It was the perfect end to another perfect season. Steve Kinser clinched the 2002 Pennzoil World of Outlaws series championship just before coming to Las Vegas, then won the final race of the season, at the dirt track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The 17-time Sprint Car king led the 30-lap feature from start to finish and won $12,000. The 30-lap "A" Feature was halted only once, when Travis Cram rolled in Turn 4 on lap 10 after losing a wheel. Tyler Walker tangled with another car while trying to avoid Cram and wound up in the fourth turn fence. Neither driver was injured. "There were a lot of good racecars here," said Kinser as he hoisted the trophy high for the Speed Channel cameras. "P.J. (Chesson) likes these TV show and all the bright lights and everything, and I saw him getting around the bottom pretty good. But we had a good car too. (Kinser also won the O'Reilly Auto Parts Dash.) After that restart, I just wanted to stay smooth and not make any mistakes with lapped cars. It was getting pretty tough to pass." P.J. Chesson of Far Hills, N.J., had second place locked up until he slid high on lap 25, allowing Tim Shaffer to take the position. Mark Kinser, Friday night's winner, dropped out of the race on lap 9 and finished 24th. Qualifying heats were won by Daryn Pittman, Johnny Herrera, Sammy Swindell and Shane Stewart. The 10-lap "C" Main was won by Paul May and Danny Lasoski claimed the 12-lap "B" Main. Sprint Car driver Mike Dunham was married to fiance Jeannie Wetzel prior to the first heat race. 30-LAP "A" FEATURE FINISH: 1. Steve Kinser (Bloomington, Ind.), 2. Tim Shaffer, 3. P.J. Chesson, 4. Craig Dollansky, 5. Sammy Swindell, 6. Donny Schatz, 7. Joey Saldana, 8. Randy Hannagan, 9. Johnny Herrera, 10. Shane Stewart, 11. Stevie Smith, 12. Danny Lasoski, 13. Ricky Logan, 14. Jason Meyers, 15. Jac Haudenschild, 16. Daryn Pittman, 17. Brad Furr, 18. Tim Kaeding, 19. Danny Wood, 20. Brian Paulus, 21. Roger Crockett, 22. Ryan Coniam, 23. Tyler Walker, 24. Mark Kinser, 25. Travis Cram. 2002 PENNZOIL WORLD OF OUTLAWS FINAL POINT STANDINGS: 1. Steve Kinser (10,263), 2. Danny Lasoski (9,929), 3. Craig Dollansky (9,925), 4. Joey Saldana (9,841), 5. Tim Shaffer (9,777), 6. Mark Kinser (9,693), 7. Donny Shatz (9,529), 8. Brad Furr (9,513), 9. Stevie Smith (9,476), 10. Randy Hannagan (8,952).