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11-1.0  BODIES

11-1.1  Body must be stock appearing, American-made, rear-wheel drive passenger sedans and must match the make of the chassis.

11-1.2  All body panels must be made of minimum 20-gauge steel or aluminum equivalent. The use of a fiberglass hood is permitted.  One-piece fiberglass front ends are allowed.

11-1.3  Air scoops and/or wings are not permitted. Factory installed rear spoilers or aftermarket spoilers are permitted. Rear spoilers may not exceed six (6) inches in height and may be no wider than the rear deck.

11-1.4  Fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance only. Front fender wells may be removed.

11-1.5  Steel front and rear firewalls are required. Front firewall must be stock and rear firewall may be fabricated from minimum 20-gauge steel. Front and rear firewalls must remain in stock location for chassis being used.  All holes in the front and rear firewalls must be filled. Full-length and full-width steel floorboards are required. Interior sheet metal can be removed from doors and roof.

11-1.6  All interior upholstery must be removed.

11-1.7  All glass and plastic lenses must be removed (excluding windshield).  Headlight and/or taillight openings may be covered. The windshield may be replaced with polycarbonate (i.e. Lexan) at least 1/8-in. thick.

11-1.8  Each car is required to have a window net on the driver's side.  Minimum opening of the window net squares is one (1) inch. Net must be permanently attached at base of window with a quick release at the top.

11-1.9   Doors must be welded or securely fastened with a minimum of four (4) ¼-inch bolts.

11-1.10  Body must maintain original manufacturer's dimensions. Narrowing or lowering the body is not permitted.

11-1.11  Hood must be within ¾ inch of windshield along entire surface.

11-1.12  Bumpers must be stock appearing and must be visible from outside the car. Reinforcing is not permitted, except the bumpers may be welded to the stock brackets or welded to the frame horn. Each bumper must be strapped to the front fenders or rear fenders with a minimum 1/8 inch steel straps or conveyor material.

11-1.13  Exterior side rails and/or nerf bars are not permitted.

11-1.14  Car body must remain OEM stock from factory, cutting or shortening roof pillars is not permitted. 


11-2.1  Minimum wheelbase is 108 inches.  Wheelbase must be within one (1) inch on each side of the car.

11-2.2  Minimum weight for all Camaros , Firebirds, Mustangs with driver is 3,200 lbs. The minimum weight of any other model of car is 3,100 lbs.  Cars competing with the engine not in the stock location are required to weigh a minimum of 3,400 lbs., including driver. Maximum left-side weight may not exceed 55% of the total weight. Maximum rear weight percentage is 50%.  Weights will be reviewed through out the season and are subject to change.

11-2.3  The frame rails, body and all added lead must maintain a minimum of four (4) inches of ground clearance, with the driver in the car. There must be a minimum of 10 inches ground clearance at the fuel cell.

11-2.4  Added weight must be in minimum five (5) pound blocks and must be painted white, must have car number clearly visible on each piece. Weight may not be added to the outside of the frame railes ahead of the front spindles or behind the rear differential. Weight added ahead of the front spindles and behind the rear differential must be contained on the inside of the frame railes. Weight is not permitted inside the driver's compartment. All weight must remain within the shell of the body. All added weight must be attached with a minimum of two (2), ½ inch, Grade 5 bolts.

11-2.5  All cars must have a minimum of 10 inches between the center of the crankshaft and the ground.


11-3.1  Frames may be constructed from any American-made, rear-wheel drive passenger car. Frames must retain original manufacturer specifications and must match make of the body. Fabricated subframes are not permitted.

11-3.2  Frames may be altered for the installation of springs and/or shocks only.  Removal of material from the frame, crossmembers or frame supports with the intent of reducing overall weight of the car is not permitted.

11-3.3  Roll cage bars must be a minimum of 1.75in. in diameter and a minimum of .095-in. thick. The driver's side door must have at least three (3) complete horizontal bars between the pillars and two (2) vertical bars. LVMS recommends the installation of minimum 1/8-inch steel plate on the driver's side door.

11-3.4  Roll cage must be welded to main frame rails in a minimum of six (6) locations.

11-3.5  Unibodied cars may connect the front and rear sub-frames


11-4.1  The engine must match factory brand of chassis being used.

11-4.2  Maximum displacement is 363 cu. in., including wear.

11-4.3  Maximum compression ration is 10:1.

11-4.4  Engine must remain totally stock, unless otherwise specified in these rules. High-performance engines are not permitted. Titanium is not permitted for use anywhere in the engine.

11-4.5  Engine block must be a V-8 type and be of stock factory production. Bow-tie blocks are not permitted.

11-4.6  Overbore size for all engines shall not exceed .060 inches from original manufacturer's specifications.

11-4.7  Crankshaft must be made of cast iron or steel and maintain stock factory specifications for block being used and weigh a minimum of 50 lbs. Knife-edging or otherwise lightening the crankshaft is not permitted. Altering the stroke is not permitted. Polishing the crankshaft is not permitted. Aftermarket racing crankshafts are not permitted.

11-4.8  Connecting rods must be solid steel and exactly match OEM specifications for block being used. Aluminum, titanium, stainless steel, H-beam or hollow rods are not permitted.  Connecting rods may be balanced.

11-4.9  A minimum of three (3) rings per piston is required. Pistons may not be altered.

11-4.10  Camshaft must be a solid steel lifter type with a maximum lift of .450-in., measured at the valve. Valve lash adjustment is not permitted prior to inspection. Only solid, flat-tappet lifters are permitted and must maintain original manufacturer's stock diameter. Hydraulic, mushroom, roller or roller type lifters are not permitted.

11-4.11 Shaft rockers are not permitted. Roller rockers and valve guides are permitted.

11-4.12 Only cast iron, stock OEM production cylinder heads are permitted. Part number must be clearly visible and not altered in anyway. No angle milling, port matching or grinding is permitted. The heads may be surfaced/milled only to true the gasket surface. No chemical milling or porting is permitted. No alterations may be made to the bowl, port or runner area. High-performance heads such as "bow-tie," "camel-back," Dart or Vortec are not permitted. Maximum intake valve size is 1.94-in. and maximum exhaust valve size is 1.5-in. for GM engines. Maximum intake size is 2.02-in. and maximum exhaust valve size is 1.6-in. for Ford and Chrysler engines. Studded heads are permitted, stud girdles are permitted. Valves must be steel or stainless steel only.

11-4.13 Stock, cast iron intake manifolds are permitted. Intake manifold must be readily available. Intake manifold may not be modified in anyway, including painting. Mounting holes may not be altered. Carburetor spacers are not permitted between the carburetor and the intake manifold, with the exception of a maximum one-inch (1-in.) adapter. Only one (1) single-layer gasket is permitted per mating surface. Any mass-produced aftermarket aluminum intake manifolds are permitted.  The aluminum intake must not be altered in any way from manufacturer's specifications. This includes no acid-washing, port-matching or removal of any materials on intake. 

11-4.14 Center-dump exhaust manifolds are not permitted. 

11-4.15 Except as described, all other engine parts must retain original manufacturer's specifications to size, shape, weight and finish. Aftermarket aluminum pulleys are permitted.

11-4.16 All engines must have the forward-most spark plug hole even or ahead of the lower ball joints.

11-4.17 A single Holley 4412 (casting number 3250), 2-bbl carburetor must be used. The specifications are as follows:
A. The choke air horn may not be removed.
B. The butterflies may be drilled with one-inch (1-in.) idle hole each, maximum of 3/16-in. diameter.
C. Cam and accelerator pump may be replaced with aftermarket units.
D. The choke and linkage may not be removed, but must be wired fully open.

11-4.18 The intake manifold may not be altered in any way to accept the carburetor. Controlled vacuum leaks are not allowed.

11-4.19  Air boxes, ducts, baffles, scoops and/or hole in the hood to direct air to the air cleaner are not permitted.


11-5.1 LVMS will allow the use of a crate engine for the 2008 race season.  The following GM crate engine will be allowed: GM 350 HP Factory Stock Race Ready Circle Track Crate Engine P/N 88958602 or Mopar/Dodge 355 HP Oval Track Crate Engine. P/N P5001949.

11-5.2 All spec engines must be factory sealed at the intake manifold, cylinder head, front cover and oil pan.  Any crate engine that has missing or tampered-with seals will be deemed illegal and will be confiscated by LVMS officials. If any seals are missing or tampered with, engine is subject to tear-down (at the discretion of the Chief Technical Inspector).

11-5.3 All drivers competing with the GM 350 HP Circle Track crate engine must provide LVMS officials with a copy of the serial numbers for the engine being used.  Any discrepancy in serial numbers will result in disqualification and confiscation of engine by LVMS officials.

11-5.4 An LVMS-approved Holley 4412 carburetor must be used with the spec engine option.

11-5.5 If an approved crate engine seal is broken, the entire engine is now subject to tear down.  A list of all replacement parts must be furnished to tech officials and must meet OEM requirements for crate motor being used.


11-5.1  Any OEM ignition system may be used. Ignition system does not have to match make of chassis being used. High-performance ignition systems are not permitted. Magnetos are not permitted.  Type 1 or Type 2 HEI ignition systems only.

11-5.2  Aftermarket ignition components are not permitted. Any spark plug and any spark plug wire may be used.

11-5.3  All vehicles must have a functioning starter. The use of a mini-starter is permitted.

11-5.4  Batteries must be securely mounted in the engine compartment or in an-electrically insulated container that is not within the driver's compartment.


11-6.1  Engine must have a functioning fan located in the stock location. Electric fans are permitted, but must be mounted behind the radiator.

11-6.2  Top fan guard is required on all cars. Extended shrouds or ducts directing air at radiator are permitted.

11-6.3  A stock-type radiator of any source or capacity is permitted. Radiator must be mounted securely in the stock location.

11-6.4 A radiator protection screen is permitted.

11-6.5  A one-gallon overflow catch tank is required on all cars. Catch tank may be located in the engine compartment with a hose protruding enabling the driver to see overflow.

11-6.6  Anti-freeze is not approved for use at LVMS.


11-7.1  Stock, cast iron exhaust manifolds are permitted however spacers between the exhaust manifold and cylinder head are not permitted. Headers are permitted. "Tri-Y" headers or "step" headers are not permitted.

11-7.2  Exhaust must exit behind the driver.

11-7.3  Maximum exhaust pipe diameter permitted is three (3) inches.

11-7.4  Exhaust pipes may be thermal wrapped.


11-8.1  Flywheel must be stock for the engine in use and maintain all OEM specifications. No lightening or shaving of the flywheel is permitted.  Flywheel must be made of magnetic steel.

11-8.2  Carbon fiber type clutches are not permitted. Minimum diameter of clutch discs and pressure plates is 10 inches.

11-8.3  Steel bell housings and scatter shields are required.

11-8.4  Transmissions must be OEM automatic or manual. Automatic transmissions must have a fully functional, stock torque converter for make/model of car.  Aftermarket racing transmissions are not permitted. Transmission coolers, if used, must be located in the engine compartment.

11-8.5  Drive shafts must be made of magnetic steel and painted white. Two steel, 360-degree retaining straps at least 1/8"x2" are required for the drive shaft.

11-8.6  Any OEM type, mass-produced, passenger car or truck rear end is permitted.  Floaters are recommended. Non-magnetic components are not permitted anywhere inside the rear end, with the exception of washers, crush collars and/or spacers.

11-8.7  Aluminum brake hats are permitted.

11-8.8  Axles must be solid, magnetic steel. Gun-drilling or boring axles is not permitted.

11-8.9  Only OEM, positively-locked differentials are permitted. Steel spools, steel mini-spools or welded spider gears are permitted. Aftermarket limited-slip rear ends are not permitted.

11-8.10 Panhard bars are permitted.


11-9.1  Wheels must be 15 inches in diameter with a maximum width of eight (8) inches. Wheels must be made of magnetic steel.

11-9.2  All four wheels must have same width and offset. A maximum one-half (1/2) inch spacer is permitted.

11-9.3  Bleeder valves are not permitted. Only one (1) valve stem per wheel is permitted.

11-9.4  Double-center wheels are recommended.

11-9.5  Heavy-duty wheel studs and lug nuts of at least 9/16-in. are required.

11-9.6  Use of the track-specified tire (Hooiser 970) is mandatory. Soaking, softening or otherwise altering the composition of tires is not permitted.


11-10.1 All springs (coil and leaf) must be stock-appearing and mounted in the stock location.

11-10.2 Coil-over suspension is not permitted.

11-10.3 Tubular type A-frames are not permitted. All A-frames must match make/model of car.
11-10.4 Spindles must match make/model of car. Aftermarket or fabricated spindles are not permitted. Spindles must be made of magnetic steel.

11-10.5 Any spring bushing is permitted. Lowering blocks on leaf springs are permitted.

11-10.6 Racing sway bars are not permitted.

11-10.7 Any steel-type, non-adjustable shock absorber is permitted. Shocks must be mounted near the stock locations. Air shocks, coil over shocks and/or aluminum shocks are not permitted.

11-10.8 OEM tie rod ends are permitted.

11-10.9 Static weight jacking devices are permitted. No weight may be moved while car is in motion.

11-10.10 Any OEM brake system is permitted and may be interchanged among make/model. Brake bias valves are permitted.

11-10.11 Brakes must be functional at each wheel during competition. Aftermarket master cylinders are permitted. Only one (1) master cylinder may be used.


11-11.1 Quick-release steering wheels are required. Quick-connect must be made of steel or aluminum. A pad of at least two (2) inches must cover the steering wheel hub.

11-11.2 Aftermarket steering boxes and related components must be mounted in the stock position location. Rack-and-pinion steering or steering reducers are not permitted.

11-11.3 Steering column must be collapsible. U-joints are acceptable.


11-12.1 Any non-oxygenated gasoline is permitted. Gasoline may not be cooled prior to entering the carburetor.

11-12.2 All cars must be equipped with an approved fuel cell, securely mounted in the trunk area as far forward as possible.

11-12.3 Fuel cell must be mounted with steel framework (1"x1" - .065 inch minimum) and attached to the frame rails with a minimum of (4), one-half (1/2) inch bolts.

11-12.4 Glass fuel filters, electric fuel pumps and belt-drive fuel pumps are not permitted.

11-12.5 Fuel lines may not enter driver's compartment. All fuel lines must be located under the vehicle.

11-12.6 All cars must have a minimum of two (2) springs on throttle return cable.


11-13.1 Only dry, round paper element filters are permitted for use.  Air must enter the filter housing in an              even and consistent manner without obstruction.  LVMS reserves the right to impound all air filters at any time.
11-13.2 Air filter housing must be round and made of metal


11-14.1 All drivers are required to have a Raceceiver unit to monitor Race Control.  No other communication is permitted.  Transponders are mandatory for this division.