O'Reilly Auto Parts Midnight Mayhem Showcase/Grudge Class

Remaining 2016 Showcase/Top 10 Grudge Class Dates:

Aug. 26, 2016

Sept. 23, 2016

2016 Show Case Rules:

  • Entry fee will be $30.
  • No riders allowed in this class.
  • Cars must meet all LVMS Midnight Mayhem Showcase rules including; this class is
    for door cars only with left hand steer, must be street legal appearing, must have
    working head and tail lights, and must have a hood.
  • Drag slicks are permitted.
  • Water can be used in burn-out area.
  • All cars must meet all NHRA ET bracket safety rules per ET run.
  • Class will be run at specific times throughout the event. This is the only time water will
    be put in burn-out box.
  • This class will be run with no scoreboards. You will only be provided with your side of
    the time slip. Time slips will be given to driver only, not crew members.