Defending Bullring champion Scott Gafforini started on the pole and went on to win tonight’s 40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Whelen Night at the Races. The victory was his fifth of the 2012 season. Dylan Lupton finished second and Dennis Rock Jr. was third.

James Wingard won the 25-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature. Former Bullring champion Phil Goodwin finished second and Steve Smith was third. Eight-lap NASCAR Super Stock heats were won by Wingard and Smith.

Jason Kiser took the lead on lap 7 from Robert Schumacher and held off a determined Pete Meyer to win the 25-lap NASCAR Bomber feature. The first eight-lap NASCAR Bomber feature was halted on the first circuit when Adam Simon’s car rolled over in Turn 4. He was not injured. Michael Takami won the heat race. Kiser won the second Bomber heat.

The 50-lap Late Model feature was won by Luis Martinez.

The 20-lap American Band Legend Cars Semi-Pro/Young Lion feature was won by Tye Mihocko. Zane Smith finished second and Peyton Saxton was third. Jason Irwin won the 25-lap American Band Legend Cars Pro/Master feature. Brent Scheidemantle was second and Dylan Cappelo was third.

Cole Custer of California won the 25-lap S2 Late Moldel feature. Trevor Huddleston was second and Andrew Anderson was third.

Noah Gragson won the 12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaw feature over Cami Burke and Vincent Raucci Jr. Chris Trickle won the 12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Bandit feature ahead of Phillip Root and Caden Carlin.

Bryant Dawson won the 30-lap USAC Ignite Midget Series feature.

NEXT RACE: Sunday, Sept. 2 – Twin USAC Focus Midget Series features, Hoosier Tire Late Models, ASA Truck Series, USLCI Legends Cars, USLCI Bandoleros, USLCI Roadsters, waterless boat races.

12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaw feature: 1. Noah Gragson, 2. Cami Burke, 3. Vincent Raucci Jr., 4. Riley Herbst, 5. Erika Thigpen, 6. Austin Toddy.

12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Chris Trickle, 2. Phillip Root, 3. Caden Carlin, 4. Ivan Gudmestad, 5. Colby Furia, 6. Gino Marretti, 7. Gianna Marretti, 8. Ryan Vegas, 9. Dylan Washburn, 10. Chaz Mansey, 11. Megan Ferrari, 12. T.J. Ferrari, 13. Tommy Trickle, 14. Mason Sargent, 15. Kyle Jacks.

30-lap USAC Midget feature: 1. Bryant Dawson, 2. Michael Fanelli, 3. Christine Breckenridge, 4. Austin Blair, 5. Marina Turner, 6. Winn Frazin, 7. George Blacker.

25-lap S2 Late Model feature: 1. Cole Custer, 2. Trevor Huddleston, 3. Andrew Anderson, 4. Greg Szot, 5. Andrew Porter, 6. Bill Waters, 7. Blake Dunkleberger.

20-lap American Band Legend Cars Semi-Pro/Young Lion feature: 1. Tye Mihocko, 2. Zaner Smith, 3. Peyton Saxton, 4. Ian Wesolowski, 5. Ricky Schlick, 6. Blake Olsen, 7. Bryan Grandin, 8. Nikky Saxon, 9. Joshua Jackson, 10. Chris Trickle, 11. Mike Lovas, 12. Lacie Price,13. Ricardo Apolinar, 14. Zac Stepke, 15. Sam Jacks, 16. Troy Wesolowski, 17. Michael Womack, 18. Christian Warren.

25-lap American Band Legend Cars feature: 1. Jason Irwin, 2. Brent Scheidemantle, 3. Dylan Cappelo, 4. Andrew Muscannell, 5. Tom Lovelady, 6. Darren Amidon, 7. Ian Anderson, 8. J. Avila Jr., 9. Michael Todd Glazier, 10. Robby Guevara, 11. Tyler Fabozzi, 12. Gary Scherrell, 13. Fletch Hammond, 14. Jeffrey King, 15. Thom Lichty, 16. Jim Glaza, 17. Nick Thigpen, 18. Doug Petsto.

50-lap Late Model feature: 1. Luis Martinez, 2. Ryan Partridge, 3. Cole Custer, 4. Andrew Murray, 5. Juan Garcia, 6. Mike Johnson, 7. Travis Irving, 8. Trevor Huddleston, 9. Eric Martin.

25-lap NASCAR Bomber feature: 1. Jason Kiser, 2. Pete Meyer, 3. Robert Schumacher, 4. Nathan Boss, 5. Wade Pearson, 6. Martin Sullins, 7. Justin Griffiths, 8. Jason Sullins, 9. Ben Sherard, 10. Jim Merlino, 11. Judy Rowe, 12. Adam Simon, 13. Cayla Bronston, 14. Marty Deluca, 15. Michael Takami.

25-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature: 1. James Wingard, 2. Phil Goodwin, 3. Steve Smith, 4. Vinny Raucci, 5. Kolleen Dresser, 6. Kayli Barker, 7. Chuck Burgess, 8. Mike McKearn, 9. Matt Larsen, 10. James Lauk.

40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: 1. Scott Gafforini, 2. Dylan Lupton, 3. Dennis Rock Jr., 4. Jeff Connors, 5. Glenn Burke, 6. Stan Mullis, 7. Chris Clyne, 8. John Thomson, 9. Joe Deguevara.