Dustin Ash scored another big MetroPCS Super Late Model victory tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The 40-lap finale was halted on the very first lap as the cars of John Spilotro, Robert Ewing, Scott Gafforini, Billy Mitchell and Bear Rzesnowiecky crashed in Turn 4. No one was injured but several cars were sidelined for the evening. When the race restarted, Casey Kingsland led the first five laps until Dustin Ash took command. Ash survived several restarts and won his fourth feature of the 2010 NASCAR Whelen All-American Series campaign. Nick Halen finished second and Scott Gafforini was third. Casey Kingsland's car was a strong frontrunner throughout the feature but mechanical woes relegated it to the pits with just a handful of laps remaining. Ten-lap MetroPCS Super Late Model heats were won by Dustin Ash and Robert Ewing.

Phil Goodwin added a sixth trophy to his 2010 collection as he scored yet another Charger feature in his quest for a fifth championship. Vinny Raucci, driving a repaired Camaro last seen on its roof at the July 1 race, finished second. Mario Opipari finished third. Goodwin and Opipari won Charger qualifying heats.

Pete Meyer took the early lead and held on to win the 20-lap Bomber feature over Wade Pearson and Barbara West. Meyer and Brett Empey scored Bomber heat race wins.

The 20-lp Legend Cars feature was a barnburner with multiple lead changes and three-wide passes. Justin Irwin claimed the thrilling victory, followed across the finish line by Robert D'Ambra and Brecken Snow.

NIcky Saxon won her third Legend Cars Developmental feature of the 2010 season, followed by Blake Olsen, Michael Todd Glazier and Kolleen Dresser.

The 25-lap Thunder Roadster feature was dominated by Brecken Snow, who went on to score his fifth win of the year. Jacksen Smith finished second and Ron Reed was third.

Camron Stafford of Las Vegas scored the first Bandolero Bandit feature of his young career. Chris Trickle, who was penalized one position for passing below the white line, was scored in second place. Matthew Emery was third.

Christian Warren earned his fourth Bandolero Outlaw victory of 2010. Austin Morris claimed second place and Jacob Tilton was third.

NEXT RACE: Saturday, Aug. 28 -- Lucas Oil Modified Series, MetroPCS Super Late Models, NASCAR Chargers, Legend Cars, Bandoleros, Bombers. Spectator gates will open at 5 p.m.

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Results are unofficial until Monday morning. 

15-lap Legend Cars Developmental feature -- 1. Nikky Saxon, 2. Blake Olsen, 3. Michael Todd Glazier, 4. Kolleen Dresser.

25-lap Thunder Roadster feature -- 1. Brecken Snow; 2. Jacksen Smith, 3. Ron Reed, 4. Travis Boyle, 5. Brian Reed, 6. Jeff Bargerhuff, 7. Michelle Williamson, 8. Nick Degidio, 9. Steve Cox.

REVISED 12-lap Bandolero Bandit feature -- 1. Camron Stafford, 2. Chris Trickle, 3. Matthew Emery, 4. Vincent Raucci Jr., 5. Christian Glass, 6. Erika Thigpen, 7. Cheyanne McCourt.

12-lap Bandolero Outlaw feature -- 1. Christian Warren, 2. Austin Morris, 3. Jacob Tilton, 4. Kayli Barber, 5. Wyatt Harwood, 6. Michael Lovas, 7. John Spilotro.

20-lap Bomber feature -- 1. Pete Meyer, 2. Wade Pearson, 3. Barbara West, 4. Bret Empey, 5. Steve Borkowski, 6. Josh Morgan, 7. Ben Sherard, 8. Gerri Pearson, 9. Anthony Reigert, 10. Cayla Bronston, 11. Dave Stevens.

20-lap Legend Cars feature -- 1. Justin Iriwn, 2. Robert D'Ambra, 3. Brecken Snow, 4. Jeremiah Wagner, 5. Jason Irwin, 6. Mike Abbate, 7. Jay Beasley, 8. J. Avila Jr., 9. Ian Anderson, 10. Frank McCourt, 11. Josh Fultz, 12. Kyle Niquette, 13. Spencer Gallagher, 14. Andrew Muscannell, 15. Todd Hunsaker, 16. Jeffrey King, 17. Donna Guenther, 18. Alex Young, 19. Devin Mack, 20. Scott Rhoden, 21. Cheyanne Schindler, 22. Fletcher Hammond, 23. Nick Thigpen, 24. Wayne Jacks, 25. Dylan Cruz, 26. Michael Fox.

30-lap Charger feature -- 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. Vinny Raucci, 3. Mario Opipari, 4. Casey Kingsland, 5. Steve Tilton, 6. Chuck Burgess, 7. Ron Barker, 8. Tom Pfundstein, 9. Hayley Lager.

40-lap MetroPCS Super Late Model feature -- 1. Dustin Ash, 2. Nick Halen, 3. Scott Gafforini, 4. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 5. Glenn Burke, 6. Dennis Rock Jr., 7. John Spilotro, 8. Casey Kingsland, 9. Spencer Gallagher, 10. Jim Petrie, 11. Billy Mitchell, 12. Robert Ewing.