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Jay Beasley of Las Vegas won the 40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature and the 2013 points championship tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. 

The Super Late Model feature began with a bang as Kayli Barker, John Thomson, Dee Cable and Will Harper crashed on the front straightaway as the field took the green flag. Four-time champion Scott Gafforini started second and grabbed the lead as Jay Beasley took second place from Justin Johnson. Dennis Rock Jr. spun in Turn 2 on lap 4 to bring out the caution flag. Beasley powered past Gafforini on the restart to take the lead. Beasley seemed destined to cruise to a comfortable victory until Warren Knipper spun on the front straightaway just as the white flag was thrown. Beasley's 39-lap romp now was reduced to a green-white-checkered finish with Gafforini on his tail. Beasley held the lead on the restart and went on to win the feature and the title. Gafforini finished second, while and Mark Shackleford was robbed of a solid third-place finish by a flat tire on the final lap. Johnson was scored in third place and Rock Jr. and Shackleford completed the top five.

Phil Goodwin of Henderson dominated the 30-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature, winning by more than the length of a straightaway over James Wingard. Matt Cunningham finished third. Kayli Barker, driving a wounded car thanks to an accident in her qualifying heat, raced her way into the Super Stock championship by finishing fourth. Super Stock heat races were won by Goodwin and Wingard.

Vincent Raucci Jr. took the lead on lap 11 of the 30-lap NASCAR Bomber feature but the race to watch was the three-car battle for second place between Michael Greve, Nathan Boss and Kirk Hance. Raucci sailed to victory by more than half of one lap. The end of the race nearly spelled disaster for the Greve-Hance-Boss trio as a pair of lapped cars spun and blocked most of the front chute just after Raucci took the checkered flag. Greve took second and Boss drove high on the track to take third place and avoid a wreck. Hance was fourth and Wade Pearson was fifth. Pete Meyer finished 10th and was crowned 2013 NASCAR Bomber champion. Bomber heat races were won by Hance and Raucci Jr.

The first 25-lap Legend Cars feature was won by Zane Smith. Chris Trickle grabbed second place at the finish line William Byron. Nick Halen and Dylan Cappelo completed the top five.

The second 25-lap Legend Cars feature was riddled with caution flags for spins and minor crashes. When the tire smoke cleared, William Byron was scored as the winner, with Zane Smith second and Nick Halen third. Legend Cars results are unofficial until Monday.

Ian Anderson is undefeated at the Bullring at LVMS in the Thunder Car division. Tonight he won his 12th consecutive feature and also the points championship. J. Avila Jr. finished second and Joshua Quartaro was third.

The 12-lap IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Outlaw feature was won by Sam Jacks. Jacks took the lead on lap 11 from Brianna Holley. Dylin Smotherman finished second and Jacob Quartaro was third. Kailey Boersma, who crashed during the first lap of the feature, captured the points championship.

The 12-lap IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Bandit feature was won by Kyle Jacks. Caden Carlin finished second and also secured the points championship. Gianna Marretti finished third. Race leaders Dezel West and Phillip Root were involved in an accident on the back straightaway on lap 5. West's car turned over onto its roof but neither driver was injured. Prior to the crash, West and Root were second and third in points, respectively.
Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman was on hand to congratulate the Bandolero champions.

2013 Bullring points champions: Jay Beasley (NASCAR Super Late Model), Kayli Barker (NASCAR Super Stock), Pete Meyer (NASCAR Bomber), Ian Anderson (Thunder Cars), Kailey Boersma (IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Outlaw), Caden Carlin (IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Bandit) J. Avila Jr. (Legend Cars - Pro), Lacie Price (Legend Cars - Semi-Pro), Peyton Saxton (Legend Cars - Young Lion), Michael Todd Glazier (Legend Cars - Master).

Notes: Bullring veteran Steve Anderson was unable to compete on Saturday night. The engine on his Super Late Model expired during practice on Friday evening and he crashed in Turn 2. Anderson was not injured.

National anthem: Bridgette Foster. On-track interviews: Hannah Rickards. Announcer: Allen Michaels.

Friday, Oct. 25 - Fall Classic Qualifying Night.
Super Late Model practice, qualifying and heat races. Late Model practice, qualifying and heat races. Legend Cars practice, qualifying, heat races. USAC Ignite Midget qualifying, heat races, feature. Super Stock practice, qualifying, heat races.

Saturday, Oct. 26 - Annual Fall Classic featuring Open Comp 150.
Super Late Model Last-Chance Races and 150-lap feature. Late Model Last-Chance Races and feature. Legend Cars Last-Chance Races and feature. Super Stock Last-Chance Races and feature. USAC Ignite Midget Series qualifying, heat races and feature. Bandolero practice, qualifying and feature. Bomber Breakout Race practice, heat races and feature.
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First 25-lap Legend Cars feature: 1. Zane Smith, 2. Chris Trickle, 3. William Byron, 4. Nick Halen, 5. Dylan Cappelo, 6. Nick Thigpen, 7. J. Avila Jr., 8. Noah Gragson, 9. Peyton Saxton, 10. Cameron Morga, 11. Jordan Dean, 12. Riley Herbst, 13. Michael Todd Glazier, 14. Sara Henry, 15. Christian Warren, 16. Jeffrey King, 17. Gary Scherell, 18. Aubree Wartman, 19. Joe Culwell, 20. Joe Oliver, 21. Devin Lane, 22. Brian Lane, 23. Steve Lewis, 24. Cheyanne Schindler, 25. Dustin Ash, 26. Lacie Price, 27. Jim Galza, 28. Randy Beddow, 29. Bryan Grandin, 30. Gina Tillman.

(UNOFFICIAL UNTIL MONDAY) Second 25-lap Legend Cars feature: 1. William Byron, 2. Zane Smith, 3. Nick Halen, 4. J. Avila Jr., 5. Dylan Cappelo, 6. Noah Gragson, 7. Nick Thigpen, 8. Peyton Saxton, 9. Jordan Dean, 10. Sara Henry, 11. Michael Todd Glazier, 12. Cameron Morga, 13. Cheyanne Schindler, 14. Gary Scherell, 15. Aubree Wartman, 16. Jeffrey King, 17. Chris Trickle, 18. Brian Lane, 19. Joe Culwell, 20. Randy Beddow, 21. Christian Warren, 22. Lacie Price, 23. Riley Herbst, 24. Steve Lewis, 25. Dustin Ash.

20-lap Thunder Car feature: 1. 1. Ian Anderson, 2. J. Avila Jr., 3. Joshua Quartaro, 4. Nick D'Egidio, 5. Doug Germano, 6. Chris Bosley, 7. Travis Boyle.

12-lap IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Outlaws feature: 1. Sam Jacks, 2. Dylin Smotherman, 3. Jacob Quartaro, 4. Brian Taylor, 5. Brianna Holley, 6. Kailey Boersma.

12-lap IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Kyle Jacks, 2. Caden Carlin, 3. Gianna Marrettiu, 4. Tye O'Hanley, 5. R.J. Smotherman, 6. Kyle Keller, 7. Mason Sargent, 8. Gino Marretti, 9. Tanner Reif, 10. Brodey Warren, 11. Phillip Root, 12. Dezel West.

30-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature: 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. James Wingard, 3. Matt Cunningham, 4. Kayli Barker, 5. Robert Smotherman, 6. Vinny Raucci, 7. Matt Larsen, 8. Chuck Burgess, 9. Barbara Borkowski, 10. Kolleen Dresser, 11. Chad Mattos.

30-lap NASCAR Bomber feature: 1. Vincent Raucci Jr., 2. Michael Greve, 3. Nathan Boss, 4. Kirk Hance, 5. Wade Pearson, 6. Marty Deluca, 7. Rich Ham, 8. Dallas Simonette, 9. Steve Durbin, 10. Pete Meyer, 11. Martin Sullins, 12. Cayla Bronston, 13. Michael Durbin, 14. Bret Empey, 15. Adam Simon, 16. Robert Schumacher, 17. Anthony Riegert, 18. Jennifer Farrar.

40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: 1. Jay Beasley, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Justin Johnson, 4. Dennis Rock Jr., 5. Mark Shackleford, 6. David Anderson, 7. Stan Mullis, 8. John Thomson, 9. Warren Knipper, 10. Will Harper, 11. Kolleen Dresser, 12. Kayli Barker, 13. Dee Cable.