.