List of local drivers entered in the fourth annual

NHRA Nationals at The Strip at LVMS




George Marnell (Las Vegas) 2002 Pontiac Grand Am (sponsor: Matco Tools)



Duane Shields (Las Vegas) 2003 Hadman chassis (sponsor: Shortline Express Markets)



Gordon Loeffler (Las Vegas) '68 Dodge Dart (sponsor: Adobe Electric)  Car No. 702

John Gallina (Henderson) '87 Buick Regal (sponsor: Gallina Racing) Car No. 726

P. Thomas Ely (Las Vegas) '74 Duster (sponsor: PT & Co.) Car No. 7348

Maureen Ely (Las Vegas) '73 Duster (sponsor: Mrs. PT & Co.) Car No. 7349



Errol Farmer (Las Vegas) '70 Barracuda (sponsor: Pettis Performance) Car No. 704

Gary Kestler (Las Vegas) '71 Challenger (sponsor: Quick Change Display) Car No. 710

Dwight Machael (Las Vegas) '66 Corvette (sponsor: American Retirement) Car No. 737

John Irving (Boulder City) '71 Dodge Dart (sponsor: Mazzolini Racing) Car No. 741

Earl Blake Jr. (Las Vegas) '68 Barracuda (Dad's Barracuda) Car No. 777

Bill Koski (Las Vegas) '66 Plymouth Belvedere (sponsor: A Accurate Machine) Car No. 3099

Chris Coulter (Las Vegas) '69 Mercury (sponsor: Coulter Racing) Car No. 7004

Paul Haszlauer (Las Vegas) '71 Dodge (sponsor: Jerry's Nugget Casino) Car No. 7019

Bobby Buoy (Cedar City, Utah) '69 Barracuda (sponsor: Bobby's Upholstery) Car No. 7032

Has entered two cars. Usually enters six NHRA divisional races and four NHRA national events each year.

Marka Gallina (Henderson) '89 Trans Am (sponsor: Gallina Racing) Car No. 7569

Dale Howard (Las Vegas) '69 Camaro (sponsor: Ultimate Bedroom) Car No. 7747

Paul Wong (Las Vegas) '65 Plymouth (sponsor: PS Motorsports) Car No. 7784

Stephanie Wong (Las Vegas) '65 Plymouth (sponsor: PS Motorsports) Car No. 7785



John Dowd (Las Vegas) '71 Chevrolet (sponsor: Walker Landscape) Car No. 7117

Don Kruse (Las Vegas) '95 Beretta (sponsors: Mundee Trucking/Kruse & Raymond) Car No. 7275

Robert Miller (Henderson) '95 dragster (sponsor: Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School) Car No. 7373

Vince Terrano (Henderson) '97 Yancer dragster, engine by D&H Marine (sponsor: D&H Marine)

Crew chief: Frank Terrano. Car No. 7607

Roger Hall (Las Vegas) '66 Chevelle (sponsor: Century Auto Body) Car No. 7639

Randolph Scott (Las Vegas) '98 Yancer dragster (sponsor: Papa Scott Racing) Car No. 7811

James Earl (Boulder City) '99 Yancer dragster (sponsor: Jim Earl) Car No. 7921



Paul Bledsoe (Las Vegas) '02 Shelby Cobra 4000 Series (sponsor: Shelby American Inc.)

Painted by: Chiney Mangru/Century Auto Body.  Paint supplied by: SRC Wholesale.  Chassis: Earl Snow.  Graphics: Vegas Vinyl.  Tires supplied by: Mickey Thompson.  Bledsoe is a two-time Las Vegas track champion and two-time St. George, Utah, track champion. Car No. 7457


Jimmy Lintz (Las Vegas) '91 Camaro (sponsor: Car Doctor) Car No. 7299

Robert Miller (Henderson) '63 Corvette (sponsor: none listed) Car No. 7338

Kenny Yeoman (Las Vegas) '91 Daytona (sponsor: Yeoman Development) Car No. 7602

Mike Giordano (Las Vegas) '00 S-10 (sponsor: Mike Giordano Racing) Car No. 7607

Bobby Buoy (Cedar City, Utah) '91 Dodge Daytona (sponsors: Bobby's Upholstery, Koppel's Place)


Source: NHRA entry list published in NHRA Nationals program.  Additional information provided by racers.