Jay Beasley won both 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Model features tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

The first 35-lap feature was off to a rousing start as Beasley grabbed the lead from polesitter Romain Thievin on the opening green flag. It didn't end there as Chris Clyne raced three-wide through Turn 3 with Thievin and Joe Deguevara. The field finally took a breather on lap 2 when Dee Cable and Mark Allison crashed on the back straightaway. It took a while to complete the first five laps of the feature until the drivers finally settled into a rhythm. Defending champion Scott Gafforini wrestled second place from Thievin as Beasley distanced himself from the field. Beasley cruised to victory, followed by Gafforini and Thievin. Stan Mullis, enjoying one of his strongest runs of the season, finished fourth and Deguevara - always solid at the Bullring - completed the top five.

Second 35-lap feature: Joe Deguevara took the lead from polesitter David Anderson to lead the first lap as Jay Beasley, Scott Gafforini and Steve Anderson raced three-wide into Turn 3. Beasley moved into second place on lap 7 and took off in pursuit of Deguevara. Beasley caught "Joe D" in Turn 3 on lap 12 and took the lead. Gafforini tried to catch Beasley but was just 1.038 sec. short at the checkered flag. Deguevara finished third and Chris Clyne was fourth. Steve Anderson was fifth.

James Wingard scored his third NASCAR Super Stock feature of the 2013 season. Chad Mattos finished third and Chuck Burgess was third. Wingard also won the eight-lap Super Stock heat.

Don Sargent won the 21-car, 30-lap NASCAR Bomber feature. Pete Meyer finished second and Vincent Raucci Jr. was third. Eight-lap Bomber heats were won by Nathan Boss and Martin Sullins.

Ian Anderson won tonight's 20-lap USLCI Thunder Car feature. Anderson is undefeated in Thunder Car racing so far this year at the Bullring. Jacob Tilton finished second and Shaun Polack was third. Travis Boyle and Nick D'Egidio completed the top five.

Kailey Boersma was declared the winner of the 12-lap IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero feature after the first and second-place cars of Sam Jacks and Kyle Jacks failed to pass post-race technical inspection. Caden Carlin and Dezel West moved up to second and third place.

The USAC Ignite Midget Series feature was won by Bryant Dawson in a blanket finish over Jerid Blondel and a hapless lapped car. Shawn Buckley was third.

Peyton Saxton won the three-car, see-saw battle for first place in the Legend Cars feature. Chris Trickle finished second and J. Avila Jr. was third. Cheyanne Schindler and Noah Gragson completed the top five.

Announcer: Chet Christner. Co-announcer: Hannah Rickards. National anthem: Kaela Jonson-Smith.

NEXT RACE: Wednesday, July 3 - NASCAR Whelen All-American Series annual Night of Fire. Fireworks, 76-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature, NASCAR Super Stocks, NASCAR Bombers, USLCI Legend Cars, USLCI Bandoleros, waterless boat races, Monster Truck "Shocker." Fans may save money by purchasing tickets in advance at the LVMS ticket office, online (www.LVMS.com) or by calling (702) 644-4444.

First 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: 1. Jay Beasley, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Romain Thievin, 4. Stan Mullis, 5. Joe Deguevara, 6. Fred Johais, 7. Steve Anderson, 8. David Anderson, 9. John Thomson, 10. Kayli Barker, 11. Mark Allison, 12. Warren Knipper, 13. Chris Clyne, 14. Mark Shackleford, 15. Dee Cable, 16. Alex Haase.

Second 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: 1. Jay Beasley, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Joe Deguevara, 4. Chris Clyne, 5. Steve Anderson, 6. Romain Thievin, 7. Stan Mullis, 8. David Anderson, 9. Mark Shackleford, 10. Warren Knipper, 11. John Thomson, 12. Mark Allison, 13. Kayli Barker, 14. Dee Cable.

20-lap Thunder Car feature: 1. Ian Anderson, 2. Jacob Tilton, 3. Shaun Polack, 4. Travis Boyle, 5. Nick D'Egidio, 6. Chris Bosley, 7. Paul Licata, 8. Clint Armstrong, 9. Mark Anderson, 10. David Fultz, 11. Doug Germano.

12-lap IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Bandit/Outlaw feature: 1. Kailey Boersma, 2. Caden Carlin, 3. Dezel West, 4. Phillip Root, 5. Brodey Warren, 6. Tommy Trickle, 7. Mason Sargent, 8. Tye O'Hanley, 9. Chase Shackleford, 10. R.J. Smotherman. 11. Sam Jacks (disqualified), 12. Kyle Jacks (disqualified).

30-lap USAC Ignite Series Midgets feature: 1. Bryant Dawson, 2. Jerid Blondel, 3. Shawn Buckley, 4. Christine Breckenridge, 5. Cody Jessop, 6. George Blacker, 7. Ron Hazelton, 8. Michael Fanelli, 9. Marina Turner.

25-lap Legend Cars feature: 1. Peyton Saxton, 2. Chris Trickle, 3. J. Avila Jr., 4. Cheyanne Schindler, 5. Noah Gragson, 6. Nick Thigpen, 7. Michael Todd Glazier, 8. Devin Lane, 9. Riley Herbst, 10. Donna Gunther, 11. Jeffrey King, 12. Bryan Grandin, 13. Cameron Morga.

30-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature: 1. James Wingard, 2. Chad Mattos, 3. Chuck Burgess, 4. Kayli Barker, 5. Matt Larsen, 6. Barbara Borkowski.

30-lap NASCAR Bomber feature: 1. Don Sargent, 2. Pete Meyer, 3. Vincent Raucci Jr., 4. Dallas Simonette, 5. Cody Schumacher, 6. Adam Simon, 7. Ben Sherard, 8. Bret Empey, 9. Cayla Bronston, 10. Wade Pearson, 11. Jeremy Stetzer, 12. Rich Ham, 13. Fred Kiser Jr., 14. Nathan Boss, 15. Gerri Pearson, 16. Martin Sullins, 17. Anthony Riegert, 18. Marty Deluca, 19. Justin Griffiths, 20. Steve Durbin, 21. Jim Merlino.