Troy Regier of Dinuba, Calif., won the 50-lap Supermodified Racing Association (SMRA) feature on Saturday, Nov. 1, at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The race night, dubbed Speedfest 2008, was the grand finale for the Bullring's 2008 season and included SMRA Supermodifieds, USAC Midgets, Flashco SRL Late Models and 600 Racing Bandoleros.

Kirk Wartman started the 50-lap Supermodified feature from the pole position but Justin Belfiore grabbed the top spot on lap 2 and opened a healthy lead on the field until the caution flag flew on lap 7. Belfiore retained the lead on the restart but immediately was challenged by Troy Regier. As the pair raced through lapped traffic, Belfiore slipped high in Turn 2 and Regier grabbed the lead on lap 16.  The caution flag flew again on lap 22 when Jim Birges stopped in Turn 1. Belfiore pitted under caution with overheating woes and did not return for the restart. The race restarted with Regier in the lead, only to see the caution flag fly again two laps later for Nick Haygood's spin on the back chute.  Regier again led the pack on the restart and Brian Warf took second place from Jeff Russell. Regier came up on a pack of six lapped cars with just 10 laps remaining, allowing Brian Warf to reel in the leader. Regier was able to keep Warf at bay and went on to win the 50-lap finale. Jeff Russell was third and Eric Silsby and A.J. Russell completed the top five.

Hometown hero Bear Rzesnowiecky took the lead on lap 34 of the 100-lap Late Model feature in a thrilling move as race leader Jim Pettit made contact with the second-place car of Dan Holtz and the pair drifted high in Turn 2. Rzesnowiecky, running third, took advantage of the situation and slipped beneath both cars to claim the lead.  Pettit recovered from the bobble and set his sights on the lead. He managed to catch Bear on lap 51 and retook the lead.  The caution flag flew on lap 54 for a spin by Brennan Newberry. Pettit held the lead on the restart with Rzesnowiecky in hot pursuit. Bear drove beneath Pettit in Turn 4 to take the lead on lap 59, only to see his pass negated as the caution flag flew for a four-car accident in Turn 1. Pettit pitted under caution and Rzesnowiecky found himself again in the lead. The green flag flew and Pettit began his charge to the front. By lap 65, Pettit had raced back up to seventh place. In the meantime, Rzesnowiecky built up a two-second lead on Dan Holtz and Jamie Dick. By lap 80, Rzesnowiecky enjoyed a full-straightaway lead on the second place car while Pettit seemed stalled in fifth place. Rzesnowiecky lapped the 10th-place car on lap 95 as Pettit moved into third place. Pettit took second place with two laps remaining but ran out of laps as Rzesnowiecky's three-second lead on the field was too much for the competition and he raced to victory.

Zak Schifff led all 30 laps to claim the USAC Midget feature. Evan Magneson was second and Bobby East was third. Former Indy Racing League driver and Oswego Classic 200 winner Davey Hamilton finished sixth.

The 15-lap Bandolero feature was won by Ian Anderson. Michael Morris finished second and Giles Thornton was third.

PRELIMINARIES:  Seventeen Supermodifieds took time and Nick Haygood of Centennial, Colo., smashed the track record during SMRA qualifying with a lap of 12.549 sec. on the Bullring's 3/8-mile asphalt oval. SMRA heats were won by A.J. Russell and Kirk Wartman. Jim Birges won the SMRA Dash. USAC Midget heats were won by Bobby East, Adam Kramer and P.J. Jones. The Bandolero heat race was won by Rachel Brown, on her 13th birthday. The Late Model Dash was won by Eric Richardson of Bakersfield, Calif.

40-lap SMRA feature results (position, driver, car number, hometown): 1. Troy Regier (98, Dinuba, Calif.), 2. Brian Warf (91, Boise, Idaho), 3. Jeff Russell (85, Boise, Idaho), 4. Eric Silsby (66, Carson City, Nev.), 5. A.J. Russell (7, Clovis, Calif.), 6. Nick Haygood (40, Centennial, Colo.), 7. Dale Lanborn (48, Carson City, Nev.), 8. Pat Whittet (1, Boise, Idaho), 9. Amy Barnes (67, Carson City, Nev.), 10. Matt Gilbert (16, Firestone, Calif.), 11. Kirk Wartman (56, Boise, Idaho), 12. Harold Evans (3, Middleton, Colo.), 13. Jim Birges (89, Fresno, Calif.), 14. Justin Belfiore (8, Ipswich, Mass.), 15. Bobby Dalton (36, San Martin, Calif.), 16. Rich Castor Jr. (2, Bennett, Colo.).

100-lap Flashco SRL Late Model feature: 1. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 2. Jim Pettit, 3. Dan Holtz, 4. Jamie Dick, 5. Keith Spangler, 6. Greg Voigt, 7. Josh Combs, 8. Eric Richardson, 9. Darryl  Lamoure, 10. Craig Raudman, 11. Joe Farre, 12. Eddie Secord, 13. Nick Williams, 14. Mike Lay, 15. Justin Westmoreland, 16. Mike Mendenhall, 17. Dave Byrd, 18. Brennan Newberry, 19. Mike Obrist, 20. Troy Ermish.

30-lap USAC Midget feature: 1. Zach Schiff, 2. Evan Magneson, 3. Bobby East, 4. Brad Loyet, 5. Paul Zimmerly, 6. Davey Hamilton, 7. Steve Matthews, 8. Mike Faccinto, 9. Dan Bedford, 10. Scott Pierrovich, 11. Shannon McQueen, 12. Chase Barber, 13. Robby Rosett, 14. Nic Faas, 15. Adam Kramer, 16. Mike Murguitto, 17. C.J. Sama, 18. David Byrne, 19. Levi Roberts, 20. P.J. Jones, 21. Mark Atkinson.

15-lap Bandolero feature: 1. Ian Anderson, 2. Michael Morris, 3. Giles Thornton, 4. Christian Warren, 5. Chris Trickle, 6. Kayli Barker, 7. Rachel Brown, 8. Devan Newberry, 9. Austin Blair.