Matt Jaskol was the surprise winner on the Night of Fire at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Super Late Model rookie Bear Rzesnowiecky started the 76-lap holiday weekend main event from the pole position, flanked by Robert Ewing.  Rzesnowiecky took the lead at the opening green flag, only to have his pace slowed by Bob Barker's spin in Turn 4 before one lap was completed. Rzesnowiecky held the lead on the restart, followed closely by Ewing and Jeff Connors. Connors passed

Rzesnowiecky for the lead on lap 16 and pulled Scott Gafforini with him.  Connors' lead lasted only two laps as something malfunctioned on his car and he was forced to pit, handing the lead to Gafforini. Gafforini relinquished the lead to Rzesnowiecky one lap later after Bear dove underneath the former champion in Turn 4 and drag-raced him down the front chute.  Just as Bear took the lead, the caution flag flew again, this time for Travis Swalwell's spin on the back straightaway.

At the halfway point, Rzesnowiecky had a five car-length lead on second-place Matt Jaskol and Gafforini. Branden Giannini brought out the caution flag with 10 laps remaining when his Late Model lost a tire on the back stretch. Bear's somewhat-comfortable lead was erased one last time when Glen Burke caused the caution flag to fly on lap 70.  For the second time this season, victory was snatched from Rzesnowiecky's grasp when something happened to his car on the restart and several cars passed him. Jaskol held off the hard-charging Gafforini and went on to score his first win of the year.  Gafforini finished second and Rzesnowiecky came home third. John Spilotro was the highest-finishing Late Model, in 10th place.

Brenden Newberry of Bakersfield, Calif., won the 30-lap USAC Focus Midget Series main event by a car length over Brendan Langlois. Alex Bowman finished third.

Doug Hamm took the lead on the second lap of the Modified feature and cruised to his fifth victory of the 2008 campaign. The race was halted on lap 15 for a hard crash in Turn 3 involving Richard Streker and Randy Swalwell.  Neither driver was injured but both cars were eliminated and Swalwell's Modified suffered significant damage. Chris Clyne finished second and Tim Richter was third.

The 25-lap Bomber feature was a heartbreaker for race leader Joe Crouch.  Crouch pulled away from the field and was enjoying a full-straightaway lead when he tangled with a lapped car on lap 19 and spun in Turn 1. Fred Harding, who was in  second place, inherited the lead and immediately had his hands full on the restart with Larry "The Torch" Dittman.  Harding and Dittman battled back and forth until "The Torch" was able to wrestle away the lead on lap 21.  Dittman went on to score his fifth victory, followed by Harding and Ben Sherard.

The 20-lap Legends Cars feature was won by Jeremiah Wagner. Early race-leader Dylan Kwasniewski had the show to himself until a caution flag bunched up the field and planted Brecken Snow and Wagner on his rear bumper. Wagner made the winning pass in Turn 4 on lap 13 and was followed across the finish line, followed by Snow and Kwasniewski.

Christian Warren won the 12-lap Bandolero Bandits feature.  Jacob Tilton finished second and Jonathan Eakin was third.

Amanda Gubler won her second Bandolero Young Guns feature of the 2008 season. Jacksen Smith and Jairo Avila finished second and third, respectively.

PRELIMINARIES: Matt Jaskol won the Budweiser Super Late Model/Late Model Combo Dash. The Budweiser Legends Cars Dash was won by Dustin Ash.  USAC Focus Midget heat races were won by Brendan Langlois, Justin Hommel and Jeff Oleen. Modified heats were won by Doug "Hound Dog" Hamm and Tim Richter. Bomber heats were won by Joe Crouch and Larry Dittman. Bandolero heats were won by Patrick O'Hanley (Young Guns) and Jacob Tilton (Bandits). Fast qualifiers: Brendan Langlois (USAC - 15.330 sec.) and Matt Jaskol (Super Late Model - 15.447 sec.).

NEXT EVENT: On Saturday, Aug. 2, the Bullring will present the annual Keith Danser Kids' Candy Toss and Wetter Is Better Night.  Racing action includes twin 33-lap Super Late Model/Late Model Combo features, Legends Cars, Chargers, Bandoleros, Bombers and Ed "The Outlaw" Jones' Jelly Belly wheelstander. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m.  The Bullring's concession stand offers a family-friendly dollar menu which includes $1 hot dogs, $1 soda and $1 beer.  Fans who wear a swimsuit will receive a $5 discount on grandstand admission. For more information, please call LVMS at (702) 644-4444 or visit

All results are unofficial until Monday morning.

76-lap Super Late Model/Late Model Combo class feature: 1. Matt Jaskol, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 4. Josh Gross, 5. Steve Anderson, 6. Dennis Rock Jr., 7. Robert Ewing, 8. Jim Petrie, 9. Greg Hanneman, 10. John Spilotro, 11. Branden Giannini, 12. Stan Mullis, 13. Glen Burke, 14. Eric Martin, 15. Jeff Bargerhuff, 16. Travis Swalwell, 17. Fabian Bray, 18. Jeff Connors, 19. Bob Barker, 20. Chris Birdsong, 21. Billy Mitchell.

20-lap Legends Cars feature: 1. Jeremiah Wagner, 2. Brecken Snow, 3. Dylan Kwasniewski, 4. Dustin Ash, 5. Jack Madrid, 6. Justin Hurdle, 7. John Davis, 8. Connor DePhillippe, 9. Brandon Snow, 10. Karl Forman, 11. Frank McCourt, 12. Ken Neff, 13. Blake Leuth, 14. Austin Childs, 15. Jacob Bishop, 16. Brianna Holley, 17. Jim Galza, 18. Mark Young, 19. Robert D'Ambra, 20. Connor Kassik, 21. Cheyanne Schindler, 22. Jay Beasley.

25-lap Modified feature: 1. Doug Hamm, 2. Chris Clyne, 3. Tim Richter, 4. Craig Stewart, 5. Scott Osborn, 6. Dennis Lovelady, 7. Wayne Morris Jr., 8. Dow Woerner, 9. Steve Simon, 10. Pat Petrie, 11. Richard Streker, 12. Randy Swalwell, 13. Charlie Wahl, 14. Don Sargent.

30-lap USAC Focus Midgets feature: 1. Brenden Newberry, 2. Branden Langlois, 3. Alex Bowman, 4. Ian Mille, 5. Justin Hommel, 6. Jessica Bernelli, 7. Zack Stout, 8. Billy Cox, 9. Chuck Groat, 10. James Powell, 11. J.R. Williams, 12. Kipp Posey, 13.  Eric Madsen, 14. Lance Butler, 15. Bob Brown, 16. Scott Kelly, 17. Jeff Oleen.

25-lap Bomber feature: 1. Larry "The Torch" Dittman, 2. Fred Harding, 3. Ben Sherard, 4. Billy Bob Grasser, 5. Gary Wyatt, 6. "Hoodless J.J." Nunn, 7. Harold Sherard, 8. Jennifer Cunningham, 9. Jesse Day, 10. Michael Takami, 11. Steven Creech, 12. Joe Crouch, 13. Wade Pearson, 14. Bryan Gerald, 15. Houston Simonette, 16. Nick Walters.

12-lap Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Christian Warren, 2. Jacob Tilton, 3. Jonathan Eakin, 4. Ian Anderson, 5. Kayli Barker, 6. Michael Morris, 7. Nicholas Thigpen.

12-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature: 1. Amanda Gubler, 2. Jacksen Smith, 3. Jairo Avila Jr., 4. Ashlee Ambriz, 5. Hayley Lager, 6. Patrick O'Hanley, 7. Mariah Talbert, 8. Rachel Brown, 9. Brooke O'Hanley, 10. Kolleen Dresser.