For all Bullring MetroPCS Super Late Model, Charger and Bomber drivers – All restarts for Bombers, Chargers and MetroPCS Super Late Models are "choose-style" and double-file.

A commitment line is placed in the entry of Turn 3 and you may not pull out of line (left or right) until you are the next car to get to the commitment line.

Drivers pulling out of line early or passing other cars prior to the commitment line will be placed at the tail end of the longest line, as will drivers who attempt to switch lanes after the original lane choice.  Once the pace car has left the field, the front row must maintain pace car speed until the leader is in the vicinity of the white line in Turn 4, where the green flag will be waved. At this point you may pass – all passing must be to the right until you are past the start-finish line. Drivers may only pass prior to the start-finish line in an attempt to avoid colliding with a disabled car (car ahead loses power, misses a shift, etc.).

Any car jumping the start will be penalized a minimum of two places per position gained at the discretion of the Race Director. Any driver who pulls out of line to the left, or passes to the left, before crossing the start-finish line will be penalized a minimum of two positions for jumping the start. In either instance, the driver's position will be corrected at the next yellow or at the end of the race, whichever comes first.  Drivers involved in the incident that caused the caution will line up at the tail of the longest line for the restart and may not participate in the "choose-style" option to gain position over other cars in the line-up.

Restarts for cautions that occur in the final five laps of the event will be single-file with any lapped cars going to the tail of the field.

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The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway
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