Chris Gerchman of Lake Havasu City, Ariz. won tonight’s 75-lap Lucas Oil Modified feature at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.  The 75-lap marathon boiled down to a three-car, 10-lap shootout. Race-long leader Chris Gerchman held off Las Vegas native Dylan Kwasniewski as the laps clicked off. With just five laps remaining, Austin Barnes passed Kwasniewski and set his sights on Gerchman. Gerchman’s car was up to the task and he held off Barnes for the win. Tim Morris finished fourth and Taylor Minch was fifth. The six-lap Lucas Oil Modified Dash was won by Doug Carpenter. 

The 40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature went caution-free until lap 20. Dennis Rock Jr. started from the second berth and led the first 20 laps. Chris Clyne, running in second place, made contact with Rock, causing him to spin. The caution flag flew, Clyne was sent to the rear of the field and Rock retained his position. The race restarted with three-time Bullring champion and teammate Scott Gafforini directly behind Rock. Gafforini found an opening to the inside of Rock in Turn 4 and took the lead on lap 26.  Gafforini went on to win, followed by Rock and July Night of Fire winner Jack Madrid.

Bret Empey led the first 15 laps of the 25-lap NASCAR Bomber feature then pulled out of line in Turn 4 and coasted to the pit area. Jason Kiser inherited the lead and immediately had his hands full with Pete Meyer. The pair pulled away from the field in the final laps, Meyer made his move and went on to win the main event for the stock-appearing racers. Meyer’s sponsor, Silver Star Plumbing, gave away free plungers in the pits to celebrate the win. Kiser finished second and Wade Pearson was third. Eight-lap Bomber heats were won by Meyer and Kiser.

Kayli Barker won the 25-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature. How she arrived in victory lane is a story in itself. Steve Smith started from the pole position and led almost every lap of the feature race. Late in the race, Barker was spun by another car, which resulted in a caution period. She recovered her position – third – and seemed destined to finish behind Patrick O’Hanley and  Smith. The field took the white flag and the race leaders tangled and spun in Turn 2. Since everyone had taken the white flag, the race was called complete and the third-place car – Barker – was declared the leader and the winner. Wayne Morris Jr. was second and Mike McKearn finished third. Eight-lap Super Stock heats were won by O’Hanley and James Wingard.

Jason Irwin survived a green-white-checkered finish and won the 25-lap American Band Legend Cars feature, followed by Dylan Cappelo and Ian Anderson.  Irwin also won the Sunday, Aug. 19 American Band Legend Cars Pro/Masters feature. Nikky Saxon won the Sunday, Aug. 19 25-lap American Band Legend Cars Semi-Pro/Young Lions feature.

The 12-lap Thunder Car feature was won by Damon Blakemon. Shaun Polack finished second and Nick D’Egidio was third. Craig Williams of KOMP-FM 92.3 finished seventh.

The 12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaw feature was won by Noah Gragson. Vincent Raucci Jr. finished second and Cami Burke was third.

The 12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Bandit feature was won by Chris Trickle. Phillip Root was second and Caden Carlin finished third.

Saturday, Sept. 1 – NASCAR Whelen All-American Series – Whelen Night at the Races
NASCAR Super Late Models, NASCAR Super Stocks, NASCAR Bombers, USAC Focus Midget Series, USAC Focus Young Gun Midget Series, USLCI Legends Cars, USLCI Bandoleros, Hoosier Tire Late Models.

Sunday, Sept. 2 – Sunday Shootout Race No. 3 (evening show).
Twin USAC Focus Midget Series and USAC Young Gun Midget Series features, Hoosier Tire Late Models, ASA Truck Series, USLCI Legends Cars, USLCI Bandoleros, USLCI Roadsters, Bullring Hornets (4 cyl.), waterless boat races.

Saturday, Aug. 18 results:
12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaw feature: 1. Noah Gragson, 2. Vincent Raucci Jr., 3. Cami Burke, 4. Austin Toddy, 5. Erika Thigpen, Jacob Quartaro (disqualified).

12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Chris Trickle, 2. Phillip Root, 3. Caden Carlin, 4. Ryan Vargas, 5. Sam Jacks, 6. Tommy Trickle, 7. Chase Shackleford, 8. Mason Sargent, 9. Gino Marretti, 10. Kyle Jacks, 11. Gianna Marretti.

12-lap Thunder Car feature: 1. Damon Blakemon, 2. Shaun Polack, 3. Nick D’Egidio, 4. Chris Bosley, 5. Rob Logan, 6. Joseph Quartaro, 7. Craig Williams, 8. Steve Tilton, 9. Doug Germano, 10. Jacob Tilton.

25-lap American Band Legend cars Pro/Masters feature: 1. Jason Irwin, 2. Dylan Cappelo, 3. Andrew Muscannell, 5. Tom Lovelady, 6. Blake Olsen, 7. Nick Thigpen, 8. Joshua Jackson, 9. Nick Halen, 10. Nikky Saxon, 11. Ian Wesolowski, 12. Michael Todd Glazier, 13. Troy Wesolowski, 14. Robby Guevara, 15. Thom Lichty, 16. Robert Scott, 17. Doug Petsto, 18. Peyton Saxton, 19. Christian Warren, 20. Tye Mihocko, 21. J. Avila Jr., 22. Devin Mack.

25-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature: 1. Kayli Barker, 2. Wayne Morris Jr., 3. Mike McKearn, 4. Ralph Adams, 5. Chuck Burgess, 6. Steve Smith, 7. Patrick O’Hanley, 8. Kolleen Dresser, 9. James Lauk, 10. James Wingard.

25-lap NASCAR Bomber feature: 1. Pete Meyer, 2. Jason Kiser, 3. Wade Pearson, 4. Kirk Hance, 5. Michael Takami, 6. Josh Morgan, 7. Martin Sullins, 8. Justin Griffiths, 9. Adam Simon, 10. Nathan Boss, 11. Jim Merlino, 12. Judy Rowe, 13. Jason Sullins, 14. Michael Greve, 15. Bret Empey, 16. Cayla Bronston, 17. Anthony Reigert.

40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: 1. Scott Gafforini, 2. Dennis Rock Jr., 3. Jack Madrid, 4. Mark Shackleford, 5. Glen Burke, 6. Steve Anderson, 7. Chris Clyne, 8. Joe Deguevara, 9. David Anderson, 10. Stan Mullis, 11. John Thomson, 12. Warren Knipper, 13. Earl West, 14. Dee Cable, 15. Ryan Reed.

75-lap Lucas Oil Modified feature: 1. Chris Gerchman, 2. Austin Barnes, 3. Dylan Kwasniewski, 4. Tim Morris, 5. Taylor Minch, 6. Jim Mardis, 7. Doug Hamm, 8. David Lord, 9. Larry Gerchman, 10. Roger Brown, 11. Scott Osborne, 12. Joe Deguevara, 13. Elliott Sterne, 14. Daniel Williams, 15. Chris Cook, 16. Dennis Lovelady, 17. Doug Carpenter, 18. Jerry Toporak, 19. Randy Ussery, 20. Pat Petrie, 21. Aaron McMorran, 22. Vanessa Robinson, 23. Tom Pfundstein, 24. P.J. Petrocelli.

Sunday, Aug. 19 features:
30-lap American Band Legend Cars Semi-Pro/Young Lions feature: 1. Nikky Saxon, 2. Joshua Jackson, 3. Ian Wesolowski, 4. Peyton Saxton, 5. Blake Olsen, 6. Troy Wesolowski, 7. Chris Trickle, 8. Christian Warren, 9. Tye Mihocko.

35-lap American Band Legend Cars Pro/Masters feature: 1. Jason Irwin, 2. Nick Halen, 3. Dylan Cappelo, 4. Tom Lovelady, 5. Andrew Muscannell, 6. Michael Todd Glazier, 7. Nick Thigpen, 8. Ian Anderson, 9. Robby Guevara.