Derek Thorn of Bakersfield, Calif. took the lead from Ryan Reed on lap 140 and won tonight's Sigma Engineering Soultions 154 for the Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series tonight at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Ross Strmiska finished third. Tonight's race was the season finale for the 2011 SRL campaign. Jim Petitt II clinched the series championship. The only local driver in the race, Joe Farre of Henderson, started 10th and finished 21st.

Josh Morris held off Matt Pappa at the checkered flag to win the Legend Cars Young Lions feature. The 30-lap race was shortened to 28 laps due to the time limit and the green-white-checkered finish had the fans on their feet as the top two cars finished side-by-side at the stripe. Andy Hogan finished third.

Alex Pacheco won the 30-lap Legend Cars Semi-Pro feature. Alex Hickham finished second and Spencer Saunders was third. Nikky Saxon and Aaron Wells crashed at the checkered flag.

Kyle Weatherman won the caution-riddled 34-car, 30-lap Legend Cars Pro marathon. Autsin Hill was second and Jeremy Wood was third.

Scott Anderson had the last race of the night -- the Legend Cars Masters feature -- well in hand when his engine expired just as he took the green flag on a restart with four laps remaining. Ira Laughy inherited the lead and held off Tim Brockhouse for the win. The race was further delayed when John Krizman spun in Turn 1 and caused a caution period. Krizman refused to take his place at the rear of the field. While officials were trying to get Krizman to take his rightful place, it was noticed that his car was leaking oil. Officials finally threw the red flag to stop him and send him to the pits. The final checkered flag waved at 12:41 a.m.

Troy Wesolowski won the 20-lap Bandolero feature. Kayli Barker finished second and Chris Trickle was third.

The 30-lap Thunder Car (Thunder Roadster) feature was won by James Edsall. Darrell Brown was second and Zack Havens was third.

National anthem: Paul Villaluz. On-track interviews: Hannah Rickards, MIX 94.1 FM.

NEXT RACE: Friday, Nov. 4 -- Open Comp Qualifying: Qualifying and heats races for Super Late Models, Lucas Oil Modifieds, Late Models, Legend Cars. Heat races and
50-lap feature for Chargers. Heat races and feature for S2 Late Models.  Saturday, Nov. 5 -- Open Comp Fall Classic: Super Late Models (150 laps, $10,000 to win), Lucas Oil Modifieds (last-chance race and 100-lap feature), Late Model (last-chance race and 100-lap feature), Legend Cars (last-chance race and 40-lap feature), Bandolero qualifying and feature, Bomber heat races and feature.

Sigma Engineering Soultions 154 for the Spears SRL Southwest Tour Series: 1. Derek Thorn (Bakersfield, Calif.), 2. Ryan Reed, 3. Ross Strmiska, 4. Jim Petitt II, 5. Bryan Newberry, 6. Jacob Gomes, 7. Keith Spangler, 8. M.K. Kanke, 9. Dave Byrd, 10. Carlos Viera, 11. Michael Sandoval, 12. Donny St. Ours, 13. Blake Williams, 14. Tim Smith, 15. Jeff Oleen, 16. Ken Benhamou, 17. Craig Raudman, 18. Scott Sanchez, 19. Bob Lyon, 20. Jared Vorse, 21. Joe Farre, 22. Eddie Secord.

30-lap Legend Cars Masters feature: 1. Ira Laughy, 2. Tim Brockhouse, 3. Mark Borchetta, 4. Larrel Scott, 5. Rick Rogas, 6. Sean Glennon, 7. Greg Erhart, 8. Bruce Silver, 9. Randy Schaaf, 10. Duane Swanson, 11. Bob Kronenberg, 12. Darrell Buckingham, 13. Gary Scherell, 14. Mike Morris, 15. Jim Sylvester, 16. James Dent, 17. Danny Meier, 18. Brian Mario, 19. Michael Todd Glazier, 20. Joseph Graf, 21. Scott Anderson, 22. John Krizman, 23. Robert Merino, 24. Tom Pistone, 25. Buddy Goudy.

30-lap Legend Cars Pro feature: 1. Kyle Weatherman, 2. Austin Hill, 3. Jeremy Wood, 4. Derek Shumaker, 5. Kyle Beattie, 6. Justin Irwin, 7. Greg Lang, 8. Brent Scheidemantle, 9. Evan Swilling, 10. Chance Rice, 11. Mike Alarco, 12. Michael Dabney Jr., 13. Nick Carey, 14. Kyle Lovejoy, 15. David Moyes, 16. Nick Halen, 17. Jordan Webb, 18. Cody Humphreys, 19. Cale Kanke, 20. Bryan Syer-Keske, 21. Sean Rayhall, 22. Donny St. Ours, 23. Robert Czub, 24. Danny Medina, 25. Josh Gilbert, 26. Baiden Heskett, 27. Robert D'Ambra, 28. Dexter Hucal, 29. Jessica Walker, 30. Jason Irwin, 31. Kyle Clegg, 32. Scott Merino, 33. Jace Hansen, 34. Dirk Henry.

30-lap Legend Cars Semi-Pro feature: 1. Alex Pacheco, 2. Alex Hickman, 3. Spencer Saunders, 4. Austin Reed, 5. Kevin Donahue, 6. Jared Torres, 7. Phil Zupizareta, 8. Pete Dellarco, 9. Luke Hammerding, 10. Antonio Cardenas, 11. Andrew Muscannell, 12. Ben Matheson, 13. Araon Wells, 14. Jason Caplette, 15. Nikky Saxon, 16. Blake Erb, 17. Scott Walker, 18. Joe Osborne, 19. Bryan Grandin, 20. Justin Weber, 21. Zac Stepke, 22. Andrea Hans, 23. Richard Medina, 24. Tom Westin.

28-car Legend Cars Young Lions feature: 1. Josh Morris, 2. Matt Pappas, 3. Andy Hogan, 4. Kyle Niquette, 5. Payton Ryan, 6. Grant Quinlan, 7. Ben Rhodes, 8. Ryan Luza, 9. T.J. Michael, 10. Ryan Shattuck, 11. Chris Cooper, 12. Dave Walch, 13. Ryan Cansdale, 14. Clayton Weatherman, 15. Zane Smith, 16. Clayton Green, 17. Christian Warren, 18. Dylan Capelo, 19. Carter Horton, 20. Doug Braddock, 21. Dave Garbo Jr., 22. Cameron Cotta, 23. Dustin Tilbury, 24. Joey Padgett, 25. Joshua Jackson, 26. Ian Wesolowski, 27. Mason Massey, 28. C.J. Hulsey, 29. Kyle Hansen, 30. Tye Mihocko, 31. James Bickford.

30-lap Thunder Car feature: 1. James Edsall, 2. Darrell Brown, 3. Zack Havens, 4. Martin Griffin, 5. Shaun Polack, 6. Ed Hohman, 7. Nick D'Egidio, 8. Herb Williamson, 9. Doug Germano, 10. Paul Licata, 11. Michelle Williamson, 12. Scott Rhoden, 13. Ron Duprau, 14. Wiley Timbrook, 15. Terry Thompson, 16. Travis Boyle, 17. Doug Dugger.

20-lap Bandolero feature: 1. Troy Wesolowski, 2. Kayli Barker, 3. Chris Trickle, 4. Blaine Perkins, 5. Brandon Weaver, 6. Quintin Harris, 7. Matt Emery, 8. Sam Jacks, 9. John Spilotro, 10. Mason Sargent, 11. Hayley Deegan, 12. Dezel West, 13. Taylor Hooper, 14. Ricky Lewis, 15. Tommy Trickle, 16. Cami Burke, 17. Phillip Root.