(May 31) -- Jeff Connors won tonight's 35-lap Super Late Model/Late Model Combo feature at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Scott Gafforini started the 35-lap race from the pole position, flanked by Jeff Connors.  Gafforini took the lead on the opening lap and Matt Jaskol motored into second place as the green flag flew.

Jaskol drove to the inside of Gafforini on lap 26 to take the lead and took Jeff Connors with him for second.  One lap later, Connors orchestrated the same move to take the lead.   Steve Anderson raced into third place just as Dennis Rock Jr. spun on the front chute with two laps to go.  Connors led the field on the green-white-checkered restart, only to see the red flag halt the race for a crash in Turn 4 involving Branden Giannini and Rock.  Rock's car caught fire but it was extinguished quickly as his car rolled to a stop on the front straightaway. Joe Deguevara also was involved. No one was injured.

The race was headed once again for a green-white-checkered finish as the cars of Matt Frady and Dave Campoverde crashed in Turn 2 as the race leaders saw the checkered flag waving.  Connors went on to win his second feature of the year, followed by Jaskol and Anderson.

Doug Hamm took the lead from points leader Tim Richter on lap 5 and went on to win the 25-lap Modified feature.  As Doug led the race, the battle to watch was for second place, featuring Richter, Dow Woerner and Dennis Lovelady.  With just three laps remaining, Lovelady and Woerner charged to the inside of Richter in Turn 3 and took second and third place, respectively. 

Jeremiah Wagner scored his third Legends Cars feature of the season.  Dylan Kwasniewski ran a strong second through most of the race, only to see his right-side door blow open, slowing his pace and dropping him to 14th place.  Brecken Snow finished second and Karl Forman was third.

Gary Wyatt won the entertaining 15-car Bomber feature.  Billy Bob Grasser led the first lap of the race, only to be overtaken by Gary Wyatt on the second.  By lap six, perennial favorite Larry "The Torch" Dittman moved into the top three.  Dittman chased Wyatt through lapped traffic but was unable to catch the leader and TheBomberNation.com Ford scored its second consecutive feature victory.

The Bomber wet-track race was won by Larry "The Torch" Dittman.

Jacob Tilton charged into the lead on lap 9 to win the 12-lap Bandolero Bandits feature.  Patrick O'Hanley won the 12-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature but later was disqualified after his car failed to pass post-race technical inspection. J. Avila Jr., who finished second, was declared the winner.

Justin Johnson scored his sixth Thunder Roadster feature of the 2008 season.  Josh Gross finished second and Jared Carpenter was third.

PRELIMINARIES:  Dennis Lovelady won the eight-lap Modified heat race. Jonathan Eakin (Bandit) and Patrick O'Hanley (Young Guns) won the six-lap Bandolero heat races. Justin Johnson won the Thunder Roadster qualifying heat.  Robert Ewing won the Budweiser Super Late Model/Late Model Dash.  Jeremiah Wagner won the Budweiser Legends Cars Dash. 

Next race:  On Saturday, June 7, the Bullring will present Whelen Night and Firefighter and Police Appreciation Night.  Classes in competition include the Super Late Model/Late Model Combo class, Legends Cars, Chargers, Thunder Roadsters, Modifieds and Bandoleros. All firefighters and police officers admitted free with ID.  Spectator gates will open at 5 p.m.

All results now are official.

35-lap Super Late Model/Late Model Combo feature: 1. Jeff Connors, 2. Matt Jaskol, 3. Steve Anderson, 4. Scott Gafforini, 5. Robert Ewing, 6. Chris Birdsong, 7. Glen Burke, 8. Jim Petrie, 9. Fabian Bray, 10. Cassie Gannis, 11. Branden Giannini, 12. Eric Martin, 13. Duane Hunt Jr. 14. Matt Frady, 15. Dave Campoverde, 16. John Taylor, 17. Joe Deguevara, 18. Dennis Rock Jr., 19. Mike Gubler, 20. Stan Mullis, 21. Jeff Bargerhuff, 22. Greg Hanneman, 23. Taylor Barton, 24. Wayne Jacks, 25. John Spilotro.

25-lap Modified feature: 1. Doug Hamm, 2. Dennis Lovelady, 3. Dow Woerner, 4. Richard Streker, 5. Randy Swalwell, 6. Pat Petrie, 7. Tim Richter, 8. Charlie Wahl.

20-lap Legends Cars feature: 1. Jeremiah Wagner, 2. Brecken Snow, 3. Karl Forman, 4. Austin Childs, 5. Jack Madrid, 6. Brandon Snow, 7. Justin Hurdle, 8. Jacob Bishop, 9. Robert D'Ambra, 10. Josh White, 11. Jay Beasley, 12. Jeffrey King, 13. Jim Galza, 14. Dylan Kwasniewski, 15. Tyler Fabozzi, 16. Mark Young, 17. Connor Kassik, 18. Cheyanne Schindler, 19. Brianna Holley.

15-lap Bomber feature: 1. Gary Wyatt, 2. Larry "The Torch" Dittman, 3. Billy Bob Grasser, 4. Dan Nelson, 5. Anthony "The Ant" Finley, 6. Fred Harding, 7. Bryan Gerald, 8. J.J. Nunn, 9. Harold Sherard, 10. Jennifer Cunningham, 11. Wade Pearson, 12. Jesse Day, 13. Ben Sherard, 14. Nick Walters, 15. Houston Simonette.

20-lap Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Justin Johnson, 2. Josh Gross, 3. Jared Carpenter, 4. Ron McIntyre, 5. Ed Hohman, 6. Roger Hocking, 7. Tony Gugliuzza, 8. Fred Chase, 9. Bob Dresser, 10. Nick Degidio.

12-lap Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Jacob Tilton, 2. Nicholas Thigpen, 3. Christian Warren, 4. Kayli Barker, 5. Jonathan Eakin, 6. Michael Morris, 7. Ian Anderson, 8. Christian Glass, 9. Vincent Raucci Jr.

REVISED 12-lap Bandoleros Young Guns feature: 1. J. Avila Jr., 2. Hayley Lager, 3. Amanda Gubler, 4. Jacksen Smith, 5. Rachel Brown, 6. Ashlee Ambriz, 7. Mariah Talbert, 8. Kolleen Dresser, 9. Brooke O'Hanley, 10. Johnny Spilotro, 11. Gabriella Glass, 12. Patrick O'Hanley (disqualified).