Q: My wife and I for the past five years have reserved our seats for NASCAR weekend, since we fly to Las Vegas from the Midwest and only have enough vacation time for one weekend, will there be a time when we can reserve our seats for only the March weekend ?

-- Roy Schuster

A: Hi Roy -

Thank you for your email.  As you might imagine, our conversion from being a "one-NASCAR-race" speedway to a two-race speedway offers its share of opportunities and challenges.  One of the challenges is keeping happy the loyal fans who have purchased and renewed tickets in the past for our spring race while also selling as many tickets as possible to fans who want to purchase both the spring and fall.

That's why we are first offering the "Two Aces" promotion to everyone, which features reduced-priced tickets for anyone who buys both weekends.  Those who buy both will save anywhere from 25 to 40 percent, and they also have "first dibs" on the seats.  If you want to stay strictly with the spring weekend, you'll almost certainly have that opportunity, but it will come at the end of the renewal period for those who choose to buy both weekends.  That period is slated to end in the latter part of May.

Keep an eye on our website, lvms.com, on when Spring 2018 tickets will go on sale.  And then later this year we will place the Fall 2018 tickets on sale also.

Best regards,

Chris Powell
President, LVMS