DATE:  APRIL 23, 2003




CC:  NHRA Competition Committee -- Charlie Nielson ¿ NHRA Division 7 Director 


There has been a lot of discussion involving the official rule of driver eligibility ever since a 15-year-old with a Nevada driver's license won our opening Pro Bracket event. We¿ve received numerous calls from racers who have questioned the participant¿s eligibility. As a result of these questions, we felt it was necessary to provide a written clarification for anyone interested in this issue.


In the majority of states, the law requires that a person be a minimum age of 16 years before they can obtain a state driver¿s license. As a result, many racers have interpreted this to automatically mean that a driver must be at least 16 years of age to participate in an NHRA-sanctioned event. However, in Nevada, a driver can legally obtain a state driver¿s license as young as 15 years of age. Therefore, per the NHRA rulebook, a 15-year-old with a state-issued driver¿s license is permitted to participate in an NHRA sanctioned event.


NHRA General Regulations (10:4 Credentials):

Each driver of a vehicle entered in any event conducted at an NHRA member track must have a valid state or government driver¿s license or NHRA Competition License subject to inspection by officials at any time.


The only limits that NHRA has on drivers under 16 years of age is if they are running in a category that requires a competition license (any class running 9.99 sec. or quicker). Under the current NHRA rule, a 15-year-old with a valid state driver¿s license could participate in either a Divisional or National event as long as they are an NHRA member and have submitted a completed parental consent form/waiver of liability.


I have contacted NHRA officials and verified this as the correct interpretation of the rule and verified driver eligibility. If anyone has any additional questions regarding this rule, please feel free to contact the NHRA Division 7 Office at (626)-914-4761 -- extension 278.


The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway is an NHRA-sanctioned facility that operates under the guidelines for the safe conduct of racing as established by the sanctioning body. For additional governing rules please refer to the 2003 Official National Hot Rod Association Rulebook and/or 2003 NHRA Official Procedures Manual.