Dustin Ash won tonight's crash-filled 40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Ash's first victory of the 2010 Whelen All-American Series was no walk in the park as the main event was riddled with mishaps.

The first stoppage came on the opening lap when Fabian Bray, Cheyanne Schindler and Jeff Bargerhuff crash on the front straightaway. Following a complete restart, David Anderson led the field until lap 4 when Scott Gafforini motored past. Ash moved into second place on lap 23 and set his sights on Gafforini.

Ash drove under Gafforini in Turn 1 on lap 28 to take the lead, only to see the caution flag fly again for a multiple-car spin in Turn 4. On the restart, Glen Burke and opening-night winner Robert Ewing crashed in Turn 4. On the next restart, Burke - an innocent victim for the third time in one race - crashed in Turn 2 with Bear Rzesnowiecky, Steve Anderson, Casey Kingsland and NickHalen. At this point, one-half of the 20-car starting field was eliminated. Ash held off Gafforini and 2009 champion Jeff Connors for the victory.

Austin Farley won the 30-lap USAC Midget feature over Bobby Runyan and Eli Schrock. Eight-lap USAC Midget qualifying heats were won by Sean Buckley and Jessica Clark.

Mario Opipari passed race leader and opening-night winner Vinny Raucci on lap 22 of the 25-lap NASCAR Charger feature and went on to record his first win of the 2010 campaign. Raucci made one final attempt to retake the lead in Turn 4 with the checkered flag in sight, but Opipari held him off. James Wingard finished third.

Chris "Spanky" Bosley collected his first Thunder Roadster checkered flag, edging opening-night winner Bob Dresser and Hohman for the victory.

The long tow from Kalispell, Mont., paid off for Wrango West as he won the 17-lap, 32-car Legend Cars feature. The race was shortened to 17 laps due to the time limit. Robert D'Ambra was scored in second place and Justin Irwin was third. Australia's Bronson Butcher braved a tough night and finished 27th.

Christian Glass won the Bandolero Bandit feature over Chris Trickle and Vincent Raucci Jr. The 12-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature was won by Jacob Tilton ahead of Christian Warren and Michael Morris. 

Cameron Hayley won the Baby Grand National feature, which was shortened from 30 to 23 laps due to the imposed time limit.

Dylan Cruz won the Legend Cars Developmental feature ahead of Nikky Saxon and Andrew Muscanell.

Raven Thomas sang the national anthem and Boy Scout Troop 50 and Pack 184 presented the colors.

Next race: Sunday, April 11 - Spring Shootout Sunday featuring Baby Grand Nationals and Legend Cars National Qualifier. Racing starts at noon.

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All results are unofficial until Monday morning.
40-lap NASCAR Super Late Model feature:
1. Dustin Ash, 2. Scott Gafforini, 3. Jeff Connors, 4. Casey Kingsland, 5. Bear Rzesnowiecky, 6. Nick Parmelee, 7. Dennis Rock Jr., 8. Chris Birdsong, 9. David Anderson, 10. John Spilotro, 11. Nick Halen, 12. Steve Anderson, 13. Glen Burke, 14. Robert Ewing, 15. Skylar Mortenson, 16. Wayne Jacks, 17. Jim Petrie, 18. Fabian Bray, 19. Cheyanne Schindler, 20. Jeff Bargerhuff.

30-lap USAC Focus Midgets feature: 1. Austin Farley, 2. Bobby Runyan, 3. Eli Schrock, 4. Bob Brewer, 5. Jim Moon, 6. Cody Gerhardt, 7. Mike Daniels, 8. Kyle Edwards, 9. Gregg Fuette, 10. Connor Kassik, 11. Jessica Clark, 12. Sean Buckley, 13. Jeff Kelly, 14. J.R. Williams, 15. Terra Brower.

25-lap NASCAR Charger feature: 1. Mario Opipari, 2. Vinny Raucci, 3. James Wingard, 4. Mike Sell, 5. Phil Goodwin, 6. Dallas Simonette, 7. Steve Tilton, 8. Chuck Burgess, 9. Joe Finger, 10. Jerry Gentry, 11. Chad Mattos, 12. Stan Mullis, 13. Tom Pfundstein, 14. Hayley Lager.

20-lap Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Chris Bosley, 2. Bob Dresser, 3. Ed Hohman, 4. Damon Blakeman, 5. Jacksen Smith, 6. Travis Boyle, 7. Nick Degidio, 8. Johnny Budd, 9. Doug Germano, 10. David Brandon.

17-lap Legend Cars feature: 1. Wrango West, 2. Robert D'Ambra, 3. Justin Irwin, 4. Chase Catania, 5. Kyle Weatherman, 6. Jeremiah Wagner, 7. Mike Abbate, 8. Brandon Snow, 9. Jay Beasley, 10. Dylan Kwasniewski, 11. Alex Pacheco, 12. Alex Young, 13. Jason Irwin, 14. Cheyanne Schindler, 15. Scott Rhoden, 16. Rick Rogas, 17. Spencer Gallagher, 18. Josh Fultz, 19. Ian Anderson, 20. Jeffrey King, 21. Michael Fox, 22. Kyle Niquette, 23. Nick Thigpen, 24. Eric Gunderson, 25. Devin Mack, 26. J. Avila Jr., 27. Bronson Butcher, 28. Frank McCourt, 29. Brecken Snow, 30. Spike Schultze, 31. Terry Sykes, 32. Bob Kronenberg.

23-lap Baby Grand Nationals feature: 1. Cameron Hayley, 2. Troy VanDenBliche, 3. Kevin Abel, 4. Matt Potter, 5. Dale Edwards, 6. Kyle Vriesinga, 7. Robert Dennison, 8. William Camara, 9. Robert Stone, 10. Sara Jo Paquette, 11. Bill Bylington.

12-lap Legend Cars Developmental feature: 1. Dylan Cruz, 2. Nikky Saxon, 3. Andrew Muscanell, 4. Kolleen Dresser, 5. Patrick O'Hanley, 6. Giles Thornton.

12-lap Bandolero Bandit feature: 1. Christian Glass, 2. Chris Trickle, 3. Vincent Raucci Jr., 4. Erika Thigpen, 5. Matthew Emery, 6. Cheyanne McCourt.

12-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature: 1. Jacob Tilton, 2. Christian Warren, 3. Michael Morris, 4. Kayli Barker, 5. Wyatt Harwood, 6. Austin Morris, 7. Brooke O'Hanley, 8. John Spilotro, 9. Christian Glass.



Eric Gunderson wins Legend Cars National Qualifier at the Bullring at LVMS's Spring Shootout

Eric Gunderson won the 50-lap Legend Cars National Qualifier Sunday afternoon at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Kyle Weatherman was the leader with four laps remaining but his car ran out of fuel while the field was under caution. Gunderson beat J. Avila Jr. of Los Angeles to the finish line by less than one car length.

Jacksen Smith won his very first Thunder Roadster feature. Ed Hohman finished second and Travis Boyle was third.

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50-lap Legend Cars National Qualifier: 1. Eric Gunderson, 2. J. Avila Jr., 3. Wrango West, 4. Jeremiah Wagner, 5. Jay Beasley, 6. Brent Sheidemantle, 7. Rick Rogas, 8. Devin Mack, 9. Kyle Weatherman, 10. Cheyanne Schindler, 11. Frank McCourt, 12. Ian Anderson, 13. Jason Irwin, 14. Justin Irwin, 15. Spike Schultze, 16. Nick Thigpen, 17. Michael Fox, 18. Scott Rhoden, 19. Robert D'Ambra, 20. Mike Abbate, 21. Alex Pacheco, 22. Kyle Niquette, 23. Jeffrey King, 24. Chase Catania, 25. Bronson Butcher, 26. Alex Young.

40-lap Thunder Roadster feature: 1. Jacksen Smith, 2. Ed Hohman, 3. Travis Boyle, 4. Bob Dresser, 5. Chris Bosley, 6. Damon Blakemon, 7. Nick Degidio, 8. Johnny Budd.

20-lap Bandolero Bandits feature: 1. Christian Glass, 2. Vincent Raucci Jr., 3. Erika Thigpen, 4. Matthew Emery, 5. Chris Trickle, 6. Jimmy Petrie.

20-lap Bandolero Young Guns feature: 1. Jacob Tilton, 2. Michael Morris, 3. Austin Morris, 4. Kayli Barker, 5. Christian Warren, 6. Brooke O'Hanley, 7. Johnny Spilotro, 8. Wyatt Harwoord.

20-lap Legend Cars Developmental feature: 1. Dylan Cruz, 2. Giles Thornton, 3. Kolleen Dresser, 4. Andrew Muscanell, 5. Patrick O'Hanley, 6. Terry Sykes, 7. Nikky Saxon.

First 40-lap Baby Grand Nationals feature: 1. Troy VanDenBilche, 2. Kevin Abel, 3. Kyle Vriesinga, 4. Dale Edwards, 5. Bill Bylington, 6. Sara Jo Paquette, 7. Robert Dennison, 8. Matt Potter, 9. Robert Stone, 10. Cameron Hayley.

Second 40-lap Baby Grand Nationals feature: 1. Troy VanDenBilche, 2. Cameron Hayley, 3. Kevin Abel, 4. Kyle Vriesinga, 5. Bill Bylington, 6. Robert Stone, 7. Matt Potter, 8. Robert Dennison, 9. Sara Jo Paquette.