Ryan Cansdale and Jeff Peterson should feel good going into their respective Fall Classic features after finishing as the fastest qualifiers in the NASCAR Super Late Models and Late Models qualifying at The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Friday night.

Cansdale, of Laguna Beach, Calif., made his way around the 3/8-mile paved oval in 14.720 seconds in the quickest run of qualifying in the NASCAR Super Late Models division. That will have him in good position for Saturday night's Open Comp 150, which will anchor a full night of short-track racing at the popular LVMS track.

Lenny White of Fontana, Calif., was second at 14.777 seconds, with four-time Bullring track champions Dustin Ash (14.791) and Jason Irwin (14.794), respectively. Other notables included six-time Super Late Models Bullring champion Scott Gafforini, who qualified sixth, and 2013 Super Late Models season winner Jay Beasley making the seventh-fastest run and Open Comp 150 defending champion taking eighth.

Peterson, of San Bernardino, Calif., was the fastest Late Models qualifier, clocking a lap time of 15.735 seconds to take the top spot. Trevor Huddleston of Agoura Hills, Calif., was second at 15.786, while Eric Richardson of Bakersfield, Calif., (15.829) was third and Lacie Price of Bellflower, Calif., took fourth at 15.962.

The top eight qualifiers from the Super Late Models and Late Models classes will re-draw for their starting positions in the first four rows for Saturday night's races. Friday night heat races also determined some of Saturday night's starting positions in the 24-car fields that will circle the famed short track 150 times in the Super Late Models' Open Comp 150 and 100 times in the Late Models 100.

Three feature races were also part of Friday night's festivities, with a trio of drivers taking home race titles after some tough racing.

Petyton Saxton, the two-time and reigning Bullring Legends champion, passed Kaden Honeycutt on the final lap to win the 25-lap U.S. Legends feature. Saxton and the 12-year-old Honeycutt traded the race lead three times before Saxton nipped him by .274 of a second.

Saxton said he wasn't even planning on competing in the race initially.

"We originally weren't really planning to race tonight and had just come out here to test the car because it's a brand new car," he said. "I was testing it for Matt (Mead) since he's out in Pennsylvania, and I've just got to give a big thanks to Jason Irwin. He's the one who motivated me to get in this car tonight, and without him, I definitely wouldn't be standing here (in victory lane)."

The three-time Bullring champion had good things to say about Honeycutt.

"That kid is only 12 years old, but he's doing pretty good," Saxton said. "He's probably going to be down here in victory lane tomorrow night. He's definitely going places in the future."

Ashley Hazelton of Chatsworth, Calif., won the 30-lap USAC HPD Midgets feature, finishing .634 of a second ahead of 2014 Bullring track champion Jeff Kelley. It was Hazelton's first victory on a paved oval and meant a lot to the young talent.

"This is really emotional for me," she said. "I never thought I'd win a pavement race in my whole life, and I'm more of a dirt driver. This is a combo car and not even a pavement car, and I'd just like to thank God and everybody in the stands."

The California Mini Cups division produced the closest finish of the night, with Alex Krause of Irricana, Alberta, Canada, holding off Layne Hamilton by .062 of a second. Hamilton nearly caught the Canadian, who was all smiles in victory lane after the 25-lap feature win.

"I just had to hit my marks every lap," Krause said. "Layne's a great guy, and I've been racing with him for years. We race each other hard and race clean."

NEXT RACE - Saturday, Oct. 24 - The Bullring's annual Fall Classic will feature a full night of racing that includes the Late Models 100 feature and the Super Late Models Open Comp 150. Drivers will compete for a $2,500 first-place prize in the Late Models 100 and a $10,000 winner's check in the 150-lap Open Comp, and both races will include mid-race pit stops to allow for fuel fill-ups. There will also be feature races in the Bandolero, Bombers, Super Stock, U.S. Legends, USAC HPD Midgets and California Mini Cups divisions on the special night.

The Bullring's concession stand offers $2 hot dogs, $2 Coca-Cola products and $3 Budweiser beer on each NASCAR Whelen All-American Series race night. For more information on all events at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, please visit www.LVMS.com and follow LVMS on Facebook and Twitter.

The Fall Classic at The Bullring
Saturday, Oct. 23, results

NASCAR Super Late Models Open Comp 150 qualifying
1. Ryan Cansdale, 14.720 seconds; 2. Lenny White, 14.777; 3. Dustin Ash, 14.791; 4. Jason Irwin, 14.794; 5. Dennis Rock Jr., 14.814; 6. Scott Gafforini, 14.875; 7. Jay Beasley, 14.876; 8. Jeremy Doss, 14.879; 9. Kayli Barker, 14.882; 10. Chris Clyne, 14.895; 11. Dylan Lupton, 14.913; 12. Jeff Bischofberger, 14.914; 13. Jonathan Gomez, 14.938; 14. Preston Peltier, 14.949; 15. Barry Shingar, 14.949; 16. Darrell Midgley, 14.966; 17. Wade Bland, 14.989; 18. Noah Gragson, 15.015; 19. Clint Haybart, 15.019; 20. Stan Mullis, 15.029; 21. Trevor Christiani, 15.066; 22. Chris Trickle, 15.077; 23. Warren Knipper, 15.085; 24. Alan Cress, 15.093; 25. Parker Stephens, 15.097; 26. Brandon Carlson, 15.124; 27. Dave Garber, 15.219; 28. Grant Brown, 15.245; 29. Bryan Herzog, 15.267; 30. Jesse Runkle, 15.350; 31. Hannah Newhouse, 15.368; 32. Mitch Kleyn, 15.428; 33. Ryan Vargas, 15.512; 34. Tony Mikuleik, 15.554; 35. Justin Simonson, 15.596; 36. Dee Cable, 15.641; 37. Tim Kammer, 15.951; 38. Shon Flick, 16.035; 39. Gabe Herzog, 16.195.

Late Models 100 qualifying
1. Jeff Peterson, 15.735 seconds; 2. Trevor Huddleston, 15.786; 3. Eric Richardson, 15.829; 4. Lacie Price, 15.962; 5. Blaine Perkins, 15.994; 6. David Ross, 16.010; 7. Nick Joanioes, 16.040; 8. Rob Kiemele, 16.084; 9. Lewis Martinez Jr., 16.171; 10. Riley Herbst, 16.216; 11. Jacob Bishop, 16.249; 12. Donna Gunther, 16.311; 13. Logan Jewell, 16.323; 14. Brandon Loverock, 16.359; 15. Darren Midgley, 16.378; 16. Shaun Ross, 16.425; 17. Cody Brown, 16.572; 18. Eric Martin, 16.592; 19. Bob Williams, 16.593; 20. K. James, 16.773; 21. Matt Frady Jr., NT.

USAC HPD Midgets 30-lap feature
1. Ashley Hazelton; 2. Jeff Kelley, -.634 of a second; 3. Dylan Nobile, -.953; 4. Ian Anderson, -1.142; 5. Annie Bredinger, -1.662; 6. George Kurtz, -1.758; 7. Toni Bredinger, -2.038; 8. Cody Jessop, DNF.

California Mini Cups 25-lap feature
1. Alex Krause; 2. Layne Hamilton, -.062 of a second; 3. Austin Herzog, -1.317; 4. Faith Luther, -7.279; 5. Cameron Legue, -8.263; 6. Lawrence Massone, -8.548; 7. Blake Hamilton, -10.059; 8. Tyler Emond, -14.302; 9. Autumn Kopeck, -15.166; 10. Blaine Kopeck, -17.092; 11. Travis Dolter, -23.111; 12. Rylee McKennitt, -1 lap.

USLCI Legends 25-lap feature
1. Peyton Saxton; 2. Kaden Honeycutt, -.274 of a second; 3. Gary Scheurell, -.623; 4. Danny Medina, -1.863; 5. T.J. Clark, -2.757; 6. Scotty Scott, -2.893; 7. Michael Todd Glazier, -5.370; 8. George Sheldon, -5.593; 9. Lawless Alan, -6.043; 10. Aubree Wartman,- 8.696; 11. Zachery Witherwax, -.9.009; 12. Corey Seip, -13.545; 13. Brian Williams, -15.190; 14. Brandy Flores, -1 lap.