Romain Thievin of Paris, France, is the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s newest winner. Thievin won the first 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature on Mobil 1 Night. And Jay Beasley of Las Vegas added a third NASCAR Super Late Model feature trophy to his 2013 collection on a night of double features.

First 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: Alex Haase started the first 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature from the pole position, flanked by two-time Bullring winner Jay Beasley. The final five laps of the feature saw the lead quartet battling hard for position. Thievin grabbed the lead on lap 31 and Scott Gafforini muscled past Haase on the final circuit to claim second place. Beasley followed Gafforini past Haase for third place. Haase and Mark Shackleford completed the top five.

The victory was Thievin’s first at the Bullring and also his first on an oval. Thievin, an accomplished Euro-Racecar NASCAR Touring Series driver, also is a Hollywood stuntman. Among his motion picture stunt-driving credits are The Bourne Identity and Robert DeNiro’s Ronin.

“I am very happy, for sure,” said Thievin, in victory lane. “It’s a good night.”

Second 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: Scott Gafforini started the evening’s finale from the pole position, flanked by Romain Thievin. Gafforini led the first lap, then Jay Beasley motored past on the inside to lead lap 2. While Beasley had his hands full with Gafforini, Joe Deguevara was in hot pursuit of Romain Thievin for third place. It was hard to decide where to look because battles for position were breaking out all around the track. Gafforini drove to the inside of Beasley in Turn 1 on lap 27 but the four-time champion was held off by this year’s two-time winner. The pair negotiated lapped traffic on the final two laps and Beasley held off Gafforini to claim his third victory of 2013. Thievin finished third, Deguevara was fourth and Mark Shackleford battled his way to fifth after starting last.
“The first feature I was loose,” said Beasley. “The car was all over the place. The second feature, the car was what it needed to be after we made changes.”

Phil Goodwin of Henderson started seventh, quickly worked his way through the field and took the lead from Kolleen Dresser on lap 10 of the 30-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature. Matt Larson and Vinny Raucci were racing for third place on lap 17 and made contact. The incident collected Kayli Barker, ending her racing for the night. Larson’s car also was towed from the scene. Goodwin maintained the lead on the restart and went on to win, followed across the finish line by Raucci and Chad Mattos. Barbara Borkowski and Dresser completed the top five. The eight-lap Super Stock heat race was won by Barker.

Dallas Simonette won the 30-lap NASCAR Bomber main event. Pete Meyer chased Simonette through lapped traffic for much of the late stages of the race as the pair built up a full-straightaway lead on the field. Nathan Boss, Michael Greve and Wade Pearson completed the top five. Bomber heat races were won by Steve Borkowski, Meyer and Boss.

The 25-lap USLCI Legend Cars feature was won by Jason Irwin. Zane Smith finished second and Brent Scheidemantle was third. Clayton Weatherman and Peyton Saxton completed the top five.

The 20-lap Thunder Car feature was won by Ian Anderson. It was his third win of the season and he is the only undefeated Bullring driver of 2013. Shaun Polack finished second and Chris Bosley was third. The eight-lap Thunder Car qualifying heat was won by Ian Anderson.

The 12-lap IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Outlaw feature was won by Ryan Vargas. Sam Jacks finished second and Kailey Boersma was third. Caden Carlin won the 12-lap IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Bandit feature followed by Kyle Jacks and Dezel West.

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20-lap Thunder Car feature: 1. Ian Anderson, 2. Shaun Polack, 3. Chris Bosley, 4. Travis Boyle, 5. Steve Tilton.

12-lap IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Outlaw feature: 1. Ryan Vargas, 2. Sam Jacks, 3. Kailey Boersma.

12-lap IAPMO Silver Star Plumbing PHCC Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Caden Carlin, 2. Kyle Jacks, 3. Dezel West, 4. Chase Shackleford, 5. Mason Sargent, 6. Gino Marretti, 7. Kyle Keller, 8. Gianna Marretti, 9. Phillip Root, 10. Tommy Trickle, 11. Tye O’Hanley, 12. Ethan Deguevara, 13. R.J. Smotherman, 14. Brodey Warren.

30-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature: 1. Phil Goodwin, 2. Vinny Raucci, 3. Chad Mattos, 4. Barbara Borkowski, 5. Kolleen Dresser, 6. Matt Larsen, 7. Kayli Barker.

25-lap Legend Cars feature: 1. Jason Irwin, 2. Zane Smith, 3. Brent Scheidemantle, 4. Clayton Weatherman, 5. Peyton Saxton, 6. Riley Herbst, 7. Chris Trickle, 8. Lacie Price, 9. Christian Warren, 10. Eathan McMillion, 11. Nick Thigpen, 12. Michael Todd Glazier, 13. Jeffrey King, 14. J. Avila Jr., 15. Shane Skaggs, 16. Cameron Morga, 17. Brian Lane, 18. Joshua Jackson, 19. Noah Gragson, 20. Gina Tillman.

30-lap NASCAR Bomber feature: 1. Dallas Simonette, 2. Pete Meyer, 3. Nathan Boss, 4. Michael Greve, 5. Wade Pearson, 6. Marty Deluca, 7. Vincent Raucci Jr., 8. Steve Borkowski, 9. Ben Sherard, 10. Jim Merlino, 11. Bret Empey, 12. Martin Sullins, 13. Justin Griffiths, 14. William Hern, 15. Adam Simon, 16. Steve Durbin, 17. Anthony Reigert, 18. Cayla Bronston, 19. Rich Hamm, 20. Gerri Pearson, 21. Cody Schumacher.

First 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: 1. Romain Thievin, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Jay Beasley, 4. Alex Haase, 5. Mark Shackleford, 6. Joe Deguevara, 7. Steve Anderson, 8. David Anderson, 9. John Thomson, 10. Kayli Barker, 11. Stan Mullis, 12. Houston Simonette, 13. Will Harper, 14. Dee Cable, 15. Warren Knipper.

Second 35-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: 1. Jay Beasley, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Romain Thievin, 4. Joe Deguevara, 5. Mark Shackleford, 6. David Anderson, 7. Kayli Barker, 8. Stan Mullis, 9. Steve Anderson, 10. John Thomson, 11. Houston Simonette, 12. Will Harper, 13. Dee Cable.