Derek Thorn of Bakersfield, Calif. made it look easy as he continued his winning ways tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Thorn, who won the Bullring’s prestigious Open Comp last November, cruised to victory in the evening’s finale, the Spears Southwest Series Blackjack 121.

Jonathan Gomez finished second, nearly four seconds behind the winner. Jim Pettit II held off Jason Gilbert for third place at the finish line. M.K. Kanke completed the top five.

“I’ve been coming here for the last four or five years and I’m thankful that every time I come here, I’m in good equipment,” said Thorn, who also set fast time during qualifying. “I thank the entire crew, because that’s why you do so well, because of the people you have around you. I’m surrounded by really great people and I thank them for putting me in this situation.”

The race was slowed only three times for brief caution periods.

LUCAS OIL MODIFIEDS: The 75-lap Lucas Oil Modified feature was riddled with caution periods and reached its time limit. Austin Barnes of Escondido, Calif., winner of last November’s Open Comp Modified feature, picked up where he left off and dominated the event. Following Barnes across the finish line at the green-white-checkered finish were Chris Gerchman, Aaron McMorran, Dylan Kwasniewski and Larry Gerchman. McMorran won the six-car, six-lap Lucas Oil Modified Dash.

NASCAR SUPER LATE MODELS: The 40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature got off to a rocky start as the original start was negated by cars out of position. Chris Birdsong and Glenn Burke collided on the front straightaway on the first complete restart. On the second complete restart, Chris Clyne’s car tangled with another racer on the back straightaway and the caution flag flew once again. When the rhythm finally settled down to a racing groove, Dylan Kwasniewski took first place from race leader Birdsong on lap 11. As Kwasniewski cruised with a comfortable lead, Scott Gafforini was fighting his way up through the pack from last place. Gafforini took second place on lap 30 and set off to find Kwasniewski. Gafforini narrowed the gap but ran out of laps and Kwasniewski earned his first Bullring checkered flag of the 2012 season. Gafforini finished second and Luis Martinez of Long Beach, Calif. was third. Michael Self and Robert Kiemele completed the top five. Following the victory lane snapshot, Kwasniewski dashed to the pits to climb into his Lucas Oil Modified.

NASCAR SUPER STOCKS: Patrick O’Hanley won his second NASCAR Super Stock feature of the 2012 campaign ahead of 2011 champion James Wingard and Chuck Burgess. Eight-lap qualifying heats were won by Wingard and Burgess.

NASCAR BOMBERS: Defending champion Pete Meyer picked up his first win of the 2012 season. He survived two late-race caution periods and cruised to victory over Dallas Simonette and Michael Takami. Eight-lap qualifying heats were won by Simonette and Meyer.

AMERICAN BAND LEGEND CARS: Dylan Cappelo of Peoria, Ariz. won his first Bullring feature tonight. Cappelo held off Tye Mihocko and Jonathan St. Ours at the checkered flag in the 20-lap American Band Legends Car semi-Pro/Young Lions feature.
Jason Irwin won the 25-lap American Band Legend Car Master/Pro feature ahead of Bren Scheidmantle and Donny St. Ours.

SILVER STAR PLUMBING BANDOLEROS: The 12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaw feature was won by Noah Gragson. It was his second win of the still-young season. Taylor Hooper finished second and Cami Burke was third.
Troy Wesolowski scored his second won the 12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandit feature of the 2012 season. Caden Carlin finished second and Chris Trickle came from last place to finish third.

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121-lap Spears Southwest Tour Blackjack 121: 1. Derek Thorn, 2. Jonathan Gomez, 3. Jim Pettit II, 4. Jason Gilbert, 5. M. K. Kanke, 6. Jared Vorse, 7. Eric Schmidt, 8. Greg Vogt, 9. Keith Spangler, 10. Bobby Hodges, 11. Nick Joanides, 12. Zane Lovelace, 13. Eddie Secord, 14. Jason Jefferson, 15. Ross Strimska, 16. Michael Sandoval, 17. David Ross, 18. Ken Benhamou, 19. Dave Byrd, 20. Jeff Oleen, 21. Andre Prescott, 22. Scott Sanchez, 23. Colby Potts, 24. Brandon Loverock, 25. Tim Smith, 26. Carlos Vieira, 27. Jacob Gomes.

75-lap Lucas Oil Modified feature: 1. Austin Barnes, 2. Chrius Gerchman, 3. Aaron McMorran, 4. Dylan Kwasniewski, 5. Larry Gerchman, 6. Tim Morris, 7. Scott Osborne, 8. Elliot Stjerne, 9. Jerry Toporak, 10. Doug Carpenter, 11. Spencer Gallagher, 12. Roger Brown, 13. Pat Petrie, 14. David Lord, 15. Chris Cook, 16. Doug Hamm, 17. Randy Ussery, 18. Jim Mardis, 19. Josh Gross, 20. Daniel Williams, 21. Matthew Hicks, 22. Tom Pfundstein, 23. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 24. Vanessa Robinson.

40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature: 1. Dylan Kwasniewski, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Luis Martinez, 4. Michael Self, 5. Robert Kiemele, 6. Glenn Burke, 7. Dennis Rock Jr., 8. Joe Deguevara, 9. Stan Mullis, 10. John Thomson, 11. Jack Madrid, 12. Houston Simonette, 13. Jason Patison, 14. Chris Clyne, 15. Chris Birdsong, 16. Griffin Steinfeld, 17. Eric Sweetman.

30-lap NASCAR Super Stock feature: 1. Patrick O’Hanley, 2. James Wingard, 3. Chuck Burgess, 4. Mike McKearn, 5. Kayli Barker, 6. Kolleen Dresser, 7. Eric Sunness, 8. Chad Mattos, 9. David Wendell.

30-lap NASCAR Bomber feature: 1. Pete Meyer, 2. Dallas Simonette, 3. Michael Takami, 4. Wade Pearson, 5. Rick Morales, 6. Steve Borkowski, 7. Martin Sullins, 8. Jim Merlino, 9. Judy Rowe, 10. Jason Sullins, 11. Nathan Boss, 12. Don Sargent, 13. Michael Greve, 14. Robert Schumacher, 15. Vinny Raucci, 16. Jason Kiser.

25-lap American Band Legend Cars Pro/Masters feature: 1. Jason Irwin, 2. Brent Scheidmantle, 3. Donny St. Ours, 4. Chad Schug, 5. Ian Anderson, 6. Nick Thigpen, 7. R.J. Johnson, 8. Andrew Muscannell, 9. Austin Reed, 10. Robby Guevara, 11. Devin Mack, 12. Michael Todd Glazier, 13. Cale Kanke, 14. Donna Gunther, 15. Gary Scherell, 16. Jim Galza, 17. Tom Lichty, 18. Darren Amidon.

20-lap American Band Legend Cars Semi-Pro/Young Lion feature: 1. Dylan Cappelo, 2. Tye Mihocko, 3. Jonathan St. Ours, 4. Zane Smith, 5. Ryan Cansdale, 6. Joshua Jackson, 7. Michael Womack, 8. Christian McGhee, 9. Blake Olsen, 10. Buddy Shepherd, 11. Lacie Price, 12. Ricky Schlick, 13. Christian Warren, 14. Peyton Saxton, 15. Ian Wesolowski, 16. Parker Malone, 17. Nikky Saxon, 18. Racin Vernon, 19. Mikey Lovas, 20. Cheyanne Schindler.

12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Troy Wesolowski, 2. Caden Carlin, 3. Chris Trickle, 4. Phillip Root, 5. Gianna Marretti, 6. Dezel West, 7.T.J. Ferrari, 8. Gino Marretti, 9. Kyle Jacks, 10, Sam Jacks, 11. Tommy Trickle, 12. Mason Sargent, 13. Megan Ferrari.

12-lap Silver Star Plumbing Bandolero Outlaws feature: 1. Noah Gragson, 2. Taylor Hooper, 3. Cami Burke, 4. Erika Thigpen, 5. Austin Toddy, 6. Darren Penniman, 7. Reagan Harwood, 8. Vincent Raucci Jr.