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Saturday, Nov. 7

Justin Johnson of Las Vegas led the final three circuits of the 200-lap Open Comp feature and scored a $7,777.77 winner's check tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

Jimmy Parker Jr. led the first 74 laps of the Open Comp Super Late Model feature. Robert Ewing relieved him of his command on lap 74 and led the pack to the halfway point fuel-and-tire break on lap 100. Behind Ewing, the top five at lap 100 consisted of Justin Johnson, Dustin Ash, Jimmy Parker Jr. and 2009 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series California champion Nick Joanides.

The second segment of the race only was three laps old when Jimmy Parker Jr. made his move and grabbed third from Dustin Ash - just as the caution flag flew for a multi-car spin in Turn 4. The race restarted on lap 108 with the top three - Ewing, Johnson and Parker - running nose-to-tail in their own pack. The field bunched up again on lap 145 when Scott Gafforini spun on the back straightaway and brought out the caution flag. The race restarted and abruptly ended for Jimmy Parker Jr. as his car made contact with the front straightaway wall. Parker was not injured but his car was finished for the evening and Johnson was sent to the rear of the field for his involvement. The race resumed on lap 152 with Ewing in the lead, closely followed by Ash. In between Ash and the fourth-and-fifth-place cars of Joanides and Bear Rzesnowiecky was Ronnie Hults. Hults, four laps in arrears, ironically was running some of the fastest laps on the track as he dogged Ash. Ash, trying to catch race leader Ewing, had his hands full with Hults, who repeatedly dove to his inside. Hults finally passed Ash on lap 164.

With 25 laps remaining, Ewing built up a considerable lead as he began to encounter lapped traffic. Meanwhile, third-place runner Joanides had his hands full with Johnson, who had raced his way back up to the leaders from the rear of the pack.

The complexion of the race changed on lap 194 as Dustin Ash crashed in a shower of sparks into the Turn 1 wall. Also involved in the altercation was Mike Haslam. Neither driver was injured but the red flag was thrown to allow the safety crew to clean up the accident scene.

The 200-lap season-ending grind was reduced to a five-lap dash with Ewing in the lead, followed by Johnson and Joanides. With just three laps remaining, Johnson drove to the inside of Ewing and took the lead in Turn 3. Joanides took advantage of the open-door opportunity and grabbed second place. Johnson went on to win, followed by Joanides and Ewing.

"First off, I really, really, really want to apologize to Ewing," said Johnson during his post-race interview. "I did not mean to do that to my brother-in-law. I was sorry about that - I didn't mean to do that - and everybody else I hit along the way. I owe a lot of this to the wonderful motor that's under the hood. Kroyer Racing Engines just joined our team."

SUPERCLEAN MODIFIEDS: To paraphrase baseball legend Yogi Berra, "It was déjà vu all over again," for Scott Winters of Tracy, Calif. Winters won tonight's 75-lap SuperClean Modified feature, repeating his Bullring Open Comp feats of 2007 and 2008.  Andrew Phipps finished second and Jimmy Dickerson was third.

LATE MODELS: Scott Gafforini of Las Vegas led the first 85 circuits of the 150-lap Late Model feature until Travis Irving of Corona, Calif., took command 10 laps after the halfway break. Irving survived numerous restarts to win the event, followed by Branden Giannini and Grant Hebner. Gafforini exited the race with 10 laps remaining with rear axle woes. Gafforini's problems began earlier in the second half when he was spun out in Turn 2 by Kenny Smith. Tim Huddleston took himself out of a solid third place finish with only five laps remaining by spinning out the second-place car of Branden Giannini. Huddleston was sent to the rear of the field and he finished 10th.

The 11-car, 20-lap SuperClean Modified B-Feature was won by Aaron McMoran, followed by Charlie Hamm Jr., Jeff Webster and Tim Richter.

The 10-car, 20-lap Super Late Model B-Feature was won by Darren Robertson, followed by Mark Shakleford , Casey Kingsland, Eric Ferguson and Barry Karr.
Jacob Tilton won the 20-lap Bandolero Bandits feature. Christian Warren finished second and Austin Blair was third.

Kolleen Dresser won the 20-lap Bandolero Young Gun feature ahead of Michael Morris, Aaron Anderson, Blake Dunkleberger and Trevor Huddleston.

The crash-filled 40-lap Legends Cars feature was claimed by Mike Abbate. Brecken Snow finished second and Wrango West was third.

Dash winners: Robert D'Ambra (Legends Cars), Brandon Loverock (Late Model), Andrew Phipps (SuperClean Modified) and Jimmy Parker Jr. (Super Late Models).

20-lap Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Jacob Tilton, 2. Christian Warren, 3. Austin Blair, 4. Chris Trickle, 5. Branden Weaver, 6. Wyatt Harwood, 7. Matthew Davy.

20-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature: 1. Kolleen Dresser, 2. Michael Morris, 3. Aaron Anderson, 4. Blake Dunkleberger, 5. Trevor Huddleston.

40-lap Legends Cars feature: 1. Mike Abbate, 2. Brecken Snow, 3. Wrango West, 4. Ryan Bird, 5. Brent Scheidemantle, 6. Robert Merino, 7. Bob Kronenberg, 8. Danny Medina, 9. Austin Reed, 10. Garret Archer, 11. Tim Corbett, 12. Robert D'Ambra, 13. J.K. Snow, 14. Tom Matheson, 15. Rob Collins, 16. Cameron Cotta, 17. Devin Mack, 18. Travis Anderson, 19. Anthony Medina, 20. Don Milbourn, 21. Cameron Madsen, 22. Phil Peconi, 23. Dallas Montes, 24. Rod Stiller, 25. Shawn Snow, 26. Brandon Snow, 27. Ian Anderson, 28. Travis Archer, 29. Jordon Hyland, 30. Zak Bozanich.

150-lap Late Model feature: 1. Travis Irving, 2. Branden Giannini, 3. Grant Hebner, 4. Travis Motley, 5. Jacob Bishop, 6. Brent Morris, 7. Toni McCray, 8. Chris Holloway, 9. Tim Huddleston, 10. Eric Martin, 11. Ricky James, 12. Scott Gafforini, 13. Dale Reeder, 14. Kenny Smith, 15. Miles Copenhaver, 16. Brian Koski, 17. Carlos Veira, 18. Damon Blakemon, 19. George Atkinson Jr., 20. Geoff Morris, 21. Brandon Loverock, 22. Cheyanne Schindler, 23. Tim Smith, 24. Glenn Burke, 25. Scott Youngman, Darrell Midgley (disqualified).

75-lap SuperClean Modified feature: 1. Scott Winters, 2. Andrew Phipps, 3. Jimmy Dickerson, 4. Tim Morse, 5. Chris Gerchman, 6. Doug "Hound Dog" Hamm, 7. Danny Gay, 8. Willie Thompson, 9. Shelby Strobel, 10. Larry Gerchman, 11. Mark Ith Jr., 12. Guy Young, 13. David Ross, 14. Jeff Webster, 15. Dave Arce, 16. Jentry Pisca, 17. Aaron McMoran, 18. Charlie Hamm Jr., 19. Dan McCoy, 20. Jeff Verlin, 21. Gary Rodriguez, 22. Roger Wilson, 23. Rick Taylor, 24. Bryan Wordelman, 25. Tim Richter, 26. Ed Vecchiarelli.

200-lap Open Comp Super Late Model feature: 1. Justin Johnson, 2. Nick Joanides, 3. Robert Ewing Jr., 4. Danny Gay, 5. Darren Robertson, 6. Brett Edwards, 7. Dennis Rock Jr., 8. Mark Shakleford, 9. Ronnie Hults, 10. Dustin Ash, 11. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 12. Nick Halen, 13. Mike Haslam, 14. Scott Gafforini, 15. Jimmy Parker Jr., 16. Casey Kingsland, 17. Bob Wickey, 18. Glenn Burke, 19. Zan Sharp, 20. Lenny White, 21. Dennis Furden, 22. Chris Clyne, 23. Derick Thorn, 24. Dusty Davis, 25. Eric Ferguson, 26. Jim Wulfenstein.

Friday, Nov. 6: "Big Jim" wins on Open Comp Qualifying Night
at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

"Big Jim" Sherard was the big winner on Open Comp Qualifying Night at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Sherard won the 20-lap Bomber feature - the only feature race contested on Qualifying Night. Sherard led the field from start to finish, closely followed by Scott Castle's Cadillac. Anthony Finley joined the fray at the halfway point and made it a three-car race for the lead. Barbara West, driving the car formerly piloted by Dallas Simonette, finished fourth. Harold Sherard finished fifth and Brett Empey was sixth. Brian Gerald and Dave Stevens completed the top eight. "Big Jim" also won the eight-lap Bomber heat race.

Super Late Model qualifying top 10: 1. Ronnie Hults (15.002), 2. Nick Joanides (15.004), 3. Chris Clyne (15.048), 4. Justin Johnson (15.053), 5. Scott Gafforini (15.055), 6. Dustin Ash (15.070), 7. Derick Thom (15.087), 8. Bear Rzesnowiecky (15.101), 9. Robert Ewing (15.103), 10. Jimmy Parker Jr.

First Super Late Model heat: 1. Lenny White, 2. Dennis Rock Jr., 3. Brett Edwards.

Second Super Late Model heat: 1. Bob Wickey (photo finish by .014 sec.), 2. Jim Wulfenstein, 3. Nick Halen.

Third Super Late Model heat race: 1. Dan Gay, 2. Glen Burke, 3. Dusty Davis.

Late Model heats were won by Travis Motley, Chris Holloway and Jacob Bishop. Cheyanne Schindler made her Late Model debut tonight and finished fifth in her heat race.

Modified heat races were won by Willie Thompson, Ed Vecchiarelli and Shelby Strobel.

Fifteen-lap Legends Cars heat races were won by Ryan Bird, Brandon Snow and Bob Kronenberg.

Car count: 33 Super Late Models, 34 Modifieds, 26 Late Models, 30 Legends Cars, 6 Bombers. Ironically, 2009 Super Late Model champion Jeff Connors was unable to compete as he crashed on Thursday (practice night).

20-lap Bomber feature: 1. "Big Jim" Sherard, 2. Scott Castle, 3. Anthony Finley, 4. Barbara West, 5. Harold Sherard, 6. Brett Empey, 7. Brian Gerald, 8. Dave Stevens.

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