Jim Knight scores upset PSCA Pro Street win at The Strip at LVMS;

Hite, Cannavo split weekend Super Quick victories



            The Pacific Street Car Association (PSCA) Innovative Turbo/Borg Warner Airwerks Memorial Weekend Shootout is now history and a surprise winner claimed the biggest prize.  Jim Knight of Phoenix defeated favorite Ed Thornton of Chino Hills, Calif., in the final round of Tom's Differential Pro Street competition.  Over the course of the weekend, Thornton made seven passes in excess of 200 mph down The Strip's quarter mile, all from the left lane.  After making a race record 210-mph run in the semi-final, Thornton elected to switch lanes for the final against Knight.  Near the 1,000-ft. mark, Thornton's 1969 Camaro began to lose control and he was forced to back off the throttle.  He saved the car and managed not to hit the concrete retaining wall, but destroyed the timing cone at the 1,000-ft. mark.  Despite his problems, Thornton still managed to turn in a run of 132.88 mph.  Knight claimed the $1,500 first prize with a flawless run of 7.217 sec./191.95 mph.


            On Saturday, Antonio Hite of Las Vegas defeated Mike Giordano for Outlaw Eliminator (Super Quick) honors.  On Sunday, Carl Cannavo of North Las Vegas breezed to victory when opponent Joe Niswonger fouled at the starting line.  Cannavo won the No. 1 Qualifier Award from Jerry's Nugget Casino on Saturday and Sunday.


            Scott Bieschke of Las Vegas was unhurt in a spectacular crash during qualifying on Saturday.  Bieschke's car lost control while racing in the left lane, crossed over into the right lane, slammed into the concrete retaining wall and rolled over.  Footage of Bieschke's crash may be viewed at Larry Pfister's Horsepower Heaven website (www.horsepowerheaven.com).



OUTLAW ELIMINATOR (Saturday) name, hometown, car, reaction time, dial-in, E.T., mph:

Winner: Antonio Hite (Las Vegas) '66 Nova ¿ .426, 9.37 sec., 9.383 sec./142.49 mph

Runner-up: Mike Giordano (Las Vegas) Chevrolet S-10 -- .412, 10.07 sec., 10.054 sec./132.00 mph

Jerry's Nugget No. 1 Qualifier: Carl Cannavo (North Las Vegas)


OUTLAW ELIMINATOR (Sunday) name, hometown, car, reaction time, dial-in, E.T., mph:

Winner: Carl Cannavo (North Las Vegas) Yancer dragster -- .409, 7.89 sec., 7.860 sec./169.78 mph

Runner-up: Joe Niswonger (Las Vegas) '70 Chevelle -- .396 (foul), 9.09 sec., 9.079 sec./147.31 mph

Jerry's Nugget No. 1 Qualifier: Carl Cannavo (North Las Vegas)



Winner: Jim Knight (Phoenix) '63 Corvette -- 7.217 sec./191.95 mph

Runner-up: Ed Thornton (Chino Hills, Calif.) '69 Camaro ¿ 7.965 sec./132.88 mph

No. 1 Qualifier: Ed Thornton ¿ 7.038 sec./208.46 mph

Low E.T.: Ed Thornton ¿ 6.880 sec.

Top Speed: Ed Thornton ¿ 210.08 mph



Winner: Matt Schmidt (Perris, Calif.) '66 Nova ¿ 8.532 sec./162.63 mph

Runner-up: Gil Nevarez (Las Vegas) '66 Nova ¿ 8.885 sec./168.09 mph



Winner: George Raygoza (Orland, Calif.) '68 Nova ¿ 8.700 sec./163.35 mph

Runner-up: Bobby Frye (Buena Park, Calif.) '93 Mustang 8.878 sec./161.30 mph



Winner: Rick Snavely (Los Angeles) '66 Mustang ¿ 8.021 sec./174.30 mph

Runner-up: Roger Renfrow (Tempe, Ariz.) '67 Camaro ¿ 8.146 sec./172.56 mph



Winner: Greg Orr (Pueblo, Colo.) '88 Chevrolet ¿ 7.796 sec./187.11 mph

Runner-up: Doug Sikora (Barstow, Calif.) '02 Mustang ¿ 7.849 sec./177.35 mph



Winner: Levi Hanna (Cypress Calif.) '70 Chevrolet ¿ 9.023 sec./151.09 mph

Runner-up: Casey Vantol (Orland, Calif.) '68 Camaro ¿ 9.379 sec./148.69 mph



Winner: Rod George (Perris, Calif.) Chevrolet S-10 ¿ 9.184 sec./146.83 mph

Runner-up: Chris Kephart (Simi Valley, Calif.) '69 Camaro ¿ 10.247 sec./138.97 mph



Winner: Tammy Aliano (Castaic, Calif.) '68 Dart ¿ 1.442, 13.462 sec./101.26 mph

Runner-up: Bill Dudley (Las Vegas) '00 Mazda -- .457 (foul), 23.724 sec./49.14 mph



Winner: Mike Saiki (Long Beach) '66 Corvette ¿ 9.061 sec./142.70 mph

Runner-up: Pete Adams (Reseda, Calif.) '96 Camaro ¿ 9.649 sec./143.03 mph



Winner: Tim Rigby (Tehachapi, Calif.) '62 Corvette 9.216 sec./145.17 mph

Runner-up: Kelly Bluebaugh (Glendale, Ariz.) '93 Mustang ¿ 9.244 sec./147.97 mph



Winner: Joe Barry (Colorado Springs, Colo.) '56 Chevrolet  7.763 sec./177.30 mph

Runner-up: Mike Pritchard (Van Nuys, Calif.) '57 Chevrolet  8.299 sec./170.73 mph



Winner: Corey LeClair (North Las Vegas) Swindell dragster

Runner-up: Jen Spencer (Glendale, Ariz.) dragster