The special Sunday-night show included USAC Ignite Midgets, ASA Speed Trucks, USLCI American Band Legend Cars, USCLCI Thunder Cars and USLCI Silver State Plumbing Bandoleros.

Picking up where he left off was Chris Lamb of Greensboro, N.C. Lamb won Saturday’s USAC Ignite Midget feature and won two more on Sunday to claim three in less than 24 hours at the Bullring.

Lamb made it look easy in the first 30-lap USAC Ignite Midget feature, taking the win ahead of Winn Frazin and Bryant Dawson.

Austin Blair started from the pole and led the first 28 laps of the second 30-lap USAC Ignite Midget feature. Lamb broke free of the pack and took second place on lap 14 and set sail for the race leader. The pair encountered lapped traffic on lap 23 which allowed Lamb to narrow the gap on Blair. Lamb made his move on lap 28 and took the lead on the inside in Turn 1 and went on to win his third Bullring feature in 24 hours. Blair, in only his third race on asphalt in the USAC Ignite Midget Series, finished second. Bryant Dawson finished third.

Nick Degidio of Las Vegas scored his first-ever Bullring win in the 25-lap USLCI Thunder Car feature. The veteran Frank Sinatra impersonator (co-star in The Rat Pack Is Back at the Rio Hotel & Casino) celebrated his first checkered flag with gusto in victory lane. The jubilant Degidio managed to thank just about everyone, including the track announcer, and it was a moment Bullring fans won’t soon forget.

Tye Mihocko won the 25-lap American Band Legend Cars Semi-Pro/Young Lion feature ahead of Zane Smith and Joshua Jackson.

Jason Irwin won the 25-lap American Band Legend Cars Pro/Master feature. Justin Irwin finished second and Dylan Cappelo was third.

Austin Toddy won the 15-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaw feature. Vincent Raucci Jr. was second and Cami Burke finished third.

Taylor Minch of El Cajon, Calif. won the 75-lap ASA Truck Series nightcap. Jeremiah Wagner finished second and Cole Loftsgard was third. Andrew Porter won the six-lap ASA Truck Series Dash.

First 30-lap USAC Ignite Midget feature: 1. Chris Lamb (Greensboro, N.C.), 2. Winn Frazin, 3. Bryant Dawson, 4. Michael Fanelli, 5. Austin Blair, 6. Christine Breckenridge, 7. Marina Turner, 8. George Blacker.

Second 30-lap USAC Ignite Midget feature: 1. Chris Lamb (Greensboro, N.C.), 2. Austin Blair, 3. Bryant Dawson, 4. Winn Frazin, 5. Christine Breckenridge, 6. Michael Fanelli, 7. George Blacker, 8. Marina Turner.

25-lap USLCI American Band Legend Cars Semi-Pro/Young Lion feature: 1. Tye Mihocko, 2. Zane Smith, 3. Joshua Jackson, 4. Christian McGhee, 5. Nikky Saxon, 6. Michael Womack, 7. Ricky Schlick, 8. Ian Wesolowski, 9. Blaine Perkins, 10. Parker Malone, 11. Lacie Price, 12. Cheyanne Schindler, 13. Mikey Lovas, 14. Blake Olsen, 15. Peyton Saxton.

25-lap USLCI American Band Legend Cars Pro/Master feature: 1. Jason Irwin, 2. Justin Irwin, 3. Dylan Cappelo, 4. Nick Halen, 5. Michael Abbate, 6. Nick Thigpen, 7. Brent Scheidemantle, 8. Mark Borchetta, 9. Ian Anderson, 10. Gary Scherell, 11. J. Avila Jr., 12. Robby Guevara, 13. Matthew Cardenas, 14. Michael Todd Glazier, 15. Ron Duprau, 16. Tony D’Ambra, 17. Donna Gunther.

25-lap USLCI Thunder Car feature: 1. Nick Degidio, 2. Jacob Tilton, 3. Chris Bosley, 4. Steve Tilton, 5. Wiley Timbrook, 6. Doug Germano, 7. Patrick O’Hanley.

15-lap Silver Star Plumbing USLCI Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Chris Trickle, 2. Caden Carlin, 3. Kyle Jacks, 4. Troy Wesolowski, 5. Gino Marretti, 6. Megan Ferrari, 7. Ryan Dunkleberger, 8. T.J. Ferrari, 9. Gianna Marretti, 10. Mason Sargent, 11. Tommy Trickle, 12. Phillip Root, 13. Sam Jacks.

15-lap Silver Star Plumbing USLCI Bandolero Outlaw feature: 1. Austin Toddy, 2. Vincent Raucci Jr., 3. Cami Burke, 4. Taylor Hooper, 5. Noah Gragson, 6. Erika Thigpen, 7. Darren Penniman, 8. Reagan Harwood.

75-lap ASA Truck Series feature: 1. Taylor Minch, 2. Jeremiah Wagner, 3. Cole Loftsgard, 4. Shawn Steele, 5. Darcy Shunk, 6. Bill Kann, 7. Jeff Bischofberger, 8. Ken Smith, 9. Kevin Bates, 10. Bill Kann, 11. Brad Hillwig, 12. Heather Dickinson, 13. Louie Pagano, 14. Matt Kimball, 15. Sean Dickinson, 16. Colin Dickinson, 17. Andrew Porter.