Jimmy Parker Jr. (No. 7x King Carpet Cleaning) was declared the winner of Saturday's MetroPCS Super Late Model feature after apparent victor Taylor Barton was disqualifed after his car failed to pass post-race technical inspection. Robert Ewing was moved up to second place and Chris Bray was awarded third place.  An early-race crash in Turn 4 damaged a number of cars and eliminated frontrunner Jeff Connors.

Cheyanne Schindler won her first Legends Cars victory, taking the checkered flag in the 15-lap Developmental (rookie) main event. Alex Young and Devin Mack completed the top three.

Jarod Carpenter won the Thunder Roadster feature, followed across the finish line by Ron Reed and Damon Blakemon. Eight-lap Thunder Roadster heats were won by Carpenter and Fred Chase.

The most exciting race of the night - the 20-lap Bomber feature - was won by Dallas Simonette.  Ben "Big Jim" Sherard finished second and Larry "The Torch" Dittman was third.  Eight-lap Bomber qualifying heats were won by Dittman and Simonette (in a photo finish over Billy Bob Grasser).

Defending champion Phil Goodwin is undefeated in the Charger division this year.  Goodwin scored his third victory of the 2009 campaign ahead of Vinny Raucci and Darren Rollins. Goodwin survived an opening-lap mishap after another car made contact with his car, causing him to spin in Turn 4. Charger heats were won by Goodwin and Matt Johnson.

Rookie Cole Cabrera of Exeter, Calif., won the 100-lap ASA Speed Truck feature. Local racer Jeremiah Wagner finished second. Joey Licata won the ASA Speed Truck Dash and finished third in the feature.

Donny St. Ours of Upland, Calif., won the 20-lap Legends Cars feature. Jack Madrid finished second and Dylan Kwasniewski was third.

Christian Warren won the Bandolero Bandits feature but his car failed to pass post-race technical inspection. He was disqualified and the win was awarded to Jacob Tilton. Kayli Barker moved up to third and Chris Trickle advanced to third.

Patrick O'Hanley won the Bandolero Young Guns feature ahead of Rachel Brown and Jacksen Smith.

All results are official.

40-lap MetroPCS Super Late Model feature: 1. Jimmy Parker Jr., 2. Robert Ewing, 3. Chris Bray, 4. Joe Deguevara, 5. Dennis Rock Jr., 6. Steve Anderson, 7. Scott Gafforini, 8. Bob Barker, 9. Dusty Davis, 10. Dave Quartero, 11. Ray Hooper Jr., 12. Branden Giannini, 13. John Taylor, 14. Justin Johnson, 15. Jim Petrie, 16. Fabian Bray, 17. Jeff Bargerhuff, 18. Dave Campoverde, 19. Jeff Connors, Taylor Barton (disqualified).

15-lap Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Jacob Tilton, 2. Kayli Barker, 3. Chris Trickle, 4. Christian Glass, 5. Vincent Raucci Jr., 6. Wyatt Harwood, Christian Warren (disqualified).

15-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature: 1. Patrick O'Hanley, 2. Rachel Brown, 3. Jacksen Smith, 4. Amanda Gubler, 5. Haley Lager, 6. Devan Newberry, 7. Kolleen Dresser, 8. Al Simpson, 9. Michael Morris, Ian Anderson (disqualified).

15-lap Legends Cars Developmental (rookie) feature: 1. Cheyanne Schindler, 2. Alex Young, 3. Devin Mack, 4. Nick Thigpen, 5. Tyler Snow, 6. Michael Snow, 7. Scott Rhoden, 8. James "Porkchop" Manning.

20-lap Bomber feature: 1. Dallas Simonette, 2. Ben "Big Jim" Sherard, 3. Larry "The Torch" Dittman, 4. Billy Bob Grasser, 5. Scott Castle, 6. Wade Pearson, 7. Fred Harding, 8. Anthony Finley, 9. Jessee Day, 10. Bob Caravella, 11. Harold Sherard, 12. Jennifer Cunningham, 13. Steven Creech, 14. Bryan Gerald, 15. Ross Rossman, 16. Jerri Pearson, 17. Pete Meyer.

30-lap Charger feature: 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. Vinny Raucci, 3. Darren Rollins, 4. Fred Kiser, 5. Matt Johnson, 6. Chuck Burgess, 7. Dan Sargent, 8. Matt Cunningham, 9. Tim Masserang, 10. Jerry Gentry, 11. James Lauk, 12. Gary Griffiths Jr., 13. James Wingard.

20-lap Legends Cars feature: 1. Danny St. Ours, 2. Jack Madrid, 3. Dylan Kwasniewski, 4. Chase Catania, 5. Jay Beasley, 6. Mike Abbate, 7. Brecken Snow, 8. Ken Neff, 9. Justin Hurdle, 10. Robert D'Ambra, 11. Austin Childs, 12. Jairo Avila Jr., 13. Frank McCourt, 14. Brandon Snow, 15. Shawn Snow, 16. Jim Galza, 17. Alex Pacheco, 18. Tyler Fabozzi, 19. Jeffrey King.

20-lap Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Jarod Carpenter, 2. Ron Reed, 3. Damon Blakemon, 4. Fred Chase, 5. Tony Gugliuzza, 6. Johan Timmer, 7. Johnny Budd, 8. Nick Degidio, 9. Chris Bosley, 10. Al Budd.

100-lap ASA Speed Truck feature: 1. Cole Cabrera, 2. Jeremiah Wagner, 3. Joey Licata, 4. Randel King, 5. Jamie Bennett, 6. Chris Birdsong, 7. Josh Goshen, 8. Jack Madrid, 9. Donny St. Ours, 10. Jeff Catlin, 11. Branden Underwood, 12. Todd McLaughlin, 13. Chris Snyder, 14. Taylor Kuzik, 15. Race Liberante, 16. Darren Young.