Four final round trophies left the state Saturday evening as local racers were shut out of the final-round victories column during the ninth Jr. Dragster points race at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Strip's final Jr. Dragster points race of the 2002 season will be held Sunday, Nov. 17. Jr. Dragster 8-9: Winner: Jake Miller (Golden Valley, Ariz.) 13.157 sec./46.63 mph. Runner-up: Ryen Lamb (Henderson) 13.097 sec./49.00 mph. Jr. Dragster 10-12: Winner: Nicholas Verlingo (Alta Loma, Calif.) 8.930 sec./70.15 mph. Runner-up: Matthew Verlingo (Alta Loma, Calif.) 12.246 sec./52.73 mph. Jr. Dragster 13-14: Winner: Thomas Redding Jr. (Palmdale, Calif.) 8.242 sec./78.36 mph. Runner-up: Colby Suder (Temecula, Calif.) 8.740 sec./74.27 mph. Jr. Dragster 15-17: Winner: Shannon Robin (Alta Loma, Calif.) 8.154 sec./79.72 mph. Runner-up: Kayla Sewell (Henderson) 9.392 sec./69.74 mph. ###