Steve Cox of Hesperia, Calif., took all the marbles at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway's Fire & Thunder Festival Saturday night. Cox, driving a 1968 Camaro, outran Rod Fuller of Rogers, Ark., to win the $3,000 Super Pro (electronic) category.

Michael Edmonds of Henderson defeated Neil Evans of Las Vegas for the $1,500 Pro (non-electronic) victory.

Bill Dudley won the Street finale and Kahea Woods claimed the final round of Motorcycle competition.

Saturday's run-for-the-money winners included Carl Cannavo, Bill Dudley and Don Millard.

Jerry's Nugget Casino Reaction Time Bonus Awards were won by Russ Aidukas (Street), Jason Whitenack (Motorcycle), Carl Cannavo (Super Pro) and Romeo Furio (Pro). The prizes are awarded to drivers who post the best reaction time on a winning run in the first round in their category.

Bob Coulter defeated Dan Reaume on Friday night for the Gambler jackpot.

Winner: Steve Cox (Hesperia, Calif.) '68 Camaro 10.947 sec./121.51 mph
Runner-up: Rod Fuller (Rogers, Ark.) '01 Undercover dragster 7.868 sec./169.72 mph
No. 1 Qualifier: Carl Cannavo (N. Las Vegas) '95 Yancer dragster 9.070 sec.

PRO (NON-ELECTRONIC) $1,500-TO-WIN Winner: Michael Edmonds (Henderson) '78 Monza 10.562 sec./120.62 mph
Runner-up: Neil Evans (Las Vegas) '79 Chevy LUV 13.830 sec./98.41 mph
No. 1 Qualifier: Earl Blake (Las Vegas) '68 Barracuda 11.717 sec.

Winner: Bill Dudley (Las Vegas) '74 Nova 13.465 sec./89.33 mph
Runner-up: Russ Aidukas (Las Vegas) '89 Mustang 14.738 sec./97.89 mph

Winner: Kahea Woods (Las Vegas) '95 Suzuki 8.818 sec./147.67 mph
Runner-up: Jason Whitenack (Henderson) 9.978 sec./127.91 mph

GAMBLER (Friday)
Winner: Bob Coulter 12.653 sec./106.25 mph
Runner-up: Dan Reaume 12.176 sec./108.93 mph