Chris Clyne won tonight’s 40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature on Championship Night at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Defending champion Scott Gafforini clinched an unprecedented fourth Bullring NASCAR Super Late Model title.

Clyne led the feature from start to finish but the 40-lap finale turned into a 10-lap dash as he negotiated heavy lapped traffic on lap 30 as second-place runner Dustin Ash closed in. Clyne held off Ash at the finish to take the win and Dylan Lupton was third. Jay Beasley and David Anderson completed the top five. Gafforini’s car suffered a broken water pump belt and he retired on lap 20.

“These guys are real tough,” said Clyne, whose car numbers were painted pink in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. “Scott’s (Gafforini) awesome – been racing against him all year. He’s real tough and he really stepped the level up. Ash is good too. But most importantly, I want to dedicate this win to all the mothers out there that have been battling breast cancer. I lost my aunt that way a couple of years ago. I want to support the pink number and the ribbon on the hood. It’s such an amazing cause.

“I wouldn’t be able to race out here if it wasn’t for two guys. John Thomson of Thomson Motorsports – he’s like another dad to me. And Howard of Vegas Machine – we worked our butts off this week trying to get this thing up to snuff.”

“I’d like to thank Vegas Machine for sticking behind me – that’s my only sponsor,” said Gafforini, the Bullring’s only four-time NASCAR Super Late Model champion. “We’ve got some stuff in the works and hopefully we can make everybody proud next year.”

Going into tonight’s races, Caden Carlin and Chris Trickle were tied for first place (700 points each) in the Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Bandit class. Ivan Gudmestad won the 12-lap feature, followed by Carlin, who clinched the championship. Just one position behind Carlin, in third place, was Trickle, who finished second in the 2012 points battle.

Noah Gragson won the 12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaws feature. The win was his ninth of the season and he also claimed the 2012 points championship as well as the rookie of the year title.

The 25-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature was won by Patrick O’Hanley, his fifth of the season. Steve Smith finished second and Robert Ewing was third. Kolleen Dresser and Kayli Barker completed the top five. Eight-lap Super Stock heats were won by Smith and Robert Ewing. James Wingard of N. Las Vegas clinched the Super Stock championship in September and took the night off. His car was driven by Joe Deguevara, who finished ninth.

Jason Kiser won the 25-lap NASCAR Bomber feature ahead of Michael Takami and Nathan Boss. Pete Meyer, the Bullring’s 2012 NASCAR Bomber champion, finished fourth and Wade Pearson was fifth. Eight-lap Bomber heat races were won by Kiser and Dallas Simonette.

Kyle Weatherman won the 25-lap American Band Legend Cars Pro/Master feature. Michael Abbate finished second and Josh Fultz was third. The Legend Cars Pro championship was won by Jason Irwin and Robby Guevara earned the Legend Cars Master title.

The six-car, 20-lap USLCI Thunder Car feature was won by Ron Reed. Joshua Quartaro was second and Brian Reed finished third. Jacob Tilton won the 2012 Thunder Car points championship.

Zane Smith won the 20-lap American Band Legend Cars Semi-Pro/Young Lions feature ahead of Joshua Jackson and Tye Mihocko. Blake Olsen won the 2012 Legend Cars Semi-Pro championship and Joshua Jackson won the Legend Cars Young Lions crown.

NOTES: J. Avila Jr. crashed during pre-race practice and was transported as a precaution. He was evaluated, released and returned to the track. NASCAR Super Late Model driver Dennis Rock Jr. also crashed during practice. His car spun after encountering oil from another car on the track and the front end sustained considerable damage, but he was able to repair the car to start the feature. Warren Knipper’s Super Late Model qualified but was unable to start the feature.

2012 Bullring champions: Scott Gafforini (NASCAR Super Late Models), James Wingard (NASCAR Super Stocks), Pete Meyer (NASCAR Bombers), Jason Irwin (American Band Legend Cars – Pro), Robby Guevara (American Band Legend Cars – Master), Blake Olsen (American Band Legend Cars – Semi-Pro), Joshua Jackson (American Band Legend Cars Young Lions), Jacob Tilton (USLCI Thunder Cars), Caden Carlin (Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Bandits) and Noah Gragson (Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaws).

20-lap American Band Legend Cars Semi-Pro/Young Lions feature: 1. Zane Smith, 2. Joshua Jackson, 3. Tye Mihocko, 4. Bryan Grandin, 5. Nikky Saxon, 6. Ryan Cansdale, 7. Ricky Schlick, 8. Blake Olsen, 9. Lacie Price, 10. Peyton Saxton, 11. Chris Trickle, 12. Blaine Perkins, 13. Troy Wesolowski, 14. Zac Stepke, 15. Brandon Weaver, 16. Chase Havely, 17. Clayton Weatherman, 18. Ian Wesolowski.

20-lap Thunder Car feature: 1. Ron Reed, 2. Joshua Quartaro, 3. Brian Reed, 4. Jacob Tilton, 5. Steve Tilton, 6. Chris Bosley.

12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaw feature: 1. Noah Gragson, 2. Riley Herbst, 3. Vincent Raucci Jr., 4 Austin Toddy, 5. Christian Warren, 6. Erika Thigpen.

20-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Ivan Gudmestad, 2. Caden Carlin, 3. Chris Trickle, 4. Phillip Root, 5. Gianna Marretti, 6. Sam Jacks, 7. Kyle Jacks, 8. Ryan Vargas, 9. Gino Marretti, 10. Chaz Mansey, 11. Mason Sargent, 12. Tommy Trickle.

25-lap American Band Legend Cars Pro/Masters feature: 1. Kyle Weatherman, 2. Michael Abbate, 3. Josh Fultz, 4. Nick Halen, 5. Andrew Muscannell, 6. Nick Thigpen, 7. Ian Anderson, 8. Michael Borchetta, 9. Robby Guevara, 10. Michael Todd Glazier, 11. Jeffrey King, 12. Fletch Hammond, 13. B.J. Bollman, 14. Jim Glaza, 15. C.J. Hulsey, 16. Brent Schedidemantle, 17. Tyler Fabozzi.

25-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature: 1. Patrick O’Hanley, 2. Steve Smith, 3. Robert Ewing, 4. Kolleen Dresser, 5. Kayli Barker, 6. Mike McKearn, 7. Robert Behunin, 8. James Lauk, 9. Joe Deguevara.

25-lap NASCAR Bomber feature: 1. Jason Kiser, 2. Michael Takami, 3. Nathan Boss, 4. Pete Meyer, 5. Wade Pearson, 6. Dallas Simonette, 7. Martin Sullins, 8. Bret Empey, 9. Adam Simon, 10. Michael Greve, 11. Justin Griffiths, 12. Cayla Bronston, 13. Jason Sullins, 14. Steven Durbin, 15. Marty Deluca, 16. Judy Rowe, 17. Anthony Reigert, 18. Jim Merlino.

40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: 1. Chris Clyne, 2. Dustin Ash, 3. Dylan Lupton, 4. Jay Beasley, 5. David Anderson, 6. Glen Burke, 7. Steve Anderson, 8. John Thomson, 9. Dennis Rock Jr., 10. Mark Allison, 11. Scott Gafforini, 12. Toni McCray.