Chris Gerchman of Lake Havasu City, Ariz., won the 75-lap Lucas Oil Modified feature tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Gerchman led the first 13 laps until Andrew Phipps got past on lap 14.  A crash in Turn 1 involving Chris Clyne and Doug Carpenter brought out the final caution of the race and turned the feature into a 10-lap shootout. Something let go on Phipps’ car and he went wide in Turn 4 and lost the lead to Gerchman. Shelby Stroebl grabbed second as the frontrunners scrambled. Jim Mardis held third and Doug “Hound Doug” Hamm did likewise with fourth place.

At the checkered flag, Gerchman led Stroebl across the finish line as Hamm moved into third while Mardis dropped back to sixth place. The win was the second of the season for Gerchman, who also won tonight’s Lucas Oil Modified Dash.

Scott Gafforini started third, grabbed the lead on the first lap and went wire-to-wire to score the 40-lap MetroPCS Super Late Model feature.

“It’s been a pretty long drought, over a year,” said Gafforini in victory lane.

Robert Ewing finished second and Bear Rzesnowiecky took third. Fabian Bray was the fastest MetroPCS Super Late Model driver during qualifying at 14.799 sec.

The 20-lap Thunder Roadster main event was won by Brecken Snow. It was his first Thunder Roadster feature victory at the Bullring. The pace was slowed when Travis Boyle, Johnny Budd and Jacksen Smith crashed in Turn 4 just past the halfway point of the race. No one was injured. Jacksen Smith pitted during the clean-up period, was able to rejoin the field and fought his way back up to second place. John Thomson finished third.

The 25-lap Bomber feature treated fans to plenty of passing and three-wide action. Race leader Bret Empey nearly lost the position on lap 4 when he came up on a lapped car in Turn 1. Empey, trying to hold off Wade Pearson, braked hard and nearly spun into the infield. Just four laps later, Empey lost the lead when he, Pearson and Pete Meyer raced three-wide and encountered the same lapped car. The Bombers couldn’t make it four-wide through Turn 1 and Empey was forced to brake hard once again and he fell back to third place. Pearson won, followed by Meyer and Barbara West. The hard-charging Empey had to settle for fourth place. 

Not to be outdone, the 20-lap Legend Cars main event featured a three-wide run for the lead down the backstretch on the final lap. Jeremiah Wagner won, Robert D’Ambra finished second and J. Avila made a valiant run for third place.

Defending champion Phil Goodwin was second in the Charger points going into tonight’s feature race but found his progress impeded by mechanical woes which caused a trip into the wall in Turn 4. Mario Opipari took the lead on lap 7 from Dallas Simonette and led the rest of the way. Simonette finished second and Vinny Raucci was third.

Mitchell Dejong won the 15-lap Legend Cars Developmental feature. Andrew Muscanell finished second and Kolleen Dresser was third.

Chris Trickle won the 12-lap Bandolero Bandit feature, followed across the finish line by Christian Glass and Vincent Raucci Jr.

Michael Morris won the thrilling 12-lap Bandolero Outlaw (Young Gun) feature ahead of Jacob Tilton and Kayli Barker.

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All results are unofficial until Monday morning.

15-lap Legend Cars Developmental feature: 1. Mitchell Dejong, 2. Andrew Muscanell, 3. Kolleen Dresser, 4. Patrick O’Hanley, 5. Nikky Saxon, 6. Michael Glazier.

12-lap Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Chris Trickle, 2. Christian Glass, 3. Vincent Raucci Jr., 4. Matthew Emery, 5. Cheyanne McCourt, 6. Erika Thigpen.

20-lap Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Brecken Snow, 2. Jacksen Smith, 3. John Thompson, 4. Bob Dresser, 5. David Brandon, 6. Doug Germano, 7. Travis Boyle, 8. Johnny Budd.

25-lap Bomber feature: 1. Wade Pearson, 2. Pete Meyer, 3. Barbara West, 4. Bret Empey, 5. Josh Morgan, 6. Scott Castle, 7. Ben Sherard, 8. Steve Borkowski, 9. Matt Vargas, 10. Justin Griffiths, 11. Bridgette Raucci, 12. Dave Stevens, 13. Anthony Riegert, 14. Gerri Pearson.

20-lap Legend Cars feature: 1. Jeremiah Wagner, 2. Robert D’Ambra, 3. J. Avila Jr., 4. Brecken Snow, 5. Brandon Snow, 6. Mike Abbate, 7. Josh Fultz, 8. Alex Pacheco, 9. Jason Irwin, 10. Justin Irwin, 11. Alex Young, 12. Nick Parmelee, 13. Cheyanne Schindler, 14. J.K. Snow, 15. Frank McCourt, 16. Fletch Hammond, 17. Jay Beasley, 18. Nick Thigpen, 19. Scott Rhoden, 20. Giles Thorton, 21. Ian Anderson, 22. Dylan Cruz, 23. Spencer Gallagher, 24. Jim Galza, 25. Michael Fox, 26. B.J. Bollman.

25-lap Charger feature: 1. Mario Opipari, 2. Dallas Simonette, 3. Vinny Raucci, 4. Dan Schools, 5. Chuck Burgess, 6. Hayley Lager, 7. Ron Barker, 8. Tom Pfundstein, 9. James Wingard, 10. Phil Goodwin, 11. Casey Kingsland.

75-lap Lucas Oil Modified Series feature: 1. Chris Gerchman, 2. Shelby Stroebl, 3. Doug “Hound Dog” Hamm, 4. Tom Lovelady, 5. Austin Barnes, 6. Jim Mardis, 7. Doug Carpenter, 8. Scott Osborne, 9. James Cole, 10. Tim Morse, 11. Larry Gerchman, 12. Jentry Pisca, 13. Aaron McMoran, 14. Brian Collins, 15. Roger Brown, 16. Dave Gerchman, 17. David Arce, 18. Austin Murphy, 19. David Boardman, 20. Andrew Phipps, 21. Chris Clyne, 22. Pat Petrie, 23. Josh Green, 24. Chris Swenson, 25. Randy Ussery, 26. Wayne Jacks.

40-lap MetroPCS Super Late Model feature: 1. Scott Gafforini, 2. Robert Ewing, 3. Bear Rzesnowieky, 4. Glen Burke, 5. Nick Halen, 6. Dustin Ash, 7. Nick Joanides, 8. David Anderson, 9. Steve Anderson, 10. Fabian Bray, 11. Jim Petrie, 12. John Spilotro, 13. Casey Kingsland, 14. Dennis Rock Jr., 15. Jeff Bargerhuff.