Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011

Terry Phillips of Springfield, Missouri claimed the $7,777 Duel in the Desert winner's check tonight at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Phillips, who won the 2010 edition of the Duel in the Desert, started fifth, took the lead on lap 23 and survived a last-lap drag race with Dominic Ursetta at the checkered flag to score his second consecutive Duel in the Desert win.

Last year's event drew a record 232 entries. That record was eclipsed this year as 240 drivers towed in from 25 states and three Canadian provinces for a shot at the $7,777 payday.

The event was rough on a number of past winners: Johnny "The Jet" Saathoff (2004, 2009), Jeremy Payne (2005, 2006) and David Murray Jr. (2008) were not able to qualify for the $7,777 A-Feature.

Dylan Smith brought the field down for the opening green flag. Ricky Alvarado started second and grabbed the lead from Smith on the first lap. Alvarado led the first 23 laps but a caution flag bunched up the field. On the restart, Alvarado, Smith and Phillips raced three-wide down the back straightaway with Phillips grabbing the lead in Turn 4.

Alvarado's stellar run came to an end on lap 29 when his car was sidelined by right-front suspension damage. Matt Brack, who started eighth, was now in second place and in hot pursuit of Phillips. Dominic Ursetta found some racing room beneath Brack's Modified and grabbed second place as Phillips tried to motor away from his pursuers.

Phillips hugged the bottom in Turns 1 and 2 and ran high in Turns 3 and 4 as Ursetta began to close the gap.

Ursetta caught Phillips with four laps remaining and drove to his low side but Phillips managed to hold him off.

Ursetta gave it one last try on lap 39 and the feature was reduced to a drag race down the front straightaway. Phillips held him off by less than a car length at the checkered flag and earned his second Las Vegas win. Smith finished third, Jeff Taylor was fourth and Darrin Duffy charged from his 23rd starting position to claim fifth.

"I hit the hole on the back straight a couple times so hard the car came up in the air. It knocked plug wires off or something and then it got to falling on its face -- especially the last two or three laps," said Phillips. "It was just dying down the straightaway and it would take off and I'd overshoot the corner, but hey, we got 'er done. The car worked good but we had something break on the motor but other than that, it was on the money. I was trying to keep my momentum with the motor laid down and it worked out for us just barely."

Jason Pike of Pahrump finished 17th.

Twelve Canadian drivers entered the event but only two -- Saskatchewan's Tyson Turnbull and Steve Arpin, who now lives in N.C. -- was able to qualify for Saturday's 28-car A-Feature.

IMCA SPORT MODS: Jesse Sobbing of Glenwood, Iowa took the lead from Matt Mueller on lap 8 and went on to win the 15-lap IMCA Sport Mod feature. The win was Jesse's 55th (in 92 starts) of the 2011 season.

NOTES: Next year's Duel in the Desert will be held Nov. 7-10, 2012. Event announcers: Toby Kruse and Chet Christner. Live Internet TV broadcast provided by Lucas Oil and K&N Filters.

40-lap Duel in the Desert A-Feature
Finish, start, driver's name, car number, hometown
1. (5) Terry Phillips (75T) Springfield, Missouri
2. (3) Dominic Ursetta (6U) Arvada, Colo.
3. (1) Dylan Smith (95) Ocsceola, Nebr.
4. (10) Jeff Taylor (5T) Cave City, Ark.
5. (23) Darrin Duffy (19D) Hazelton, Iowa
6. (8) Matt Brack (16M) Mead, Colo.
7. (16) Will Brack (15W) Mead, Colo.
8. (11) Justen Yeager (33Y) Green River, Wyo.
9. (9) Randy Hall (H20) Olean, N.Y.
10. (13) Bobby Hogge (2H) Salinas, Kans.
11. (25) Steve Arpin (01A) Cornelius, N.C.
12. (24) Tyson Turnbull (10T) Estevan, Sask., Canada
13. (21) Ryan McDaniel (10) Olivehurst, Calif.
14. (14) Kevin Stoa (98) Albert Lea, Minn.
15. (12) Justin Radcliff (11J) China Spring, Texas
16. (27) Alan Sharpensteen (75X) Springfield, Missouri
17. (6) Jason Pike (23) Pahrump, Nev.
18. (17) Jay Foster (09) Buckeye, Ariz.
19. (22) Kyle Heckman (11XX) Bakersfield, Calif.
20. (2) Ricky Alvarado (ww1) Delta, Colo.
21. (26) Tim Ward (4TW) Gilbert, Ariz.
22. (18) Jay Noteboom (7N) Hinton, Iowa
23. (4) Justin O'Brien (12J) West Union, Iowa
24. (7) John Hansen (8H) Brush, Colo.
25. (19) Jordan Grabouski (30) Beatrice, Nebr.
26. (15) Jacob Murray (48J) Hartford, Iowa
27. (20) Bob Moore (48) Sioux City, Iowa
28. (28) Kyle Lentz (99) Green Bay, Wisc.

12-lap Modified Last-Chance Races (only the winner advances):
First: 1. Jay Foster.
Second: 1. Jay Noteboom.
Third: 1. Jordan Grabouski.
Fourth: 1. Bobby Moore.
Fifth: 1. Ryan McDaniel.
Sixth: 1. Kyle Heckman.
Seventh: 1. Darrin Duffy.
Eightht: 1. Tyson Turnbull.
Ninth: 1. Steve Arpin.
10th: 1. Tim Ward.
11th: Alan Sharpensteen.
12th: Kyle Lentz.
Modified Wild West feature: 1. Cory Sample (Winnemucca, Nev.).
Modified Old Timers' Race (55 and older): 1. Robert Heffer (Swift River, Sask., Canada).
Modified Young Gun Race (17 and younger): 1. Riley Emmel (Estevan, Sask., Canada).

IMCA Sport Mod heats:
First heat: 1. Jesse Sobbing (Glenwood, Iowa).
Second heat: 1. Ken Graves (Tahoka, Texas).
15-lap IMCA Sport Mod feature: 1. Jesse Sobbing (Glenwood, Iowa), 2. Matt Mueller, 3. Ken Graves, 4. Jason Mallicoat.

Friday, Nov. 11, 2011

Day 2: O'Brien, Pike and Mueller earn Duel in the Desert victories at the Dirt Track
at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Heat races: 8 laps; first and second-place finishers proceeded to the A-Feature.
First heat: 1. Jeremy Mills, 2. Steve Stone.
Second heat: 1. Tony Kincaid Jr., 2. Kevin Wright.
Third heat: 1. Kevin Stoa, 2. Craig Moore.
Fourth heat: 1. Brandon Blochlinger, 2. Steve Boucher.
Fifth heat: 1. Joel Bushore, 2. Kellen Chadwick.
Sixth heat:  1. Justin O'Brien, 2. Regan Tafoya.
Seventh heat: 1. Randy Brown, 2. Bobby Moore.
Eighth heat: 1. Jay Marks, 2. Jay Noteboom.
Ninth heat: 1. Chett Reeves, 2. Kyle Casson.
10th heat: 1. Matt Brack, 2. Brad Pounds.
11th heat: 1.  Mike Jergens, 2. Joe Antonetti.
12th heat: 1.  Monte Bolton, 2. Josh Most.
13th heat: 1. Jeremy Payne, 2. Paul Donnelly.
14th heat: 1. Jason Pike, 2. Robert Sanders.
15th heat: 1. David Murray Jr., 2. Jordan Grabowski.
16th heat: 1. Joshua Vogt, 2. Tyson Turnbull.
17th heat: 1. Kyle Heckman, 2. Tim Ward.
18th heat: 1. Will Brack, 2. Terry Belcher Jr.
19th heat: 1. Ryan McDaniel, 2. Logan Drake.
20th heat: 1. Ricky Alvarado, 2. Scott Pounds.

10-lap B-Features:
First B-Feature: 1. Steve Arpin, 2. Jay Foster.
Second B-Feature: 1. Johnny "The Jet" Saathoff, 2. Tyler Iverson.
Third B-Feature: 1. Ryan Cottrell, 2. Tommy Fain.
Fourth B-Feature: 1. Tom Berry, 2. Andy Obertello.
Fifth B-Feature: 1. Dustin Hansen, 2. Conner Pullen.
Sixth B-Feature: 1. Daniel Hilsabeck, 2. Dan Fitzgerald.
Seventh B-Feature: 1. Gary Dutton, 2. Roger Holder.
Eighth B-Feature: 1. Stacey Mills, 2. Darrin Duffy.
Ninth B-Feature: 1. Jeff Taylor, 2. Casey Delp.
10th B-Feature: 1. Rich Denman, 2. Lance Mari.

First 20-lap Saturday A-Feature qualifier: 1. Justin O'Brien, 2. Matt Brack, 3. Justin Radcliff, 4. Kevin Stoa.
Second 20-lap Saturday A-Feature qualifier: 1. Jason Pike, 2. Ricky Alvarado, 3. Jeff Taylor, 4.  Kyle Heckman.

IMCA Sport Mods
First heat: 1. Matt Mueller -- Stamford, Texas.
Second heat: 1.  Jesse Sobbing -- Glenwood, Iowa
15-lap feature: 1. Matt Mueller (Sanford, Texas), Shane Helton (Artesia, New Mex.), 3. Jason Mallicoat (Boone, Iowa).

Thursday, Nov. 10, 2011

The 2011 edition of the Duel in the Desert at the Dirt Track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway broke its own record for IMCA Modified entries. Tonight's total -- 240 IMCA Modifieds (from 25 states and 3 Canadian provinces) -- eclipsed last year's old record of 232. The annual event is the biggest race for the IMCA Modifieds west of the Mississippi River.

Dominic Ursetta (Arvada, Colo.) and Dylan Smith (Osceola, Nebr.) won 25-lap Saturday A-Feature qualifiers tonight. The twin features capped a night of 20 heats and 10 B-Features.

Thanks to K&N Filters and Lucas Oil, Friday and Saturday night's races will be aired free on Internet TV at: The screen will identify itelf as "from the tower at LVMS" and the logo from The Strip at LVMS will appear, since they share the same ustream account.

Recent winners of the prestigious event include: Terry Phillips (Springfield, Mo. -- 2010), Johnny "The Jet" Saathoff (Beatrice, Neb. -- 2004 and 2009), David Murray Jr. (Oberlin, Kans. --2008), Jimmy Mars (Menomonie, Wis. -- 2007) and Jeremy Payne (Springfield, Mo. -- 2005 and 2006).

Heat races: 8 laps; first and second-place finishers proceeded to the A-Feature.
First heat: 1. Justin Yeager, 2. Travis Perry.
Second heat: 1. Dylan Smith, 2. Mike Petersille.
Third heat: 1. Chris Abelson, 2. Bill Meyer.
Fourth heat: 1. Josh Vogt, 2. Rodger Holder.
Fifth heat: 1. Robby Childs, 2. Cory Sample.
Sixth heat:  1. Jason Wolla, 2. Paul Stone.
Seventh heat: 1. Bobby Moore, 2. Joe Antonetti.
Eighth heat: 1. Mike Vangenderen, 2. Hank Berry.
Ninth heat: 1. Brad Pounds, 2. Regan Tafoya.
10th heat: 1. Darin Duffy, 2. Jared Hoefelman. (Daniel Hilsabeck finished second but was disqualified in post-race tech.)
11th heat: 1. Ricky Alvarado, 2. Gary Dutton.
12th heat: 1. Kellen Chadwick, 2. Randy Hall.
13th heat: 1. Johnny "The Jet" Saathoff, 2. Jay Noteboom.
14th heat: 1. Bobby Hogge, 2. Justin O'Brien.
15th heat: 1. Jordan Grabowski, 2. Kyle Lentz.
16th heat: 1. Dominic Ursetta, 2. Duane Cleveland.
17th heat: 1. Casey Delp, 2. Jeremy Payne.
18th heat: 1. John Hansen, 2. Tyson Turnbull.
19th heat: 1. Tim Ward, 2. Steve Arpin.
20th heat: 1. Michael Johnson, 2. Jesse Williamson.

12-lap B-Features:
First B-Feature: 1. Jacob Murray, 2. Kevin Stoa.
Second B-Feature: 1. Terry Phillips, 2. Jay Marks.
Third B-Feature: 1. Alex Stanford, 2. Chase Ruble.
Fourth B-Feature: 1. Kyle Heckman, 2. Dustin Hansen.
Fifth B-Feature: 1. Connor Pullen, 2. Troy McElroy.
Sixth B-Feature: 1. Brian Poppa, 2. William Gould.
Seventh B-Feature: 1. David Murray Jr., 2. Ryan McDaniel.
Eighth B-Feature: 1. Will Brack., 2. Joe Kent.
Ninth B-Feature: 1. Larry Wise, 2. Zane Devilbiss.
10th B-Feature: 1. Alan Sharpensteen, 2. Ryan Cottrell.

First 25-lap Saturday A-Feature qualifier: 1. Dylan Smith, 2. Terry Phillips, 3. Justen Yeager, 4. Jacob Murray.
Second 25-lap Saturday A-Feature qualifier: 1. Dominic Ursetta, 2. John Hansen, 3. Randy Hall, 4. Bobby Hogge.

Number, Driver Name, Hometown
00   Cory Sample -- Winnemucca, Nev.
01A  Steve Arpin -- Cornelius, N.C.
01H  Michael Hale -- West Valley, Utah
01L  Paul Leach -- Sun River, Mont.
01  Gary Costa -- Pahrump, Nev.
02X  Nick Nelson -- Farmington, New Mex.
07H  Jason Hilliard -- Cash, Okla.
07X  Mark Rodgers -- Farmington, New Mex.
09  Jay Foster -- Buckeye, Ariz.
0  Jimmy Reeves -- Hanford, Calif.
0P  Brian Poppa -- White City, Ore.
1  Conner Pullen -- Amarillo, Tex.
1J  Jeff Streeter -- Madera, Calif.
1M  Cody Gearhart -- Turpin, Okla.
1N  Shawn Natenstedt -- Fernley, Nev.
1WV  Ricky Alvarado -- Delta, Colo.
1X  Stephen Streeter -- Madera, Calif.
1XX  Chris Abelson -- Sioux City, Iowa
2B  Brandon Leonard -- Cilroy, Calif.
2C  Duane Cleveland -- Plumas Lake, Calif.
2H  Bobby Hogge -- Salinas, Calif.
2J  Justin Schweitzer -- Bakersfield, Calif.
2W  Casey Delp -- Rock Springs, Wyo.
3  Brady Coen -- Wiley, Colo.
3AC  Levi Kiefer -- Pahrump, Nev.
3L  Brian Levander -- Grand Island, Neb.
3N  Gene Kay -- Yerrington, Nev.
X3  Shawn Reed -- Casper, Wyo.
4  Joey Yantis -- Bakersfield, Calif.
4TW  Tim Ward -- Gilbert, Ariz.
5D  Bill Dykes -- Bluffdale, Utah
5G  Tim Gagnon -- Visalia, Calif.
5S  Joseph Pontin Sr. -- Chino Valley, Ariz.
5T  Jeff Taylor -- Cave City, Ark.
5W  Larry Wise -- Bakersfield, Calif.
W5  Jesse Williamson -- Eugene, Ore.
5X  Glenn Olson -- Hanford, Calif.
6  David Peterson -- Grantsville, Utah
6M  Matt Murphy -- Susanville, Calif.
6P  Travis Peery -- Fort Jones, Calif.
6U  Dominic Ursetta -- Arvada, Colo.
7B  Bryan Burnes -- Lemoore, Calif.
7C  Colten Vanderherp -- Ferron, Utah
7M  Mitch Murphy -- Susanville, Calif.
7N  Jay Noteboom -- Hinton, Iowa
7S  Josh Smith -- Myton, Utah
7W  Bryan Wordelman -- Salt Lake City, Utah
8  Wade Taylor -- Spring Creek, Nev.
8C  Chris Clark -- Jackson, Wyo.
C8  Joey Claborn -- Santa Maria, Calif.
8D  Doug Davenport -- Vernonia, Ore.
8H  John Hansen -- Brush, Colo.
8J  Jon Jensen -- Pahrump, Nev.
L8  Brian Schultz -- Csa Grande, Ariz.
8R  Jesse Richter -- Great Bend, Kans.
9  Roger Bonneville -- Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
9B  Brandon Blochlinger -- Belleville, Kans.
9H  Robert Hellebust -- Minot, N. Dakota
9XXX  Chett Reeves -- Bakersfield, Calif.
10  Ryan McDaniel -- Olivehurst, Calif.
10E  Stacey Mills -- Webb, Iowa
10M  Jeremy Mills -- Garner, Iowa
10T  Tyson Turnbull -- Estevan, Sask., Canada
11  Robert Sanders -- Bakersfield, Calif.
11A  Shawn Zelenka -- Phoenix, Ariz.
11D  Jeff Decker -- Dickinson, N. Dakota
11H  Eric Hamilton -- Hanford, Calif.
11J  Jsutin Radcliff -- China Spring, Texas
11K  Kyle Casson -- Yreka, Calif.
11X  Tom Berry Jr. -- Medford, Ore.
11XXX  Kyle Heckman -- Bakersfield, Calif.
12D  Paul Donnelly -- Great Falls, Mont.
12EH  Riley Emmel -- Estevan, Sask., Canada
12J  Justin O'Brien -- West Union, Iowa
12R  Reed Payne -- Idaho Falls, Idaho
13  Matt Waugh -- Altoona, Iowa
13H  Robert Higgins -- Portola, Calif.
14M  Craig Moore -- Seabeck, Wash.
14P  Ryan Porter -- Atwater, Calif.
14S  Kelly Smith -- Roosevelt, Utah
14T  Travis Hagen -- Williston, N. Dakota
15  Jeff Handke -- Clifton, Colo.
15B  Brad Pounds -- Bakersfield, Calif.
15E  Bill Egleston -- Atwater, Calif.
15H  Jared Hoefelman -- Columbus, Nebr.
15M  Mike Shepperd -- Mead, Colo.
15W  Will Brack -- Mead, Colo.
15X  Ryan Cottrell -- Las Vegas, Nev.
16  Ricky Lee -- Oak Hills, Calif.
16B  Randy Brown -- Chowchilla, Calif.
16M  Matt Brack -- Mead, Colo.
16S  Ghery Smith -- Roosevelt, Utah
17  Jim Harris -- Estevan, Sask., Canada
17J  Jeremy Frenier -- Fort Morgan, Colo.
18  Terry Belcher Jr. -- Buckeye, Ariz.
18C  Christopher McKellar -- Bakersfield, Calif.
18D  Richard Anderson -- Shelley, Idaho
18M  Bill Meyer -- Needles, Calif.
18X  Rick Spangler -- Grand Junction, Colo.
18Z  Zane DeVilbiss -- Farmington, New Mex.
19  John Flory -- Williston, N. Dakota
19D  Darrin Duffy -- Hazelton, Iowa
19M  Royce Mull -- Chowchilla, Calif.
19SB  Lance Mari -- El Centro, Calif.
20C  Chase Hansen -- Myton, Utah
H20  Randy Hall -- Olean, N.Y.
20D  Dustin Hansen -- Myton, Utah
20R  Robbie Chiles -- Hooper, Colo.
21  Mark Allison -- Las Vegas, Nev.
21B  Eddie Belec -- Lakewood, Colo.
21C  Christopher Cole -- Cash, Okla.
21J  Julian Garcia Jr. -- Aztec, New Mex.
21R  Riley Simmons -- Susanville, Calif.
22C  Michael Johnson -- Bakersfield, Calif.
22D  Daniel Hilsabeck -- Waukee, Iowa
23  Jason Pike -- Pahrump, Nev.
24  Roger Holder -- Bakersfield, Calif.
24J  Jason Donnelly -- Rigby, Idaho
24JD  Jake Donnelly -- Rigby, Idaho
24R  Regan Tafoya -- Farmington, New Mex.
24S  Steve Simpson Jr. -- Kingman, Ariz.
24T  Curtis Towns -- Cottage Grove, Ore.
25  Hank Berry -- Sidney, Mont.
25DD  Danny Dozier -- Oakley, Calif.
25P  Mike Petersillie -- Hoisington, Kans.
25V  Joshua Vogt -- Santa Maria, Calif.
26X  Joe Kent -- Las Vegas, Nev.
27  Stephen Roche -- Spring Valley, Calif.
27C  Chase Ruble -- Delta, Colo.
27EH  Lawrence O'Connor -- Port Hardy, B.C., Canada
27R  Randy Porter -- Great Bend, Kans.
27W  Jason Wolla -- Williston, N. Dakota
27X  Mike Hagen -- Williston, N. Dakota
28  Chester Kniss -- Antioch, Calif.
28E  Kurt Erdman -- Williston, N. Dakota
28H  Darrell Hughes III -- Monteca, Calif.
29  Andy Obertello -- Hollister, Calif.
29E  Brooke Elts -- Grand Island, Nebr.
30  Jordan Grabouski -- Beatrice, Nebr.
30S  Donald Slater -- Trenton, N. Dakota
30W  Darin Wendt -- Williston, N. Dakota
31  Jay Parvin -- Glendale, Ariz.
31K  Kevin Faddis -- Marvel, Colo.
32  Scott Pounds -- Bakersfield, Calif.
33L  Larry Goertz -- Omaha, Nebr.
33Y  Justen Yeager -- Green River, Wyoming
34M  Albert Gill -- Central Point, Ore.
36  Jeff Conner -- Panora, Iowa
37  Doug Mitchell -- Fort St. John, B.C., Canada
37X  Mike Jergens -- Plover, Iowa
38S  Nick Sylvester -- Bakersfield, Calif.
41  George Fronsman -- Surprise, Ariz.
J41  Monte Bolton -- Lubbock, Texas
42  Chris Olexiewicz -- Chandler, Ariz.
44  Jason Noll -- El Mirage, Ariz.
44X  Christy Georges -- El Paso, Texas
45  Ryan Roath -- Phoenix, Ariz.
46  Bert Beech -- Green River, Wyoming
48  Bob Moore -- Sioux City, Iowa
48J  Jacob Murray -- Hartford, Iowa
49  John Laughlin -- Bullhead City, Ariz.
51  Jason Bannister -- Bakersfield, Calif.
51B  Bryan Clark -- Bakersfield, Calif.
52  Butch Vernon -- Idaho Falls, Idaho
56  Ronald Chiles -- Hooper, Colo.
57CT  Chris Toth -- Holtville, Calif.
57M  Troy McElroy -- Shady Grove, Ore.
57MX  Mark Odgers -- Mariposa, Calif.
57R  Jake Rice -- Idaho Falls, Idaho
57V  Mike Van Genderen -- Newton, Iowa
58M  Harlan McElroy -- Shady Grove, Ore.
59  John Barber -- Swift Current, Sask., Canada
59K  Tony Kincade Jr. -- Pahrump, Nev.
59M  Mark Stewart -- Sedona, Ariz.
59S  Paul Anderson -- Windsor, Calif.
60  William Gould -- Calera, Okla.
66  Robert Heffer -- Swift Current, Sask., Canada
66P  Paul Stone -- Winton, Calif.
67M  Michael Shearer -- Los Banos, Calif.
69M  Mike Villaneueva -- Atwater, Calif.
71  Billy Wilker -- Reedly, Calif.
71D  Rich Denman -- Coalinga, Calif.
72M  Martin McLaughlin -- Henderson, Nev.
73S  Steve Stone -- Winton, Calif.
73U  Joe Miller -- Grantsville, Utah
75  Jeremy Osborne -- Waddell, Ariz.
75T  Terry Phillips -- Springfield, Missouri
75X  Alan Sharpensteen -- Amarillo, Texas
76  Dan Lee -- High River, Alberta, Canada
77C  Carson VanderHerp -- Ferron, Utah
77D  Dick Cole -- Ramona, Calif.
77L  Jimmy Lust -- Mariposa, Calif.
78  Steve Schultz -- Peoria, Ariz.
80  John Pierce -- San Jose, Calif.
81  Jeff Olschowka -- Olivehurst, Calif.
81T  Craig Teter -- Rifle, Colo.
82  Sherman Barnett -- El Paso, Texas
82X  Joe Parmeley -- Phoenix, Ariz.
83  Kellen Chadwick -- Oakley, Calif.
83W  Kevin Wright -- Rock Springs, Wyoming
84  Robby Jeppesen -- Atwater, Calif.
86J  Jerry Buesig Jr. -- Pahrump, Nev.
87  Joel Bushore -- Boone, Iowa
87N  Dan Fitzgerald -- Las Vegas, Nev.
88X  John Beaumont -- Fort St. John, B.C., Canada
89 Freddie Plourde -- Santa Rosa, Calif.
89DR  Duane Rogers -- Imperial, Calif.
90  Jason Beaulieu -- Cambell River, B.C., Canada
90.5  Tommy Fain -- Abilene, Texas
90C  Graham Cook -- Nanoose Bay, B.C., Canada
92  Josh Most -- Red Oak, Iowa
94  Jim Graves -- Liberal, Kans.
95  Dylan Smith -- Osceola, Nebr.
96J  Johnny Saathoff -- Beatrice, Nebr.
96JP  Jeremy Payne -- Springfield, Missouri
96M  Mickey Stubbings -- Helper, Utah
97  Jay Marks -- Bakersfield, Calif.
97M  David Murray -- Oberlin, Kans.
98  Kevin Stoa -- Albert Lea, Minn.
98A  Alex Sanford -- Chowchilla, Calif.
98i -- Tyler Iverson -- Albion, Nebr.
98T  Jason Thomas -- Corvallis, Montana
99  Kyle Lentz -- Green Bay, Wis.
99B  Chuck Buchanan -- Helper, Utah
99BS  Dusty Safley, Helper, Utah
102  Kody Scholpp -- Estevan, Sask., Canada
111 Logan Drake -- San Luis Obispo, Calif.
121  Justin Wright -- Rock Springs, Wyoming
166  Joe Antonetti -- Santa Cruz
177  Steve Boucher -- Susanville, Calif.
185  George Ashby Jr. -- Rawlins, Wyoming
198  Robby Sawyer -- Bakersfield, Calif.
222  Gary Dutton -- Bakersfield, Calif.
749  Vince Ogle -- Lubbock, Texas
777  Robert Mull -- Olivehurst, Calif.
818  Robert Reed -- Cortez, Colo.
911  Kevin Fitzgerald -- Brentwood, Calif.
911X  Josh McGaha -- Abilene, Texas

0H  Shane Helton -- Artesia, New Mex.
4G  Ken Graves -- Tahoka, Texas
11  Jeff Allgayer -- Texana, Texas
13MM  Matt Ruf -- Grand Junction, Colo.
17  Mark Nustad -- Johnson Valley, Calif.
23JR  Dudley Schroeder Jr. -- Armour, S. Dakota
27  Bryon Weyer -- Des Moines, Iowa
28M  Jessy McElroy -- Grand Junction, Colo.
30X  Josh Modde -- Des Moines, Iowa
36  Jason Mallicoat -- Boone, Iowa
38  Matt Mueller -- Stamford, Texas
69  Tony Rost -- Utica, Nebr.
74  Wayne Dotson  -- Bakersfield, Calif.
77  Jack Myer -- Ankeny, Iowa
97  Julie Boettler -- Farmington, New Mex.
99  Jesse Sobbing -- Glenwood, Iowa