Since winning the Super Bowl last month in only his second season as quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Roethlisberger has appeared everywhere from 'The Late Show with David Letterman' to the Grammy Awards. Still, the last place anybody could have expected Roethlisberger's mug to appear is on the top wing of a sprint car, but that's exactly where it'll be Thursday and Friday during the Las Vegas World of Outlaws Nationals. Racer Greg Wilson and Roethlisberger both hail from around Findlay, Ohio. That's also where Tony's Restaurant & Pub has become known as the 'Home of the Big Ben Burger' — a sandwich selling about as fast as Wilson races on dirt. In fact, Tony's owner Tom Brown says he's sold about 7,000 Big Ben Burgers in less than two years so when he was approached about putting a deal together to sponsor Wilson's car for the World of Outlaws event this week in Las Vegas, he said Roethlisberger was excited to be a part of it. "Being from Findlay, Ohio, I felt this was a unique opportunity to generate exposure for a local establishment, Tony's Restaurant, and a local driver, Greg Wilson," Roethlisberger said. "Winning championships requires great support from others." The restaurant name is expected to adorn the hood while Roethlisberger will appear on the top wing. "We got together with Ben because my wife runs around with his mom," Brown said. "We came up with an idea to make the sandwich about a year and a half ago so we asked Ben and he said that was fine and we asked his agent and he said it was fine. We sold over 7,000 of the sandwiches and they wanted me to sponsor the car one time. I said I would think about it. When I decided to do it, we wanted to put Ben on there so we called his agent and called Ben and he said that was fine. He said thanks for asking and good luck." All that was left to do was decided how it should look. "It'll have a picture of the burger and a picture of Ben up on the wing," Brown said. "It's got a "7" stuck in the sandwich, the same thing we've got on the menu." Through four events, Wilson is 10th in the World of Outlaws championship standings. He is hoping this deal will lead to enough funding to keep his team on the road this season with the Outlaws, which has a season-ending point fund of $850,000 that pays back to the 20th position. While he is excited to have Tony's Restaurant & Pub with Roethlisberger involved, Wilson remains focused on racing at Las Vegas. "It's awesome for the media and us, but in the same sense we're not sure what it's going to lead to," Wilson said Saturday night at United Sports Arizona Race Park in Tucson, Ariz. "We're not sure if he's going to stay on board or what. When we go home, hopefully the car is in one piece and we're going to have a deal with him out at the restaurant and try to work something to where hopefully we can get something and be out with the Outlaws the whole year. "When we started this, we had plans of going to the opener in Florida and then when we got out of Florida just seeing where we were at. To be honest, we figured we would race with [the World of Outlaws] 30 times through Ohio and that area, but right now we're trying to get something put together so we can follow them all year." Chasing a championship with the Outlaws will lead Wilson to several tracks where he has not raced, including Thursday and Friday at The Dirt at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. "We're going to win, that's what you're supposed to do," Wilson said. "We've heard a couple of things, like it's similar to Volusia. I don't really know. The closer it would be to Eldora, the happier I would be." The high-powered sprint cars from the World of Outlaws Sprint Series make their first visit of 2006 to The Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Thursday and Friday as part of the annual NASCAR Weekend. In addition, a non-sanctioned late model event that includes racers such as NASCAR star Ken Schrader and World of Outlaws Late Model Series star Rick Eckert also will be competing Thursday and Friday in conjunction with the World of Outlaws. Tickets for the World of Outlaws Sprint Series and dirt late model doubleheader can be purchased by calling 800-644-4444 or by going to Dirt Late Model racer entry information is available by calling the speedway office at (702) 632-8213.