If a car started chasing your truck on a Saturday night in Las Vegas, you might be tempted to speed up and perhaps roll through a red light or two.  Not so for Fred Chase, driver of the No. 31 Collision Masters-sponsored Thunder Roadster at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

"I was going back to our shop from the track last Saturday night after the races and I was chased down by a gentleman," said Chase. "He started chasing me at the corner of Stewart and Nellis Blvd. and finally caught me at Stewart and Mojave. He and his passenger rolled their window down and handed me a flyer, saying they were from a Cub Scout pack that was having a pinewood derby race on March 26. They said they wanted my car there because it resembled some of their pinewood cars.  He wrote his phone number on the flyer and asked me to call him. I called him the next day got the necessary info to show my car.

"It was for the pinewood derby race for Cub Scouts Packs 43, 62 and 543.  The scouts made their own cars and a few of them even looked similar to the Thunder Roadsters raced at the Bullring. This event happens yearly, with heat races about three times a year, with a main event at the end of the year.  Apparently it's a national competition and this one was the first heat race of the year.

"Don Taylor - the scoutmaster who chased me down - had taken the time to make up a questionnaire for the cub scouts to ask me about my race car and they later were quizzed on the Thunder Roadster."

The scouts loved it, and an unorthodox method of securing a driver appearance turned into an enjoyable evening for some young race fans. Racing at the Bullring resumes Saturday, April 4 and the next appearance for Chase and the rest of the Thunder Roadster division is April 18.