Chris Gerchman of Lake Havasu City, Ariz., won Saturday night's Lucas Oil 75 Presented By Hoosier Tire for the SuperClean Modified Series at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Keith Danser Kids' Candy Toss Night. 

Hamm moved from fourth to second place on the second lap via a daring three-wide move down the back straightaway. Hamm took the lead on the next lap and paced the field until lap 29 when James Cole made contact with his rear bumper and upset his car. As both drivers slowed to regain control of their cars, Chris Gerchman seized the opportunity and took the lead. Hamm was relegated to second place and Cole third. Gerchman went on to build a comfortable lead and won the 75-lap feature ahead of Cole and Hamm. It was Gerchman's second victory of the 2009 season. Hamm won the six-lap SuperClean Modified Dash over James Cole and Jim Mardis.

Jim Petrie led the first 10 laps of the 40-lap MetroPCS Super Late Model feature before David Anderson took over on lap 11 and sailed on to his very first victory in that class. Nick Halen finished second and Jimmy Parker was third. Proud papa Steve Anderson finished sixth. The six-car, six-lap Budweiser MetroPCS Super Late Model Dash was won by Jeff Connors.

The Charger feature was a two-car war with defending champion Phil Goodwin emerging the victor. Chasing Goodwin to his sixth victory of the 2009 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series season was Matt Johnson. Mario Opipari finished third. Charger heats were won by Johnson and Opipari. As is customary on Keith Danser Kids' Candy Toss Night, the Charger drivers distributed candy to the young race fans. The event was instituted in 2002 by then-Charger driver Keith Danser. Danser has since retired from racing and moved to the Midwest but his popular tradition lives on.

Pete Meyer won tonight's 25-lap Bomber feature. Meyer grabbed the lead on lap 11 when race leader Scott Castle was stuck behind a lapped car on the back straightaway. Meyer built up a full-straightaway lead on the field at the halfway point, leaving a three-car battle for second in his wake. Meyer's comfortable lead was erased when a disabled car caused a caution period. The race restarted with Big Jim Sherard on Meyer's flank. As the white flag waved, Sherard gave it his all but came up a little bit short and Meyer scored the win. The first Bomber heat was won by Jim Sherard by less than a bumper over Scott Castle. Pete Meyer won the second Bomber heat.

Dylan Kwasniewski won the 25-lap Legends Cars feature. Nick Parmelee finished second and Brecken Snow was third.

The girls dominated the Bandolero class Saturday night. Kayli Barker won the 15-lap Bandolero Bandits feature. The 15-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature was won by Haley Lager.

Josh Fultz won the 15-lap Legends Cars Developmental feature.

Next race: Saturday, Aug. 29, featuring USAC Focus Midgets, MetroPCS Super Late Models, Chargers, Bombers, Legends Cars, Bandoleros. Spectator gates open at 5 p.m.

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All results are unofficial until Monday morning.

15-lap Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Kayli Barker, 2. Christian Warren, 3. Vincent Raucci Jr., 4. Christian Glass, 5. Erika Thigpen, 6. Wyatt Harwood.

15-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature: 1. Haley Lager, 2. Patrick O'Hanley, 3. Kolleen Dresser, 4. Ian Anderson, 5. Amanda Gubler, 6. Brooke O'Hanley, 7. Michael Morris, 8. John Spilotro.

25-lap Charger feature: 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. Matt Johnson, 3. Mario Opipari, 4. James Wingard, 5. Darren Rollins, 6. Chuck Burgess, 7. Mike McKearn, 8. Mike Sell, 9. Brianna Holley, 10. Rick Morales, 11. Jerry Gentry, 12. James Lauk, 13. Vinny Raucci, Fred Kiser (disqualified).

25-lap Bomber feature: 1. Pete Meyer, 2. Ben Sherard, 3. Scott Castle, 4. Anthony Finley, 5. Billy Grasser, 6. Bryan Gerald, 7. Steven Creech, 8. John Whitaker, 9. Wade Pearson, 10. Nick Walters, 11. Fred Harding, 12. Kyle Rembarger.

25-lap Legends Cars feature: 1. Dylan Kwasniewski, 2. Nick Parmelee, 3. Brecken Snow, 4. Mike Abbate, 5. Brandon Snow, 6. J. Avila Jr., 7. Robert D'Ambra, 8. Alex Young, 9. Jay Beasley, 10. Devin Mack, 11. Jarod Carpenter, 12. Scott Rhoden, 13. Jim Galza, 14. Michael Fox, 15. Tyler Fabozzi, 16. Jeremiah Wagner, 17. Justin Hurdle, 18. Frank McCourt, 19. Justin Irwin, 20. Jeffrey King.

40-lap MetroPCS Super Late Model feature: 1. David Anderson, 2. Nick Halen, 3. Jimmy Parker Jr., 4. Taylor Barton, 5. Scott Gafforini, 6. Steve Anderson, 7. Branden Giannini, 8. Ray Hooper Jr., 9. Jim Petrie, 10. Dennis Rock Jr., 11. John Taylor, 12. Robert Ewing, 13. Jeff Connors, 14. Joe DeGuevera, 15. Jeff Bargerhuff, 16. Greg Hanneman.

75-lap Lucas Oil 75 Presented By Hoosier Tire SuperClean Modified feature: 1. Chris Gerchman, 2. James Cole, 3. Doug Hamm, 4. Andrew Phipps, 5. Jim Mardis, 6. Dennis Lovelady, 7. Larry Gerchman, 8. Dave Phipps, 9. Spencer Sharp, 10. Brian Collins, 11. Jentry Pisca, 12. David Gerchman, 13. David Arce, 14. Jerry Thitchener, 15. Douglas Carpenter, 16. Pat Petrie, 17. Tim Morse, 18. Craig Stewart, 19. Shelby Stroebel, 20. Scott Osborn, 21. Randy Ussery, 22. Austin Barnes, 23. P.J. Megna.