Saturday, May 14

Second-generation racer David Anderson won tonight's 40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Jim Petrie started the 40-lap grind from the pole position, flanked by David's father, Steve Anderson. The race was one-quarter of one lap old when the caution flew for a tangle involving Bear Rzesnowiecky, Robert Ewing and Dylan Kwasniewsky in Turn 1. Kwasniewsky fell victim again on the restart when Jim Petrie spun and collected him and Glen Burke in Turn 1. (Kwasniewsky finally left the field with his damaged car on lap 19.) To quote baseball legend Yogi Berra, it was "deja-va all over again" as the field scrambled on the restart once more -- this time in Turn 4 -- when Scott Gafforini made contact with race leader Steve Anderson. When the field finally settled down, David Anderson led the field, followed by Robert Ewing and Jay Beasley. The well-worn caution flag was whipped into service once again on lap 10 for a crash in Turn 4 involving Ewing and Steve Anderson. David Anderson led the remaining five cars around the track, followed by Gafforini and Beasley. Beasley slowed and left the fray with just four laps remaining. Anderson survived the final restart and held off Gafforini to score his first win of 2011. Kenny Smith of Bakersfield, Calif. was third and Beasley and Ewing completed the top five.

LUCAS OIL MODIFIEDS: Hometwon hero Doug "Hound Dog" Hamm started the GEICO 75 from the pole position, flanked by Mike Salm. Hamm, a 50-time winner at the Bullring, cruised comfortably for the first 50 laps until Kwasniewsky -- pulling double duty tonight -- arrived on the scene with 25 laps remaining. Kwasniewsky started seventh and progressed methodically up through the field to challenge Hamm in the waning laps. With only a handful of laps remaining, the leaders encountered heavy lapped traffic. Kwasniewski was challenging Hamm for the lead, was tapped from behind by Scott Winters and spun. With eight laps remaining, the GEICO 75 restarted with Hamm in the lead with Jim Mardis on his tail. On lap 68, Mardis spied an opening an punched the throttle to propel his Modified to the inside of Hamm but was unable to complete the pass. Mardis and Hamm ran side-by-side for nearly two laps until Criag Stewart spun in Turn 3 to slow the race's pace once again. The red flag was thrown on lap 69 when Craig Stewart and John Thompson crashed in Turn 1. Neither driver was injured by the race was red-flagged in interest of fuel consumption. Disaster struck on the restart as Hamm's car was unable to fire. The predicted two-car, five-lap shootout was not to be as Mardis inherited the lead as Hamm was relegated to the rear of the field. Mardis went on to win, followed by Shelby Stroebel and Tim Morse. Hamm, who led most of the race, had to settle for 15th place. Larry Gerchman won the Lucas Oil Modified B-Feature. The Dart Trophy Dash was won by Scott Winters.

SPEARS SRL LATE MODELS: Jacob Gomes of Manteca, Calif. won tonight's Blackjack 121 for the Spears SRL Late Model Series. April 2 Bullring SRL winner M.K. Kanke finished second and veteran Jim Pettit II was third. The red flag flew with just 18 laps remaining as points leader Derek Thorn's car caught fire and stopped in Turn 4. He exited the car quickly and the fire was extinguished. Twelve cars finished on the lead lap.

The 25-lap NASCAR Bomber feature was won by Pete Meyer. Meyer had the field covered and his competitors could only watch him romp to his second win of the 2011 campaign. Ben "Big Jim" Sherard was second and Jason Kiser finished third.

Travis Boyle won his second USLCI Thunder Roadster feature tonight. Michelle Williamson finished second and Herb Williamson was third.

C.J. Hulsey won his second Saturday-night Semi-Pro/Young Lion Legend Cars feature of the 2011 season. Finishing second and third were Kyle Niquette and Ian Anderson. Justin Irwin won the 20-lap Pro/Masters Legend Cars feature aheadof Jason Irwin and Josh Fultz.

Chris Trickle won the Bandolero Bandits feature and Kayli Barker claimed her second Bandolero Outlaws main event.

12-lap Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Chris Trickle, 2. Matt Emery, 3. Caden Carlin, 4. Gianna Marretti, 5. Austin Toddy, 6. Camron Stafford, 7. Cheyanne McCourt, 8. Erika Thigpen, 9. Dezel West, 10. Mason Sargent.

12-lap Bandolero Outlaws feature: 1. Kayli Barker, 2. John Spilotro, 3. Vincent Raucci Jr., 4. Wyatt Harwood, 5. Austin Morris, 6. Quintin Harris.

15-lap USLCI Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Tarvis Boyle, 2. Michelle Williamson, 3. Herb Williamson, 4. Doug Germano, 5. Darin Callaway.

20-lap Legend Cars Pro/Masters feature: 1. Justin Irwin, 2. Jason Irwin, 3. Josh Fultz, 4. Michael Abbate, 5. Tom Lovelady, 6. Jeremy Wood, 7. Cale Kanke, 8. Brecken Snow, 9. Robby Guevara, 10. Josh Gross, 11. Fletch Hammond, 12. Jeffrey King, 13. Michael Todd Glazier, 14. Donna Gunther, 15. B.J. Bollman, 16. Jim Galza, 17. Red Roth, 18. Scott Rhoden, 19. Michael Fox.

20-lap Legend Cars Semi-Pro/Young Lion feature: 1. C.J. Hulsey, 2. Kyle Niquette, 3. Ian Anderson, 4. Austin Reed, 5. Tye Mihocko, 6. Andrew Muscanell, 7. Nick Thigpen, 8. Ryan Cansdale, 9. Dylan Cruz, 10. Nikky Saxon, 11. Zach Stepke, 12. Christian Warren, 13. Michael Morris, 14. Cheyanne Schindler, 15. Peyton Saxton.

25-lap NASCAR Bomber feature: 1. Pete Meyer, 2. Ben "Big Jim" Sherard, 3. Jason Kiser, 4. Josh Morgan, 5. Bret Empey, 6. Dallas Simonette, 7. Rick Morales, 8. Gerry Dittman, 9. Nathan Boss, 10. Scott Castle, 11. Michael Takami, 12. Martin Sullins, 13. Harold Sherard, 14. Roland Pelletier, 15. Bryan Gerald, 16. Jim Merlino, 17. Wade Pearson, 18. Judy Rowe, 19. Cayla Bronston, 20. Shannon Aikau, 21. Anthony Reigert.

40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: 1. David Anderson, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Kenny Smith (Bakersfield), 4. Jay Beasley, 5. Robert Ewing, 6. Dennis Rock Jr., 7. Dylan Kwasniewski, 8. Steve Anderson, 9. Jim Petrie, 10. Glen Burke, 11. Bear Rzesnowiecky.

75-lap Lucas Oil Modifieds feature (GEICO 75): 1. Jim Mardis (Moreno Valley, Calif.), 2. Shelby Stroebel, 3. Tim Morse, 4. Brian Collins, 5. Aaron McMorran, 6. Doug Carpenter, 7. Randy Ussery, 8. Roger Brown, 9. Chris Gerchman, 10. Austin Barnes, 11. Pat Petrie, 12. Bradley Tilton, 13. Lynn Hardy, 14. Mike Salm, 15. Doug Hamm, 16. Dave Arce, 17. Craig Stewart, 18. John Thompson, 19. Scott Winters, 20. Tristen Orear, 21. Dylan Kwasniewski, 22. Scott Osborn, 23. Tom Lovelady, 24. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 25. Garrett Yamada, 26. Larry Gerchman.

121-lap Spears SRL Southwest Tour feature (unofficial -- Blackjack 121): 1. Jacob Gomes, 2. M.K. Kanke, 3. Jim Pettit II, 4. Jonathan Mawhinney, 5. Ross Strimska, 6. Jared Vorse, 7. Eric Schmidt, 8. Eric Holmes, 9. Keith Spangler, 10. Jeff Oleen, 11. Joe Farre, 12. Dave Byrd, 13. Tim Smith, 14. Ken Benhamou, 15. Bryan Herzog, 16. Carlos Viera, 17. Scott Sanchez, 18. Michael Sandoval, 19. Derek Thorn, 20. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 21. Brennan Newberry, 22. Dallas Montes.